Back To School With Braces

August 15th, 2023

Back to School activities are back in full swing! Our doctors and staff hope you’ve all had an awesome summer break, and wish you all a successful and fun new school year. SmilesForever Orthodontics wants to help our patients return to school prepared for school life with braces.

If you’ve started orthodontic treatment over the summer, your new braces and confident smile are going to be part of your school year success. We’re excited to help you achieve your forever smiles and want to ensure our patients are comfortable with new braces and appliances. 

Going back to school with braces can be a bit of an adjustment, but with the right preparation and mindset, it can be a smooth experience. Here are some tips Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and Dr. Svetlana Lekht have put together to help you navigate school with braces:

  • Back to School with Braces Kit: Pack your very own "Back to School with Braces" kit - something as simple as a ziplock plastic bag including items such as: Orthodontic rubber bands, mini toothbrush and toothpaste, orthodontic wax, small mirror, floss, floss threaders, Platypus flossers, retainer case and tissues. This kit can easily be tucked into a locker, backpack, bookbag or purse and will help as a reminder of orthodontic care even when at school.
  • Practice Oral Hygiene: Brushing and flossing become even more important with braces. Clean your teeth and braces after meals to prevent food particles from getting stuck. While at school, also make sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly each time after eating. 
  • Pack a Braces-Friendly Lunch: Opt for soft foods that won't damage your braces. Avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods that can potentially break your brackets or wires.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking water throughout the day can help flush away food particles and keep your mouth clean.
  • Brace-Friendly Snacks: Pack braces-friendly snacks like yogurt, soft fruits, cheese, or pudding for quick bites during breaks.
  • Avoid Habits That Can Damage Braces: Be mindful of habits like chewing on pencils or biting your nails, as these can damage your braces.
  • Be Patient: If your braces are very recent, it might take a little time to adjust to speaking with braces. Practice speaking slowly and clearly, and you'll get the hang of it.
  • Participate in Activities: Don't let braces hold you back from participating in activities or sports you enjoy. If you’re involved in sports, just make sure to wear an orthodontic  mouthguard if needed. An orthodontic mouthguard will help to protect your braces and teeth from potential impact.
  • Stay Positive: Braces are a temporary part of your journey to a beautiful smile. Focus on the end result and take pride in your commitment to your oral health.
  • Educate Your Peers: If you're comfortable, take the opportunity to educate your classmates about braces. This can help reduce any teasing or misconceptions.
  • Regular Orthodontist Visits: Keep up with your scheduled orthodontist appointments for adjustments and check-ups.
  • Have Confidence: Braces are common, and many of your classmates and teachers might also have them or have had them in the past. Embrace your braces and don't be afraid to show off your smile.

Remember that going back to school with braces is a temporary phase, and the end result will be a beautiful, confident and healthy smile. If you ever experience any issues or concerns with your braces, don't hesitate to reach out to us at any of our four practice locations in Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville, GA., for guidance. We’re always happy to help our patients and look forward to seeing your smile at your next appointment!

Can I Go Swimming with Braces?

July 10th, 2023

Can I Swim with Braces?

Georgia is heating up this summer and many of our Gwinnett County, Hall County, and Walton County patients are wondering if they can swim while in orthodontic treatment. The great news is that swimming with braces is generally safe, allowing you to splash your way through the summer heat!

Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells, Dr. Svetlana Lekht and our SmilesForever team get lots of questions from our new patients about which sports are safe to play while in braces. One of the most common summer questions we get is, “Can I swim with braces?” Our answer? Yes, you sure can! Here are some things to remember to keep your teeth and your braces safe while swimming.

Is swimming with braces safe?

Swimming with braces is safe because the materials used to make braces will not rust in your mouth or in the pool. The chemicals used in pool water also will not effect your braces or cause damage to them.

Are my Invisalign® aligners safe to swim in?

You may be wondering about the impact of chlorine on your Invisalign® aligners. The good news is that chlorine typically found in pools will not harm your Invisalign® aligners. It’s generally safe to remove your aligners before swimming. However, if you swim for extended periods, our team at SmilesForever Orthodontics advises keeping your Invisalign® aligners while swimming.

Remember, Invisalign® aligners should be worn for about 22 hours a day to ensure optimal treatment progress. If you swim several hours a day or on multiple days a week, our doctors may recommend keeping your aligners in while swimming. This helps prevent any potential treatment delays that might occur if the aligners are out for longer than two hours.

What about playing water-sports with braces?

Even if you have braces, engaging in water-sports such as waterpolo or pool volleyball is typically allowable. Our SmilesForever doctors and team strongly recommend wearing a mouthguard during physical activities. Taking this precaution provides protection for your teeth and braces. It’s important to wear the correct protection while in orthodontic treatment, so be sure to check with our doctors on the appropriate orthodontic mouthguard and fit for your sports activities, including swimming and water-sports.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Braces During & After Swimming

Even though braces are durable, the following advice will help you keep your braces and aligners safe when swimming:

a. Mouthguard: When you swim or engage in water-sport activities, a mouthguard serves as a barrier of protection, protecting your braces and teeth from any potential impact or injury. Ask our doctors whether they recommend you wear a mouthguard based on your activity and time spent swimming. If a mouthguard is recommended for you, you’ll want to use one made especially for people with braces. Our team is happy to ensure a proper fit of your new mouthguard. 

b. After swimming, make it a practice to rinse your mouth with clean water to remove any chemicals or chlorine that might have remained behind. This little action might assist in keeping your braces clean and preventing any potential tooth discoloration or dental problems.

c. Brushing and flossing: After swimming, maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly.

d. Clean your mouthguard and Invisalign® aligners after swimming, making sure to secure your mouthguard or replace your aligners. 

e. If you swim multiple days each week or several hours a day, you might want to avoid choosing clear or light colors for your braces as the chlorine may possibly discolor or fade them a bit.  

We understand that many of our patients are trying to stay cool this summer and swimming is a fun option to beat the heat. That’s why our SmilesForever doctors and team want to reassure you that braces won't slow you down a bit while enjoying pool time with friends and family. Your safety and comfort during treatment is our priority and we want to ensure your journey toward your forever smile is enjoyable!

You can feel comfortable knowing that your orthodontic and oral health are in good hands with our professional care and direction. We welcome you to call us at any of our four practice locations in Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville, GA., or request an appointment online.

Interested in starting toward your beautiful, confident smile? Request your complimentary initial consultation for comprehensive treatment by contacting us today -- our staff will be delighted to help you!

How Long Are Retainers Worn Once Braces Are Removed?

June 7th, 2023

Finally, your braces have been removed and your smile is beautiful, straight, and best of all, metal-free! However, your orthodontic journey isn't quite completed. To keep your smile looking its best, you'll have to wear a retainer to preserve and stabilize your results. Retainers are needed to control or limit potential changes in tooth position. They are used after braces treatment to hold teeth in their correct alignment while the surrounding gums, bone, and muscle adjust to the new positioning of your teeth.

The duration of wearing a retainer after orthodontic treatment can vary depending on several factors, including the specific treatment plan, the individual's orthodontic needs, and the recommendations of the orthodontist. However, typically, Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and Dr. Svetlana Lekht advise wearing a retainer for an extended period after the active orthodontic treatment is complete.

How Often Are Retainers Worn?

Initially, after the braces or aligners are removed, a full-time retainer is often prescribed. This means wearing the retainer consistently, usually 12 to 24 hours a day, for a few months and may include alternating removable upper and lower retainers. This phase allows the teeth to stabilize in their new positions and ensures that they do not shift back to their original alignment.

After the initial full-time wear period, the orthodontist may recommend transitioning to part-time wear, usually during sleep. This phase can last for several more months or even years. It's crucial to follow the orthodontist's instructions regarding the frequency and duration of retainer use during this phase.

Eventually, many individuals are advised to continue wearing the retainer on a less frequent basis, such as a few nights a week, to maintain the results achieved through orthodontic treatment. Some individuals may need to wear retainers long-term, while others may gradually reduce their usage over time. The orthodontist will provide specific guidance based on individual circumstances.

It's important to note that every person's orthodontic treatment and retention needs are unique, so the duration of retainer wear can vary. It's vital to consult with your SmilesForever Orthodontics orthodontists to determine the appropriate duration and retainer regimen for your specific case.

Should Retainers Be Removed With Sports Activities? 

When involved in sports activities or swimming regularly, it’s advisable to speak with Drs. Gilbert, Wells and Lekht as they’ll give you specialized instructions. In some cases, they may suggest using a mouthguard for sports activities to provide protection and minimize the risk of dental injuries.

Types of Retainers & How To Choose

We offer several types of retainers at our Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville, GA., SmilesForever Orthodontics locations. You’ve worn your braces and appliances and want to make the best choice and we’re going to help! Toward the end of your treatment, our doctors will guide you in the best retainer options to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Retainers are custom-made and can be removable or fixed.

  • Traditional removable retainers typically include a metal wire that surrounds the front teeth and is attached to an acrylic arch that sits in the roof of the mouth. The metal wires can be adjusted to finish treatment and continue minor movement of the front teeth as needed.
  • Aligner-style retainers, or Essix retainers, look similar to clear aligners and offer a more aesthetic alternative to wire retainers. This clear retainer may fit over the entire arch of your teeth, or only from canine to canine (clip-on retainer). It is produced from a mold of your newly aligned teeth.
  • Fixed retainers consist of wires bonded behind the bottom and/or top teeth. While the device is usually required no more than a year after wisdom teeth have been extracted, it is often kept in place for life.

If you’re ending the final active treatment phase of braces and preparing for retainers — CONGRATULATIONS! You’re almost done with braces and closer to revealing your beautiful, confident forever smile! Remember to wear your retainers exactly as we’ve instructed and call us with any questions at any of our Gwinnett County, Hall County and Loganville County, GA locations. 

Choosing an orthodontist for braces or Invisalign® treatment

May 15th, 2023

Choosing an orthodontist for braces or Invisalign® treatment is important for several reasons:

  1. Expertise and Specialization: Orthodontists like our doctors, Brad Gilbert, Adam Wells and Svetlana Lekht, are dental specialists who have completed additional years of education and training after dental school to focus specifically on orthodontic treatment. They possess the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to diagnose and treat various orthodontic issues effectively. They are well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies used in orthodontics.
  2. Comprehensive Evaluation: Orthodontists conduct a thorough evaluation of your teeth, jaws, and overall oral health to assess your specific orthodontic needs. They consider various factors such as dental alignment, bite problems, facial aesthetics, and oral health to develop a personalized treatment plan.
  3. Customized Treatment: Orthodontists provide customized treatment plans based on your unique dental needs. They consider the complexity of your case, your treatment goals, and your preferences to determine whether braces or Invisalign® is the most suitable option for you. They can also address any underlying issues such as overcrowding, misalignment, or jaw discrepancies.
  4. Monitoring and Adjustments: Throughout the treatment process, orthodontists closely monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to ensure your teeth are moving correctly. They have the expertise to manage any challenges or complications that may arise during the treatment. Regular check-ups allow them to track your progress and make any required modifications to your treatment plan.
  5. Oral Health Considerations: Orthodontic treatment involves shifting your teeth, which can impact your oral health. Orthodontists are well-versed in managing oral hygiene challenges associated with braces or Invisalign. They can provide guidance on maintaining good oral hygiene and offer solutions to prevent issues like tooth decay or gum problems.
  6. Long-Term Results: Orthodontists aim for long-term results by ensuring that your teeth are properly aligned, your bite is corrected, and your jaw relationship is improved. They consider not only the cosmetic aspect of your smile but also the functionality and stability of your teeth and jaws. This comprehensive approach helps to achieve lasting results.

It's important to note that while general dentists may offer orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign®, an orthodontist's specialized training and expertise make them the most qualified professionals to provide orthodontic care. 

By seeking treatment from an orthodontist at SmilesForever Orthodontics, you can have confidence that you're receiving the highest standard of care and maximizing your chances of achieving a healthy, beautiful and confident smile.

Ready to schedule your free initial consultation at one of our Gwinnett County, Hall County or Walton County, GA locations? Give us a call at our Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch or Loganville office today! We’re excited to help answer your orthodontic concerns and help you get started toward achieving your new smile. You’re also welcome to contact us online here to request an appointment: SmilesForever Orthodontics Appointment Request

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Helpful Guide To Adult Orthodontic Treatment

May 1st, 2023

Here at SmilesForever Orthodontics, we’re on a mission to let people know that there’s no age limit for achieving a beautiful smile! Our team has successfully treated patients from ages 7 to 78, and we’ve seen how treatment can transform smiles and lives. Still, many adults we speak to are worried that the opportunity for straighter teeth has passed them by. We have good news — you’re never too old to improve your oral health with orthodontics! 

Have you felt uncomfortable with the way your teeth look or function? Have you been experiencing issues with your teeth or jaw and aren’t sure what can be done to relieve them? Would you like a more aligned smile but aren’t sure if traditional braces are for you? Our expert team is here to help! Keep reading below to learn what we have to offer adult patients like you. 

Your Complimentary Consultation With Us

Your first visit to any of our Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch or Loganville locations is one of the most important appointments you’ll have. This is our chance to meet and get to know a bit about each other and discuss the concerns you have about your smile. You will have the opportunity to learn more about orthodontics, receive a complete initial exam, and find out which treatment options will best meet your needs. During this initial consultation, you can expect our team to:

  • Review your dental and medical history forms
  • Perform a complete oral exam, with X-rays, to determine whether treatment is necessary
  • Help you create a customized treatment plan
  • Discuss all financial information, insurance options, and payment plans

We want every patient to feel comfortable with the treatment process and that begins with this initial consultation! Our team will ensure you’re fully informed about each step in your orthodontic journey, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can trust us to provide you with all the information you need to determine which treatment is right for you.

Your Investment In A Healthier, Happier Smile 

Once you’ve spoken with our doctors about your concerns, Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells or Dr. Svetlana Lekht will perform a thorough but painless examination of your mouth. They will create a customized treatment plan based on your unique needs and determine the necessary treatment fee. We’ll outline everything your treatment plan includes and the investment needed for your new smile during your consultation. 

We understand that orthodontic treatment can be a significant expense for any family. However, we believe it’s an important investment in your health and confidence that will pay off in a big way for years to come! Our practice never wants finances to stand in the way of our patients receiving the orthodontic treatment they need. To make the best treatment possible for you and for your family, we accept orthodontic insurance benefits and offer convenient payment plans. 

For your added convenience, our SmilesForever Orthodontics team is happy to review your insurance coverage and file the necessary paperwork on your behalf! We do whatever we can to eliminate any financial barriers standing between you and your healthiest smile.

Orthodontic Treatments For Adult Patients

Cutting-edge technology and efficient techniques allow us to offer our adult patients a wide variety of treatment options. These advanced options are more comfortable and customizable than ever before and allow our orthodontists to give you the results you desire. We offer the following treatments for adult patients and several more you may be a candidate for:

  • Traditional Metal Braces 
  • Clear Braces
  • Invisalign Clear Aligners

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces and are more comfortable today than ever before. Made of high-grade stainless steel, metal braces straighten your teeth using metal brackets and archwires. With metal braces, you have the option of adding colored elastics (rubber bands) for a more unique and colorful smile.

Clear (Ceramic) Braces

Ceramic braces are made of clear materials and are therefore less visible on your teeth than metal braces. For this reason, ceramic braces are used mainly on older teenagers and adult patients who have cosmetic concerns. While they are visually less prominent, they do require more attention to oral hygiene as ceramic braces are larger and are more brittle than their metal counterparts. For these reasons, ceramic braces tend to be used more on upper front teeth than on lower teeth.

Invisalign Clear Aligners

The aligner series are invisible, removable, and comfortable acrylic trays that straighten your teeth like braces. Not only are the aligners invisible, they are removable, so you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, plus brushing and flossing are much easier. The aligners are comfortable and have no metal to cause mouth abrasions during treatment. Our patients love the freedom and flexibility Invisalign offers. 

Keep in mind that not every treatment will be suitable for all patients. Working with our experienced orthodontists will ensure you receive only the most appropriate treatment for your individual smile.

Find Your Best Smile at SmilesForever Orthodontics

If you’ve been waiting for a beautifully aligned smile that feels as good as it looks, you’ve come to the right place! SmilesForever Orthodontics will build a customized treatment plan based on your specific needs, lifestyle, and goals. Our skilled and experienced team is committed to providing you with a rewarding orthodontic experience from your first visit with us to your last. Call us today at any of our Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch or Loganville, Georgia locations or request an appointment online to schedule your FREE consultation and take the first step toward the beautiful, confident smile you’ve always wanted!

April is National Facial Protection Month

April 6th, 2023

During National Facial Protection Month in April, it’s a reminder for all organized sports athletes and recreational sports players to wear mouthguards to protect their teeth and their smiles. Research shows 13 to 39% of all dental injuries are sports-related. Many injuries can be prevented or far less severe by wearing a mouth guard; they should be part of an athlete’s standard equipment from an early age.

Any time you and/or your child is engaged in an activity where the face can come in contact with something hard— another player, a ball, an elbow, the pavement, etc. — it’s a time to be wearing a mouthguard. It is important that the mouth guard is comfortable, well-fitted, doesn’t restrict breathing, and is strong enough to resist tearing. For our SmilesForever Orthodontics patients it’s also very important that while the mouthguard protect the inside of the cheeks and lips, it not restrict tooth movement into their proper alignment. 

Children and teenagers tend not to wear ill-fitting mouthguards. Just as one size doesn’t fit all — all mouth guards types are not right for every patient. You may see over-the-counter brands advertising “comfort fit” products, which require boiling, or dentists requiring a mould of your or your child’s teeth to custom fit a mouthguard. While in orthodontic treatment mouthguards that protect the lips and cheeks, the inside of your mouth from possible injury should not fit to the teeth tightly as it is important to allow the teeth to continue moving into proper alignment. 

So this month we’re highlighting the importance of a properly fitted orthodontic mouthguard. Our orthodontists Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and Dr. Svetlana Lekht provide the most advanced orthodontic options for purchase to our patients. They’re also available in colors to help match your team! 

Take proper care of your guard so it’s ready when needed and will last a long time. Brush the guard with a toothbrush and toothpaste before and after each use. Regularly, clean it in cool, soapy water and rinse it well. Store and transport your mouth guard in a sturdy container. Don’t chew on the mouthguard and don’t wear a removable retainer with it. Be sure to replace it when it shows signs of wear and tear.

Talk to our orthodontic team to ensure you are choosing the protection that is best for you and/or your child. Orthodontic mouthguards are available at each of our Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville, GA practice locations. Should you choose to purchase one elsewhere, please make sure they are specifically made for orthodontic wearers and do not require boiling. Patients are always welcome to bring their guards with them to their appointments to inquire about the fit. Protect your face — protect your teeth — protect your SMILE! 

National Facial Protection Month is sponsored by the Academy for Sports Dentistry, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the American Dental Association, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

2022 Best of Gwinnett Award

February 14th, 2023

The Votes Have Been Counted And The Results Are In! SmilesForever Orthodontics is a 2022 Best of Gwinnett Winner for Best of Orthodontic Practices.

Our doctors and staff at SmilesForever Orthodontics want to thank our patients for voting us the best in the Gwinnett area, again this year! Thank you to each and every one of you. We are beyond delighted to announce your votes helped us achieve, and to now celebrate, being awarded our 14th consecutive “Best Of” blue ribbon! With this 2022 Best of Orthodontic Practices, valued distinction, it tells us you love your smiles and are proud to share our practice with your friends, families and neighbors. Thank you. We want you to know we value your trust in allowing us to continue treating your families smiles. Your trust means the world to us.

With the rapidly evolving field of dental and orthodontic treatment, it is important that our practice remains on the cutting edge, while providing excellence in treatment and results, patient care and affordable payment options. At SmilesForever Orthodontics, our orthodontists Drs. Brad Gilbert, Adam Wells and Svetlana Lekht offer the full scope of advanced technology, diagnostic testing, and treatment. Our physicians take the time necessary to provide each patient with information needed to understand their treatment options and to achieve the best possible results. 

Additionally, our orthodontists are fortunate to be working with a devoted and skilled staff of which each member stands out at their respective positions with a complimentary skill set and a caring attitude. We believe this approach allows us to be the best orthodontic practice for quality care.

Thank you again to all of our patients, peers and to Gwinnett Magazine’s Guide to Gwinnett division, that voted us Gwinnett’s 2022 Best of Orthodontic Practices!

We love all of our patients and communities serving Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville and throughout Gwinnett, Hall and Walton counties!

October is National Orthodontic Health Month!

October 10th, 2022


October is National Orthodontic Health Month! During the month of October, orthodontists around the country work to promote awareness about the benefits of orthodontic treatment and the many advantages of a healthy smile. Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and Dr. Svetlana Lekht believe that simply hiding the Halloween candy this month won’t be enough if you’re looking to improve your child’s (or your own) smile and maintain oral health. Read on to learn how a healthy mouth begins with a straight smile.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment creates alignment between the positioning of the teeth and jaw. Many different types of appliances can be used to correct various bite issues including braces, headgear, palatal expanders and retainers, among others. While many treatment plans will be most effective on children whose jaws are still developing, adults have plenty of orthodontic treatment options available to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile, including clear braces and removable aligners.

Why is Orthodontic Treatment Important?

For proper function of the jaws and teeth, orthodontic treatment may be a crucial part of any oral care routine. Under the care of an orthodontist, patients will gain:

An aesthetically pleasing smile.

Having a beautiful, confident smile has long-reaching effects. Numerous studies have proven that a straight smile is becoming increasingly mainstream in today’s society. From school age children to adults, those with straight teeth are quite often perceived as being more successful. The impression your smile leaves can make all the difference between gaining opportunities or being passed over.

A strong and healthy bite.

The jaw functions best when it is properly positioned. Ill-positioned Jaws that are not positioned correctly may contribute to problems such as, difficulty in chewing, speech impediments, cracked or broken teeth and other dental issues.

Proper alignment of the teeth.

Properly aligned teeth fit together like puzzle pieces, working and resting together. When the upper and lower teeth don’t match up, you are leaving your teeth exposed to years of extensive wear, which may lead to an increase of dental health problems down the line.

How You Can Participate in National Orthodontic Health Month

October is the perfect time to visit the orthodontist! Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Your child doesn't need to have lost all of his/her baby teeth before going to the orthodontist. On the contrary, going before all your child’s baby teeth have been lost is advantageous. This allows for early identification of potential issues and, in some cases, more effective treatment outcomes because the jaw is still growing.
  • The American Academy of Orthodontics recommends that children be seen by an orthodontist by age 7. This enables the doctor to determine what issues, if any, are present. This early start allows the orthodontist to identify early warning signs to monitor, as well as tackle current issues while the jaw is still growing.
  • You ABSOLUTELY can visit the orthodontist as an adult! With many more options available than ever before, adults are increasingly seeking to improve the function of their jaws and bite, improve their oral health and obtain beautiful, confident smiles. Our SmilesForever Orthodontics practice treats a large percentage of adults, offering both INVISALIGN® and iTero® digital scanning. We offer many treatment options to suit your needs and strive to make treatment comfortable as well as affordable.

Let this October be the treat and not the trick into putting your oral health first! Take the first step toward your child’s (and your own!) healthy, beautiful and confident smile by setting up a complimentary consultation with us today. You’ll be glad you did!


Our Summer Photo Challenge Contest Starts Today!

May 25th, 2022

SmilesForever Summer Photo Challenge

What could be MORE exciting on the last day of school, than a FUN Summer Contest? Back by popular request, our SmilesForever Orthodontics Summer Photo Challenge Contest begins TODAY! We are SO ready for SUMMER, SUNSHINE & SMILES. 

How Do I Start?

At your next appointment be sure to pick up one of our Summer of Smiles postcards to take your summer pictures with! Feel free to drop by for a postcard & instructions before then if you'd like to better your chances in the drawing - each new picture posted earns you an entry! You are also welcome to print the front of the Postcard found on our Facebook announcement post and follow the instructions here if you can’t get in to pick up a postcard before your vacation fun starts.

How Do I Enter?

It’s super easy to enter the photo challenge contest. 

  1. Simply take a picture of yourself with the front of the postcard while on your summer vacations, staycations and adventures. 
  2. Post it on Instagram or Facebook. 
  3. Tag @SmilesForeverOrtho including #smilesforeverortho and patient’s first name.
  4. Each image will earn you one entry into the contest random drawing for some cool prizes like gift cards to Target, Amazon, the Movies and MORE! 

Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Wells, Dr. Lana and our staff can't wait to see what fun and mischief our patients get up to this summer. Have fun smiling and GOOD LUCK!

*Make sure your account and/or the post is public so we can view your entry. Terms and conditions apply. Contest ends 08/02/22

National Orthodontic Health Month

October 6th, 2021

As we begin the month of October, pumpkin spiced foods and beverages are appearing everywhere, leaves are beginning to change colors on trees here in Georgia and quite a few of us are still settling into our back-to-school schedules. For many of our patients, this month means Halloween, which in turn equates to candy! For the dental health world, October is National Orthodontic Health Month. A whole month devoted to celebrating healthy smiles, learning more about the benefits of orthodontic treatment, and the importance of good oral health. Our SmilesForever Orthodontics doctors and staff are concerned with overall dental, oral and orthodontic health and are eager to share this awareness with our patients.

Orthodontic Health Awareness can be highlighted by a few key facts.
  • The recommended age for a child’s first orthodontic check-up is age 7.
  • Orthodontic health relates to dental health and overall health.
    • Crowded teeth make it harder to brush and floss.
    • Certain habits such as thumb-sucking may cause changes in your child’s oral structures which may in turn affect speech and feeding.
  • Orthodontists straighten teeth, they correct abnormal bites.
    • Abnormal bites are categorized as overbites, underbites, deep bites, open bites and crossbites.
    • Other problems that can be corrected by a board certified orthodontist are crooked and crowded teeth, impacted or missing teeth, extra teeth, gaps or spacing between teeth.
  • Teeth can be straightened and bites can be corrected at any age.Yes, ANY AGE! In fact, one in three orthodontic patients is an adult. 
  • Orthodontist spend an extra three years of specialty training to obtain their Specialty Certificate, after completing four years of Dental School.
  • Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells put in those hard earned extra miles and obtained their Board Certification status from the American Board of Orthodontists. Did you know only one out of every three orthodontists achieve their Board Certification?

The American Association of Orthodontists urges patients to choose braces-friendly treats at Halloween time. During orthodontic treatment with braces, it’s always important to remember that certain foods should be avoided in order to reduce breakage.  Any hard, crunchy, sticky or chewy candies or gum are on the “Foods To Avoid” list.  These types of foods and candies not only break braces and bend wires, but can potentially break healthy teeth too! Though we can always fix broken brackets and orthodontic wires, this may add up to additional patient appointments and time in treatment. Alternative sweet treats are recommended, and Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells encourage our patients to always brush and floss after enjoying any treats!  Check out our Ghoulishly Delicious Treats Pinterest board for those braces-friendly fun Halloween treats!

SmilesForever Orthodontics is ready to help you to achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. If you do have any unfortunate breakage, please call us right away to schedule an appointment to assess repairing brackets or wires. We want to get you back to smiling as quickly as possible! 

We hope y’all enjoy the amazing sights, scents and tastes of Fall this season. Stay safe and smile healthy!

Back To School With New Braces

August 11th, 2021

Where did the summer go? It’s hard to believe, but summer is fading away and a brand new school year is under way. Many of our patients’ new school attire includes braces and they are returning to school with a new experience. Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our staff want all of our school-aged patients wearing braces, to have a smooth transition into the classroom and new school year. At SmilesForever Orthodontics, our goal is to make treatment as easy and as enjoyable as possible. If your child is going back to school for the first time with braces,  we’ve put together some tips below for making this adjustment easier.

Keeping Lunches & Snacks Braces-Friendly

Foods that are sticky, chewy and crunchy must be avoided to prevent damage to wires and braces. While it’s easier to avoid at home, if your child buys their lunches at school, indulging in some of their favorite forbidden foods can be a pretty strong temptation. Simply checking the school’s lunch menu each week, and making sure it includes braces-friendly options like spaghetti, chili or mac and cheese, is a great start to making sure there’s something safe for your child to eat.

If you find the school lunch choices are limited, packing a lunch can make things easier for them. Healthier foods and snacks like chicken salad, cheese yogurt and applesauce are gentle on the braces and can help your child feel full throughout the day. Prepping the night before, by cutting foods into bite sized pieces, and thinly slicing fruits and vegetables, can be a time saver in the mornings and help make it easier to chew and eat for orthodontic patients. 

Take Along A Braces Care Kit

It’s ideal for patients to brush after eating since braces and wires can trap food particles. We  recommend patients carry a braces care kit with them at school. For any braces related issues that may pop up during the day, having a few common items on hand in their backpack or school locker can keep them prepared to handle them confidently. Some of the Items we’ve found best to include are:

  • Soft-Bristled Orthodontic Toothbrush
  • Dental Wax
  • Dental Floss
  • Floss Threaders
  • Lip Balm
  • Toothpaste
  • Orthodontic Elastics (If prescribed)
  • Mouthguard

A comfortable orthodontic patient equals a more focused student! For lips that become dry and irritated from braces and appliances, we find that lip balm is a definite must-have! A small amount of dental wax can be placed over dental brackets and wires that sometimes can cause mild irritation to lips, gums and cheeks. 

Have our orthodontists prescribed elastics for your child to wear during treatment? Keeping an extra bag of orthodontic elastics in their care kit, locker and backpack will make it much more convenient to replace worn bands after eating lunch and snacks.

Oh, Mirror, Mirror On The Locker Wall!

Admit it! We’ve all experienced that moment. THE MOMENT when we look in the mirror and realize we’ve gone about our afternoon talking, smiling and laughing - only to realize we’ve had a food particle stuck in our teeth, SINCE LUNCH! Many of us are too polite to point out when someone has food stuck in their braces or teeth. Encourage your student to carry a small mirror with them or place one on the inside of a locker.  Checking their teeth after eating can help them in avoiding feeling self-conscious. Even sticking to braces-friendly foods, eating with braces and wires can be tricky. Nooks and crannies can easily trap food debris, which can cause your child embarrassment when noticed by others. 

Have A Mouthguard On-Hand

Protect that smile! Whether you have a student-athlete or your child or teen has recess or gym class, investing in an orthodontic mouthguard while in braces is highly recommended. Sports and other physical activities can increase the risk of injury to your child’s lips, cheeks and mouths as well as damaging braces. Because they are specially designed to wear with braces, orthodontic mouthguards are the simplest way to ensure oral health and prevent injury. These specialized mouthguards do not form to the teeth and are NOT the take home and boil guards typically sold at sporting goods stores. Though sometimes available at stores, for our patient’s convenience, we also offer these for purchase at our front desk. We’ve pinned our recommended care kit list and reminder on our Taking Care Of Your Teeth And Braces Pinterest board. 

Starting The School Year Off Right

You may want to head over to our SmilesForever Orthodontics Pinterest page to check out our Braces-Friendly School Lunches board for nutritious and yummy ideas. While you’re there, be sure to also check out our Taking Care of Your Teeth and Braces board for our Braces Care Kit flier of recommendations!

With a little encouragement and patience, your child can conquer the school year with a healthy, shining smile! When braces are new, it’s completely normal to feel nervous returning to school. After all, it’s a brand new experience! Working towards a healthier and straighter smile takes time and effort, but it won’t take long for it to become familiar to your child and they will adjust and adapt quickly. To become and remain active in their orthodontic journey, it’s important for patients to stay informed. Knowledge often creates a strong desire to do our best! Our SmilesForever Orthodontics doctors and staff are ready to help you and your child navigate a new school year with braces and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. Our existing and new patients are always welcome to call or drop by our Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville, GA locations.

We wish all of our student-patients a happy, healthy and successful 2021-2022 school year!

Please take a moment to vote for your favorite 2021 Best of Gwinnett Orthodontic Practice here:

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April is National Facial Protection Month!

April 6th, 2021

Spring is the time of year when many of us become more physically active and are excited to resume outdoor activities. Skateboarding and rollerblading along with baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports, once again become part of our active lifestyles. National Facial Protection Month is founded just by the American Association of Oral and Maxiofacial Surgeons (AAMOS), which encourages awareness on facial protection each April due to increased physical exercise during springtime. Diligent in educating our patients as they begin orthodontic treatment, National Facial Protection Month this month also brings our SmilesForever Orthodontics doctors and staff, the opportunity to remind our patients of the importance in wearing mouthguards during physical recreation in order to protect your face, teeth, and soft tissue.

Protect Your Mouth and Smile

Whether involved in recreational or team sports, children and adults alike spend a lot of time and money gearing up for an active lifestyle, but one important piece of equipment—a mouthguard—is often overlooked.

Mouthguards are often associated with extreme contact sports such as hockey, football and lacrosse. However, an accidental fall or physical blow to your jaw or mouth can cause serious damage to your smile and they are equally as important during outdoor activities. Without a mouthguard, you risk damage to your lips, gums, face, jaw or tongue. Without one, it’s also very easy to chip or even dislodge a tooth! Proper orthodontic care means taking the necessary safety measures in finding a mouthguard to protect your mouths and smiles from avoidable injuries, which Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells, both professional members of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), take very seriously.

In fact, it’s such an important issue the AAO has joined the American American Dental Association, the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the Academy for Sports Dentistry as a National Facial Protection Month sponsor.

So Many Options!

Mouthguards protect your upper and lower teeth, tongue and gums by acting as a cushion for your face during accidental impact. There are quite a few varieties of mouthguards available including: orthodontist-recommended mouthguards, custom-made mouthguards, mouth-formed boil-and-bite mouthguards, ready-made stock or store-bought  mouthguards and with-straps mouthguards.

How To Choose?

While in orthodontic treatment finding the right mouthguard that is comfortable, fits over your orthodontic appliances and braces and does not prevent treatment progress is an important safety decision. It’s also extremely important that you do not boil and mold your mouthguard to fit, as your teeth still need to move into position.  A professionally recommended and fitted mouthguard, especially while in braces, is essential. Should you require one, Dr. Wells and Dr. Gilbert recommend a specific orthodontic mouthguard for our patients. Our orthodontists and team will aid in protecting your smile by making sure your new mouthguard fits properly in relation to your orthodontic appliance. 

What Can You Do?


Celebrate National Facial Protection Month by taking the necessary precautions to avoid sports injuries. Please contact SmilesForever Orthodontics on orthodontic care and if you need assistance in purchasing a proper orthodontic mouthguard. We’re available and look forward to helping you at any of our four practice locations in Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville, GA.

SMILE and enjoy a healthy and safe Spring season! 

To learn more about National Facial Protection Month, visit AAOMS.org/SaveFace.

SmilesForever Orthodontics awarded “Best of Gwinnett” for 2020!

February 14th, 2021

At SmilesForever Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on providing patients in the Gwinnett area and surrounding communities with the absolute best in orthodontic care and services. Knowing our caring and specialized orthodontists and staff are doing our best to help improve the lives and oral health of our patients is extremely rewarding. Having our patients, associates and community actively showing their support through voting as a tangible acknowledgement is very appreciated too. That’s why we are so proud to announce that we have been named “Best of Gwinnett” in the field of Orthodontic Practices for 2020 by Gwinnett Magazine!

Being voted Best Orthodontic Practice in the largest county in the state of Georgia is quite special to us. 40 years ago, Dr. Ron Parsons and SmilesForever Orthodontics opened our doors and became part of the Gwinnett community. This year, as we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are proudly providing orthodontic excellence with four office locations. Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells, along with every one of our SmilesForever team are committed to helping create beautiful, confident smiles. We enthusiastically participate in extensive training and continuing education to treat our patients with the utmost skill, technology, care, and compassion. We simply love bringing smiles to Gwinnett!

What is the coveted “Best of Gwinnett” award?

“Best of Gwinnett” is an annual poll created by Gwinnett Magazine. The goal of the poll is to acknowledge and award the Gwinnett area’s best businesses in over 20 professional fields in a wide variety of categories. Nominees are submitted by people in the Gwinnett area in categories including Health and Medicine, Orthodontic Practices, Dental Health, Education, Food and Drink, and many more. The winners are determined by reader voting and the editorial staff at Gwinnett Magazine. Before winners are announced, the results are confirmed by the Better Business Bureau reports, ranking sites and voting pattern analysis reports to verify their legitimacy.

We are beyond honored and humbled!

This is the 12th consecutive year that we have been awarded and named “Best of Gwinnett”, which makes this honor all the more special. From our board certified orthodontists, Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells, to our front desk to our team of specialized orthodontic assistants, everyone here at SmilesForever is so touched and genuinely grateful to receive this honor once again. With this in mind, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped in making this possible, including the incredible patients we treat and the entire staff at Gwinnett Magazine. Our commitment to upkeep our rigorous standards and compassionate patient and community care strengthens with your trust and confidence into 2021 and beyond!

TREAT Your Braces and Teeth Kindly This October!

October 21st, 2020

At SmilesForever Orthodontics we LOVE Halloween!! Did you also know that October is National Orthodontic Health Month? As Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells tell our patients - that's not just a coincidence!

Many of our patients and families are opting not to trick or treat door-to-door this Halloween but the candy bags in every store sure are tempting this time of year. Dr. Wells and Dr. Gilbert feel it's still very important to educate both our patients and their parents of the potential risks to braces and teeth with some of the "treat" choices out there. Each of our patients are given a list of foods to avoid while in orthodontic treatment and are encouraged to avoid these hard, crunchy, sticky and chewy items even once the braces have come off. Any food item that may harm braces and appliances may also pose that same risk to permanent teeth!

In addition to our "Foods to Avoid" list for patients, which can also be found on our webpage under the Life With Braces tab, our SmilesForever doctors and team have put together a braces-friendly Pinterest Board of Ghoulishly Delicious Treats recipes. We're teaming up with The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) again this year to recommend FIVE TIMELY TIPS to protect braces and orthodontic appliances, while also protecting teeth from decay.

  1. Avoid sticky foods
  2. Brush up after eating to avoid cavities
  3. Just say "BOO" to hard treats!
  4. Spooktacular News - if your diet allows sugar, you can still indulge in soft chocolates, M&M's and Reeces Peanut Butter Cups WITHOUT NUTS, Muskateer Bars, etc.
  5. Make a commitment to avoid hard, crunchy, sticky and chewy foods all year round to increase your rate of success for worry-free orthodontics and healthy teeth
Fun Ideas to Treat Your Neighborhood Children

Know of any neighbors with braces? Consider handing out alternative treats instead of candy snacks this year. Bracelets, spooky rings, toy cars, coloring books, etc., make an awesome surprise! If your neighborhood opts out of door-to-door trick or treating this year, an option may be a surprise toy bag or ice cream gift card left at the front door for the recipients. We heard of one local subdivision that will be posting pictures of their children dressed in costume on their mailboxes for a fun drive-by Halloween night!

Remember to make good choices for your braces and teeth during and after treatment. We wish you all a safe, happy and HEALTHY Halloween!

Summer Is The Perfect Time For Braces

May 26th, 2020

What a crazy end to the 2020 school year & beginning of summer y'all! Summer typically signals the start to a season of fun in the sun and endless beach days. We're sure you want to take advantage of this season of sunshine in the healthiest way. Why not take this time to make your smile the healthiest it can be too? Our patients are finding that summer 2020 is the perfect time to start on the path toward their new forever smiles. Orthodontic treatment carries a whole host of benefits and is easier than ever before, so for this blog, we wanted to talk about all the ways a new smile can impact your life.

The Magic of a Beautiful Smile

Orthodontic treatment offers a variety of oral health improvements. A healthier smile can:

  • Improve your bite and jaw functionality
  • Protect against wear and tear on the teeth
  • Help to prevent gum disease
  • Help to prevent bone loss
  • In addition, an improved smile provides a boost to the overall appearance of the face, mouth and smile.
Let Your Confidence Shine

That being said, orthodontics is about more than just the aesthetic or functional elements of a smile. So many of our SmilesForever Orthodontics patients tell us that they feel a renewed self-confidence after completing treatment. Orthodontic treatment can give a huge boost to confidence, self-esteem, and happiness that will radiate through every aspect of your life - at school, home and at work.

Summer is a GREAT Time to Start On Your New Smile

As summer schedules tend to be a bit lighter, you may find it a little easier to start your new smile journey. Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells, along with our entire team are very passionate about what we do and helping our patients achieve their best smile! Because we’re so enthusiastic about what we do, we know that some parents are concerned with their children missing a periodic class or two, or trying to schedule around school activities on those initial appointments. With four locations to help create beautiful, confident smiles, we’re very flexible in helping to accommodate your appointment needs. Schools are anticipating reopening this Fall and starting the path to your new smile over summer also gives you a little time to adjust to wearing braces before the start of the new school year.

We're Excited to See You Smile

Are you ready to take the leap this summer and start towards a brand new, healthy, and beautiful smile? We're ready to take you there - contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation. We can't wait to hear from you!


Celebrating Earth Day

April 22nd, 2020

Earth Day is held on April 22nd every year. It began in the United States in 1970 to help raise awareness of environmental issues. The very first international Earth Day celebration was held in 1990 and it has been celebrated in countries around the world ever since. People around the world take this day to learn about and discuss environmental issues and ways we can work together to save our earth for future generations. Earth Day is also a day to celebrate and appreciate nature.

Observing Earth Day with Your Family

Earth Day provides us all with a great opportunity to talk to our kids about the environment and things we can personally do to be more environmentally friendly. Earth Day 2020 looks a little different for all of us this year. While community activities are on hold, we can still use this opportunity to join in taking care of our planet with family. For us, that also means our SmilesForever Family! Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells, along with our team, are excited to find ways to celebrate Earth Day 2020 and help to protect our Earth. We do this daily at SmilesForever Orthodontics by using green products and by utilizing green building resources when our offices were built. Our entire team take part in recycling - EWWW - NOT BRACES - GROSS! We’re talking paper products and containers. We consolidate orders and have implemented digital charts and X-rays.

Today is the perfect occasion to plan some fun activities the whole family can enjoy and we’ve put together some activities to help get you started.

Five Fun Family Actives for Earth Day 2020
Plant a Tree

There’s a good reason that planting trees is commonly associated with Earth Day. With this simple act, you are increasing earth’s leafy canopy. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, "One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people." Trees provide us with many benefits. They also can help to reduce erosion by stabilizing the soil and have been found to help in reducing energy consumption by breaking winds and providing shade. Also, many trees provide shelter for birds and animals!

Head Out On A Nature Walk

Don your face masks and head out for a safe, neighborhood nature walk. While we practice social distance, we can observe nature’s abundant blossoming trees and flowers. How many different tree species are we able to identify? Which lawns are more drought resistant and need less water to maintain their healthy appearance?

Bird Watching is Nature Inspired

Observing birds through a window, in your own backyard, on a deck, or along a safe nature walk is a fun activity! Need a guide to birds found in the Southeast? We're loving 10 Highlight Birds Found in Georgia with information provided by Bird Watcher’s Digest. Explore their website and listen to bird calls and see if you can recognize any in your area!

Build a Bird Feeder

Are you inspired by the natural sounds of nature? Birdsong is such a welcome sign of spring and we can welcome them to our own backyards! Birdhouses and bird feeders don’t need to be fancy - birds want a safe, cozy place to nest and love seeds from the fancy to the commonly found sunflower seeds. Pay attention to the birds you’ve attracted and make a list. Keep it in a handy place to reference when looking forward to songs of nature again next year. Check out our Pinterest board for DIY bird feeder instructions and ideas!

Grow Your Own Food

Celebrate Earth Day by Planting Your Own Garden. Nothing tastes like fresh fruits and vegetables that you've grown yourself. Whether you grow a pot of tomatoes on the patio, expand your large vegetable garden, or plant an herb garden on the windowsill, you’ll be able to say, "I grew this, and it's so yummy!”

Home gardens offer so many benefits! If you are growing your own fruits or vegetable you can be assured that the produce was grown naturally, without pesticides. Plus, your produce can be picked at any time truly will be a garden-fresh meal! Planting a garden is also a great educational opportunity for children to see how plants grow. Also, gardening is an ongoing activity for them, as they can help plant, weed and harvest throughout the seasons.

Not up to the task of a full garden? Help your children grow beans and sprouts in a can or small pot. They grow really fast and kids love to add a little water each day and watch them sprout.

Every Day is Earth Day. When You Grow a Garden!

Let’s All Work Together

With the recent worldwide health challenge we have been experiencing, we have truly become a global community. Let’s continue to embrace that sense of community and strength as we work together to take care of our shared earth! Let’s get out there and make a difference in 2020. The hope and the possibilities are endless!

Alternate Spring Break Staycation Ideas

March 30th, 2020

While this is not a typical year, spring break is already upon us and many families have had to look toward alternate spring vacation plans. If you’re among those now planning a staycation, consider these alternative ideas from Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our SmilesForever staff to keep the family entertained safely.

Visiting Grammy and Granddad (Electronically, of course!)

Staying connected is so important when families can’t be together and a staycation allows ample time for sharing exciting news! Visiting with Grammy and Granddad over spring break is something both children and grandparents really look forward to. While traveling outside the home isn’t advised right now, video chats and phone calls certainly are!

  • Consider setting up an evening chat time throughout your staycation and the kids can share the fun they’ve been having or the adventures they’ll take next!
  • Have favorite recipes the family shares? Each family can cook the same meal and share pictures of their masterpiece!
Let’s Go Camping
  • Pitch a tent in the backyard and bring a sense of adventure. Make it as real as possible with traditional camping food like hot dogs or hamburgers and let’s not forget the s’mores! This is a great time to connect, tell stories and stargaze.
  • If rain is on the horizon, pitch your tent in the living room! Turn out the lights and tell stories around your fireplace or make a campfire out of flashlights or lanterns. Can you say finger puppet shadows? They're the BEST!
Science Camp

  • Original plans for a learning vacation can still be super fun at home! Simple outdoor scavenger hunts for a list of items to learn about are stimulating. On the list? Feathers, a maple leaf, butterfly, clouds, fruit…the list can be endless and offer a great learning opportunity on each item found!
  • Pinterest has loads of recipes for so many science projects like making bath bombs and gooey or glittery slime. A great FREE resource for at-home learning, including STEM crafts and everyday science experiments can be found online at Kiwico.com
Host a Family Film Festival
  • Popcorn and pillow time! Family vote for 2 movies will make it a double feature. This is a super fun way to cozy up with the whole family!
  • Feel up to a Film-fest challenge? Pair off and shoot some short videos and gather round to watch. You can even dress up & host your own Family Grammy’s!
Take a Culinary Vacation
  • Plan a day exploring the cuisine of another culture. Choose a recipe online and the whole family can work together to create a tasty meal.
  • Take your culinary adventure even further! Pick a few different countries and enjoy cuisines from around the world each night of your staycation!
Artists’ Retreat
  • Inspire creativity, gather craft items and art supplies and let your imagination run wild! Set up stations to keep organized while attempting different projects and a final station to display your finished works of art!
  • Google Arts & Culture offers online exhibits and virtual tours to some of the most well known museums and galleries around the world.
  • Pack a delicious lunch or dinner and head out to the backyard for a sun drenched meal!
  • Raining or avoiding those pesky picnic ants? Don’t miss out on a family favorite-throw an old sheet or shower curtain down on the family room floor and picnic indoors!
  • What family member DOESN’T love to be pampered? Robes required! Set up stations for nails and hair. Mix up a replenishing face mask. This can be relaxing but we’re betting this turns into tons of silly fun for the whole family, especially with Dad manning the “nail salon”!
  • Don’t forget the pets! Your furry friends have been cooped up too and are longing for a shampoo and puppy or kitty massage!

All of us at SmilesForever Orthodontics are looking forward to hearing about your awesome and adventurous staycations! We know you'll find loads to keep you busy and we wish each of you a relaxing, fun spring break. Stay well and we'll see you soon!

3 Ways to Prioritize Your Family’s Smiles This Year

January 16th, 2020

Prioritize your family's smiles this year with these three easy steps from the American Association of Orthodontists and SmilesForever Orthodontics.

1. Get your 7-year-old into an AAO orthodontist for his or her first checkup.

Don’t wait for a dentist’s referral. It might not come and orthodontists don’t require one. Dentists may not be evaluating the child’s bite, and by age 7, your child has enough permanent teeth for an orthodontist to evaluate if a problem exists or is developing. Most orthodontists take a panoramic x-ray and photos to evaluate any concerns or potential problems with permanent teeth getting ready to break through the surface – such as extra teeth, missing teeth or teeth coming into the wrong positions.

One of three things could result from the first appointment. 1) No treatment is expected to be necessary. 2) Treatment may be needed in the future, so the child will be followed periodically while the face and jaws continue to grow. 3) There is a problem that lends itself to early treatment, and you are in the right spot to get it started!

2. Retainers – if you have one, wear it.

Set a good example for your children and make retainers part of your oral hygiene routine. Whether you’re 10, 30 or 50, it’s important to continue wearing your retainer after treatment. You brush your teeth for a lifetime, and you should wear your retainer a lifetime. Changes to the position of your teeth occur naturally throughout your life, so help make sure teeth stay put after treatment.

If your retainer no longer fits, your teeth have likely shifted, which brings us to point three.

3. Get a closer look. Set up an orthodontics evaluation to see how your smile can benefit with treatment.

SmilesForever Orthodontics offers complimentary first-visit consultations. Whether you’ve never had orthodontic treatment, or you think you need a touch up on what’s been previously done, stop in and see how doctors Brad Gilbert and Adam Wells can help to improve your smile.

What are you waiting for? Give our team a call to schedule your visit today!

Trust an AAO orthodontist.

Both Dr. Adam Wells and Dr. Brad Gilbert are members of the American Association of Orthodontists, helping patients to achieve healthy, beautiful and confident smiles at any age. Orthodontists are experts in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics – properly aligned teeth and jaws – and possess the skills and experience to give you your best smile.

Back to School With Braces

August 19th, 2019

The summer went by so fast and we’re already into a brand new school year! Getting prepared for a new year at school is exciting for kids (and parents) but, for students who may have recently gotten braces or appliances over the summer, it may feel a little stressful.

Adding changes in routine for brushing, flossing and braces-friendly foods may feel a little overwhelming in the first few days or weeks at school. Here at SmilesForever Orthodontics, we do our best to make every patient’s orthodontic experience as rewarding as possible. If you have a child who is just getting back to school with braces, here are a handful of tips we’ve put together to help make the transition smooth and stress-free!

Keep a braces kit in your purse, book bag or locker!

  • Wax - is great for poking wires and to ease braces and appliances over tender areas in the mouth.
  • Floss - proxy brushes get under the wire if food gets stuck.
  • A toothbrush!
  • Retainer Case - If you have a removable retainer or appliance, Keep that retainer case handy to store your removable retain or appliance while you eat! Remember to NEVER wrap a retainer in a napkin or store in a pocket as they are clear and hard to miss when cleaning up or washing.
  • Elastics - You’ll need to replace your rubber bands after you eat. They will need to be replaced after sports too.
  • Mouth Guard - Playing sports this school year? Remember your orthodontic mouth guard. Tip: Keep your mouth guard in your sports bag so that you will always know where it is!
  • Allow a little extra time in the mornings so that brushing and flossing around braces doesn’t make you late for the bus!

Colors. Pick a favorite color at your next braces adjustment to coordinate morning outfit choices. Need some color inspiration? Colgate has a fantastic blog article on choosing the best braces colors. Colgate Perfect Shade for Braces

Visit our Braces Friendly Pinterest Board for easy make-ahead lunch ideas. Soft foods can be especially helpful when new to braces and after adjustments. SmilesForever Braces-Friendly Lunches

Take an unopened bottle of Ibuprofen or Tylenol, along with a doctor’s note to the school nurse. The nursing staff will happily keep the over-the-counter medication on hand for the school year, just in case there is discomfort after an adjustment.

Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells know that it can typically take a few days to adjust to new braces and appliances, where the teeth may feel a little sensitive. Some patients may experience a little tenderness after an adjustment too. Our SmilesForever team and doctors want you to have the best school year - WITH BRACES! Remember to keep to the, “Nothing hard, crunchy, sticky or chewy”, rule and you’ll be off to a great start!

Orthodontic Tips for Summer Vacation

June 11th, 2019

Taking your braces and smile on summer vacation? We’ve got tips to get you prepared!

There’s nothing worse than going on vacation and realizing you’ve left something important behind. It's happened to many of us at SmilesForever Orthodontics! To help you keep your smiles and braces in good shape over the summer Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells recommend that you prepare an orthodontic travel kit to take along with you.

 What you’ll want to pack:
  • Dental Wax. In case anything becomes loose or “pokey”, wax can often be applied to ease the discomfort until you are back in town and can come in to see us.
  • Floss. You’ll want to keep your gums healthy by not breaking the daily flossing routine. Also, floss is handy to have on hand for some of our summer favorite foods like strawberries! You sure don’t want to flash your sparkly smile with seeds stuck in between your teeth and braces!
  • Toothbrush. Who wouldn’t take a toothbrush? Those who might forget to pack it! If you’re planning a vacation in advance, ask us for a travel toothbrush at your next appointment. You can add it to your travel kit and not worry if you’ve left the trusty orthodontic toothbrush home alone!
  • Homework. (AKA Rubberbands). Whether you’ve just started correcting your bite with rubberbands or are closing in on the homestretch of treatment and fine-tuning your bite with them, TAKE THEM & WEAR THEM. Not wearing rubberbands, or appliances as instructed may actually slow down your orthodontic treatment.
  • Retainer(s). Yes, you’ll need to take your retainers with you on vacation to keep your teeth from moving. Always remember to put it away safely in a retainer case when not wearing.
  • Invisalign® Aligners. Current Aligners will be in your mouth, but it’s a good idea to take your last set with you on vacation. If something happens to your current set, wear your most recent set and come see us as soon as you return.

Keep all of these items together in a separate “Braces Kit” and they will be easy to pack - and harder to leave behind!

To help keep your smile and braces in good health over vacation and the summer, remember to brush and floss daily, finish your homework (rubberbands & retainers) and avoid hard, crunchy and sticky foods.

Our SmilesForever Orthodontics team and doctors wish you a healthy and fun summer!

Summertime Smiles

May 13th, 2019

Summertime Smiles For Kids, Teens and Adults

At SmilesForever Orthodontics, we simply love helping kids and adults achieve their healthiest, most confident and beautiful smiles! With the last days of school in summer countdown, it’s the perfect time to get started on an orthodontic treatment plan for summer! Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells feel this season is a great opportunity to start improving your child’s or your own smile with braces and here’s why:

Scheduling Made Easy

Many parents worry about scheduling consultations and initial orthodontic appointments near the end of the academic season. Though we make every effort to accommodate busy schedules, we understand your concerns.

When school classes are in session, it can be a bit hectic planning appointments between work, classes, sports, homework, dance and all those extra activities that keep us busy and running around. Summer usually brings a since of calm to the school activity storm. The added benefit to slowing down is that parents schedules become less hectic too, allowing more freedom in adding the occasional orthodontic appointment to the calendar!

Time To Adjust To Wearing Braces

Getting braces before the school bell rings in the fall children, and teens can use the additional time over the summer to get used to caring for and being comfortable with their new “bling”! Some things to adapt to with new braces for children and adults can include:

  • Learning proper brushing and flossing techniques
  • Speaking clearly with a new appliance (and new retainers)
  • Eating braces-friendly meals and snacks
  • Adjusting to instrument playing
  • Playing sports with a mouth guard
  • Feeling comfortable with braces on the teeth
  • Gaining confidence not just with braces - with blossoming smiles too!

If you’re ready to start or have your child get started on their orthodontic journey toward a beautiful, confident smile, we’re happy to help! Give us a call at any of our Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville locations or request an appointment online for your FREE consultation to meet with Dr. Wells and Dr. Gilbert! After a thorough exam, our orthodontists will let you know whether you or your child can benefit from orthodontics at this time and their recommended treatment. We look forward to seeing you soon to get you started on your BEST smiles over the summer!



Make Every Day Earth Day!

April 22nd, 2019

Earth Day is observed worldwide on April 22nd and with it brings an important reminder that our planet belongs to each and every one of us. It takes all of us equally doing our part to preserve it! As Earth Day rolls around each year, we’re reminded of the importance of being environmentally friendly but you don’t have to wait for Earth Day to start protecting the planet or look for big ways to make an impact. Every small step you take leads to a  more sustainable planet and SmilesForever Orthodontics strives to reduce our carbon footprint every day!



There are Clean Teeth and there are CLEAN Teeth

What’s the difference? Brushing and flossing help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Both are very important in maintaining good oral and dental health, in and out of braces. We can all make wiser choices regarding the products we use to maintain our sparkly teeth and healthy gums. The American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every three to four months. The standard toothbrush is made of a hard plastic handle and a set of soft nylon bristles which are bad for the environment. Most come in plastic packaging which greatly impacts our landfills.

While taking care of your oral hygiene you can make a difference in helping the environment by:

  • Going Natural: Choosing a toothbrush made from recycled and renewable materials.
  • Recycle your old toothbrushes. The Colgate Oral Care Recycling Program accepts old toothbrushes, used toothpaste tubes and dental floss containers as well. As these items are each made from multiple types of materials, they can't be processed by your city’s regular recycling plant.
  • Turning off the water: You’re diligently brushing, paying careful attention to technique and time - but wait! You’re in the zone and zoning out - by leaving the water running? It’s time to turn that water off while you brush!

What we’re doing:

  • We strive to limit our SmilesForever Orthodontics carbon footprint by minimizing our paper usage and keeping digital records and charts for our patients.
  • Our insurance coordinators make every effort to handle claims for our patients, using secure and HIPAA compliant protocol.
  • Our patients can receive their appointment reminders through e-mail or text messages.
  • The toothbrushes at our brushing station are made from recycled products!
  • Our ligature ties (the cute colors holding the arch wire into the brackets) and our rubber bands are BPA free!
  • We minimize radiation for our patients by providing in-house digital cephalometric and panoramic x-rays.

Take a moment to consider how you can help save our beautiful planet. If you’re concerned with making changes, rest assured that when it comes to your orthodontic treatment and care, Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our SmilesForever team are striving to make a difference with products carefully selected to ensure our practice complies with reducing our carbon footprint!

Adults and Invisalign®

March 28th, 2019

Are you an adult thinking you may be too old for braces? Have you always wanted straight teeth and a confident smile but have shied away from a mouth full of metal?

Is There A "Best" Age For Straightening Teeth?

You may be aware that the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommend an orthodontic evaluation beginning at age seven with the majority of straightening teeth during the teen years. Perhaps you have younger children or teenagers who are just getting braces or have been through their orthodontic treatment to result in their own beautiful, confident smiles.

Orthodontic treatment can be beneficial at ANY age. The AAO also states that one in four orthodontic patients are adults! Adult teeth are also able to be moved using braces or Invisalign®. Thinking braces and Invisalign® are only for children and teens shouldn’t be a deterrent to achieving the straight smile you have always wanted.

Why Choose Invisalign®?

While we offer clear porcelain brackets and tooth colored arch wires for our adult patients choosing a more discreet orthodontic process, we equally treat a large amount of adults with the Invisalign® straightening treatment option. Invisalign® clear aligner trays are made from a clear, comfortable, medical grade acrylic material that fit over the arch of your teeth, and are often undetectable. This means no bulky metal and no potentially uncomfortable comments from friends and acquaintances.

Another major advantage of Invisalign® for our adult patients is the fact that the trays are removable. Removable trays mean patients are able to brush and floss teeth as normal, maintaining their normal oral hygiene regimen throughout the entire straightening process. This also allows patients the flexibility to remove their aligners for eating as the recommended time to wear them is 22 hours per day.

Choosing An Invisalign® Provider

Adults often become confused on just who to choose as their Invisalign® provider as many dentists are now offering Invisalign® as a dental service. While it may seem easier to purchase Invisalign® through your dentist and not switch between dental and orthodontic practices, dentists often do not have extensive experience or broader understanding of orthodontic tooth movement compared to orthodontists as they have not gone through the extensive orthodontic schooling and training that orthodontists must acquire. At SmilesForever Orthodontics, we are confident that the extra years of study and experience Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells have achieved will provide a more comprehensive treatment for you. Our highly trained SmilesForever orthodontists and our orthodontic team understand the complexities of the mouth and have a thorough understanding of all orthodontic treatment, allowing us to offer the best treatment for your needs.

Is Invisalign® right for me?

Invisalign®, in part, relies on the compliance of the patient. As the aligners are removable for eating and cleaning, some patients find it hard to remember to wear them or choose only to wear them at certain times. While offering the flexibility of briefly removing them, leaving them off for extended periods of time will limit the effectiveness. As mentioned previously, it is very important to wear the aligners as instructed by the orthodontist, typically 22 hours per day to ensure optimal results.

No two mouths are the same and your mouth is uniquely yours. Invisalign® has helped thousands of patients around the world achieve the cosmetic results they were looking for. However, there are a few instances where the Invisalign® system may not achieve optimal results. For example, problems concerning bite, crowding or an over abundance of space, to name a few, may require treatment such as traditional braces. The best way to know whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign® aligners is to come in for your FREE orthodontic consultation with SmilesForever Orthodontics where Dr. Wells and Dr. Gilbert will help you to make the right decision for you.

We're celebrating National Pi Day!

March 14th, 2019

How many of our SmilesForever Logos do you see? 314 in celebration of National Pi Day!


Our SmilesForever Orthodontics doctors and staff are SO excited it's National Pi Day!    No - not THAT kind of pie - we're talking about pi or π!

What is Pi?

Written as 3.14, pi is a number representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. We calculate the circumference of a circle by multiplying its diameter by pi. Pi is thought to be a special number because it is an irrational number, meaning that it can't be expressed as a simple fraction. Mathematicians, scientists and other curious people have been fascinated by pi for hundreds of years trying to determine whether there is a pattern to its digits or whether they are completely random.

Well, to be a bit more exact, the number is 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510
58209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679... we can TRY to be MORE precise but pi literally goes on forever!

Why do we celebrate National Pi Day?

National Pi Day came about in 2009 to promote mathematics. Our SmilesForever Orthodontics staff loves Pi Day because many businesses celebrate with pie deals. Yes - THAT pie! Pizza, fruit, cream, pumpkin, sweet potato, chicken, yummy, braces-friendly PIE!

Yummy Local "Pi" Deals we found online:


"Pies don’t have to be round. On National Pi Day (Thursday, March 14), visit Bojangles’ to experience three rectangular-shaped Sweet Potato Pies for the fitting price of $3.14."


Kroger logo
"For Pi Day this year, Kroger grocery stores will offer fruit-based, sweet potato, pumpkin and no sugar-added pies for just $3.14, which is over 30 percent off their regular retail price."
bostonmarket's profile picture 

"If you love Boston Market's Pot Pie - click on the link below or go to their website to download a coupon for a Buy 1 Pot Pie & A Drink - Get 1 Pot Pie FREE!"
Coupon Link 
Five Fun Pi Facts
  1. Albert Einstein was born on pi day in 1879.
  2. Pi is the number of times that a circle's diameter will fit around a circle's circumference.
  3. Without knowing the true value of pi, it's impossible to find the circumference of a circle.
  4. The first 31 digits of pi contain NO zeroes.
  5. In the first 6,000,000,000 numbers of pi:
  • 0 occurs 599,963,005 times
  • 1 occurs 600,033,260 times
  • 2 occurs 599,999,169 times
  • 3 occurs 600,000,243 times
  • 4 occurs 599,957,439 times
  • 5 occurs 600,017,176 times
  • 6 occurs 600,016,588 times
  • 7 occurs 600,009,044 times
  • 8 occurs 599,987,038 times
  • 9 occurs 600,017,038 times

However you choose to celebrate - we wish you Happy National Pi Day from Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our SmilesForever Orthodontics Team!

New Braces and a Sparkling New "Bestie"!

February 5th, 2019

Wondering How to Get Along with Your Braces?

You've taken steps toward gaining a healthier, more confident smile by choosing orthodontic treatment. Now you're wondering how the heck you're going to get along with these life-changing sparklers over the course of your treatment. Don't worry - you and your braces will become good friends over the coming months or years. In fact, they'll become your sparkling new "bestie" by getting your relationship off to a good start!

Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells aren't only your orthodontists, they've been through treatment too! They, along with our SmilesForever Orthodontics team, have a few tips to help you avoid a rocky relationship with your braces:

  1. Remember to floss! We understand it’s difficult to floss around your braces, but it’s the best way to prevent gum disease and other oral health problems. Ask our staff for floss threaders to make the chore easier - we'll happily show you how to use them! Unhealthy gums turn red and often bleed when brushing. Just a few minutes of flossing each day will help keep your gums and teeth healthy while in braces.
  2. Avoid those hard, crunchy, sticky or chewy foods - your braces and your orthodontists will thank you! These foods can break wires, brackets and your teeth too and Dr. wells and Dr. Gilbert believe it's best to avoid them altogether. We have several boards with yummy braces-friendly recipes on our Pinterest page. Start with our Braces-Friendly School Lunches board.
  3. Try chewing foods with your back teeth, especially if you’re used to taking large bites with your front teeth. Try instead, breaking or cutting smaller pieces of food and placing them into your mouth to chew using your back teeth instead of biting into foods with your front teeth. Taking large bites of food with your front teeth can break a bracket off!
  4. Do your homework and always wear your rubber bands, headgear and other orthodontic appliances as instructed! Wearing these may seem annoying at first but that will quickly change once you get into the habit. Besides, it's proven that not complying with wearing them can increase the length of your treatment.
  5. Check out our Pinterest page Taking Care of Your Teeth and Braces and always feel free to call us with any concerns or questions - we're here to help you LOVE your braces and smile!


November 7th, 2018

Reminder To Use Your Flex Spending Accounts!

Can you believe the 2018 year is quickly coming to an end? As the calendar winds down toward 2019, we know many of our patients are anxiously keeping an eye their flexible spending balances, and trying hard not to squander any of their hard-earned dollars which has accumulated for medical and dental expenses over the past year.

That’s why Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our SmilesForever Orthodontics team would like to give those patients with Flexible Spending accounts a friendly end-of-the-year reminder that it is time to schedule a visit so that you can optimize your benefits! Whether you are currently in treatment with an active payment plan or are thinking about starting orthodontics for yourself or a family member, it isn’t too late to take advantage of available funds.

Orthodontics Are Covered

Did you know that orthodontics are covered under these FSA and Health Savings account plans? Yes, we get that question a lot and are so happy to let our patients know that the orthodontic services we offer including, orthodontic appliances, traditional braces, clear braces, diagnostic x-rays and Invisalign are all allowable expenditures under these plans. Consultations are also covered under FSA plans but you don’t need to worry about budgeting for first time consultation fees because they are always complimentary with our doctors at SmilesForever Orthodontics!

Our Friendly Staff Can Help Plan Your FSA Budget

At SmilesForever Orthodontics, we work hard to meet your needs, while in the treatment chair and when it comes to payments and insurance. Our doctors and team never want financial obstacles to keep anyone from receiving the orthodontic care they need and our treatment and insurance coordinators take pride in helping our patients budget and save! We’re here to help if you have any questions regarding planning your 2019 FSA and Health Savings open enrollment, your orthodontic insurance, your treatment and your accounts, just give us a call!

Contact SmilesForever Orthodontics Today

Our practice tends to be quite busy during the holidays when schools are closed and many adults have free time away from work. By calling any of our four locations in Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville, GA soon, we can help you budget your FSA dollars toward your treatment so that you can “use it before you lose it” and also help you in planning for your and your family’s gorgeous smiles next year!

Parents - Don't Take the Fun Out of Halloween!

October 30th, 2018

Surviving Halloween with Braces!

If you are the parent of someone with braces - or a kid at heart with braces yourself, you won't need to worry about taking the fun out of Halloween with our SmilesForever Orthodontics survival tips!

Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells would like all of our patients to enjoy this SPOOKTACULAR  holiday. Because really, all anyone wants to do on Halloween is dress up, watch a spooky movie or two, eat some yummy Halloween candy and most of all - HAVE FUN!!

In following our tips you'll make this a ghoulishly fun event!

Keeping Teeth & Braces Healthy
  1. Stay away from hard, crunchy, sticky and chewy candies. Choose soft and creamy candies instead. Examples are candies without nuts, caramel and taffy. Plain M&M's and Three Muskateer's Bars are just two braces-friendly candies!
  2. Remember to brush well after eating any candy! The sugar remaining on teeth for any length of time can cause tooth decay.
Trick or Treating With Alternative Choices to Candy

Given the choice between a fun toy or candy - consider passing up the sugar in favor of a treat that will last longer and will be more fun!

  1. If you're planning to hand out treats in the neighborhood, have some fun alternatives on hand. Necklaces, rings, stickers, glow-in-the-dark tattoos, coloring books - these all make fantastic treats and are super affordable at the dollar store. You'll soon have a line of little ninja's and ballerina's lining up to knock on your door!
  2. Many communities and churches are hosting fall festivals on Halloween. They often have fun booths and games to enjoy, which help to take the focus off the candy!
  3. Check out our Ghoulishly Delicious Treats Pinterest board for fun meals, snacks and treats. They're all braces-friendly recipes!
No Trick!

Setting a healthy Halloween habit now, will help not only help protect your child's braces, the habit will help them keep their teeth healthy long term! Your children may be more inclined to heed your warnings about the effects of sugar on teeth if they know about the continuous tug-of-war taking place inside their mouths. Colgate has a great article, What Are the Effects of Sugar on Teeth?

Helping them understand how teeth react to sugar can have a lasting impression, and you know, we want you all to have beautiful, healthy SmilesForever!

A Safe Halloween for Smiles and Trick or Treaters!

Keep your smiles and selves safe by always make sure to walk well-lit paths while out on Halloween to avoid trips and falls.

In the unfortunate event that a bracket or appliance becomes loose or broken, please call us so that we can evaluate how to help get you comfortable. Broken braces may also slow down expected treatment time if left too long. By making us aware that something needs attention, we can help keep your treatment progressing toward your perfect smile!

From all of us at SmilesForever, we wish you all a safe, healthy and fun Halloween!

School Lunch-Packing With Braces

August 21st, 2018

New Back Pack - ✓ CHECK
Pencils, Marker, Notebook, Erasers - ✓ CHECK
Toothbrush, Wax and Floss - ✓ CHECK
Braces-Friendly Lunches - Oh. Oh-no! HELP!

If your child started orthodontic treatment over the summer and will be returning to school with a sparkling new set of braces this fall, packing lunches that won’t be too difficult to chew and won’t damage their braces may be YOUR biggest back-to-school challenge.

Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our team have made it easy to navigate packing braces-friendly lunches with tips and menu ideas to make it less challenging.

So what to actually pack?

By simply remembering our number one rule avoiding foods that are hard, crunchy, sticky and chewy, your braces-wearing child will still think you’re the BEST school lunch-packer in your family! Accidents happen, but they are much easier to avoid by following this simple rule.

You'll find many resources on the Internet and Pinterest for fresh ideas. Check out our SmilesForever Pinterest board Braces-Friendly School Lunches.

There are also some great books out there for cooking braces-friendly meals. We particularly love The Braces Cookbook by Pamela Waterman and Brenda Waterman.

A Few Braces-Friendly Items To Choose From:

Any sandwiches with soft bread (cut off the crusts if necessary) or try using Pita Bread or a wrap as an alternative.

  • Peanut (or Almond) butter & banana, Peanut butter & jelly or honey (remember to only pack smooth, creamy peanut or almond butter and avoid super sticky and crunchy peanut or almond butter)
  • Soft lunch meats
  • Hummus and thinly slices cucumber
  • Tuna salad
  • Egg Salad
  • Chicken Salad (We found great braces-friendly recipe by Tracey over at The Kitchen is My Playground Traditional Southern Chicken Salad)
  • Sandwich Wraps and Pinwheels
  • Kabobs
Soft Foods
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Thin Cheese Slices
  • Mock Crab Meat
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Cold Cuts
  • Cold Pasta Salads
  • Oranges
  • Kiwi
  • Star Fruit
  • Strawberries
  • Melon
  • Grapes
  • Bananas
Sweet Treats
  • Applesauce
  • Marshmallows
  • Smooth or creamy chocolate
  • Pudding
  • Muffins
  • Cupcakes
  • Yogurt (avoid yogurts that come with hard crunchy granola or toppings)
  • Jello
Adaptable Lunch Favorites
  • Soft Tacos
  • Pizza cut into manageable bites (No thick crust)
  • Apples and Carrots cut into thin slices and wedges
  • Lunchables - make your own with thinly sliced lunch meats and cheese and soft Ritz crackers

Do you get bored having the same food for every meal? So will your child! Try mixing it up a little. Add pineapple to applesauce, dried cranberries to chicken salad, sliced olives to deviled eggs or hummus. Cut lunch meat, fruit and cheeses into fun shapes!

All of us at SmilesForever Orthodontics wish you fun and healthy lunch-packing this school year, just remember the number one rule - "Nothing hard, crunchy, sticky or chewy", and you'll keep those braces sparkling and do great!




Announcing Our Summer Contest

May 1st, 2018

Smiles - Sunshine - Summertime FUN!

We are SO ready for summer. Like really ready. Early ready. SO ready we're starting our SmilesForever Orthodontics Summer Contest Photo Challenge TODAY!

At your next appointment be sure to pick up one of our Summer of Smiles signs to take your summer pictures with! Feel free to drop by for a sign before then if you'd like to better your chances in the drawing - each new picture posted earns you an entry!

Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Wells and our staff can't wait to see what fun and mischief our patients get up to this summer. Have fun smiling and GOOD LUCK!


April is National Facial Protection Month

April 3rd, 2018

April, also known as National Facial Protection Month, is upon us, and for Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our team at SmilesForever Orthodontics, that means that it’s once again time to remind our patients to protect their pearly whites and shining faces.

We may not get back to organized sports for a little while, but even most at-home sports require caution and proper protection. Backyard soccer, gymnastics or volleyball? Driveway basketball game or pitching practice? While choosing the proper gear for your child’s sport, we’d like to remind our patient’s about the importance of adding a mouthguard to your practice and game day uniforms.

Did you know that according to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation, adults, high school athletes and children have more than 5,000,000 teeth knocked out in sporting events each year? That’s an awful lot of visits from the Tooth Fairy! Our SmilesForever team would like to encourage our patients to wear a properly fitted mouthguard and other forms of facial protection while engaging in any sporting activity. By taking this simple precaution, children and adults alike will greatly reduce their chances of traumatic facial injuries.

Are mouth guards cool?

Pro athletes are required to wear facial protection, including mouthguards!

[caption id="attachment_1442" align="aligncenter" width="214"] Photo courtesy of American Association of Orthodontists[/caption]

Patrick Corbin formerly of the Arizona Diamondbacks and now with the Washington Nationals team, has partnered with the American Association of Orthodontics to help bring awareness to the importance of wearing a mouthguard. In a recent interview with the AAO, Patrick was quoted,

“Wearing a mouth guard on the field is just as important as any other protective gear,” says Corbin. “In baseball, a line drive can come at you when you least expect it, and it’s crucial to be protected at all times.”

The Best Type of Mouthguard? The One That’s Worn!

There are many different types of mouthguards available today. Boil to fit, with straps, without straps, blocks, dual, custom shaped, and the most important for our braces wearing patients - an orthodontic mouthguard!

Why An Orthodontic Mouthguard?

It’s important that while in orthodontic treatment that our patients wear an orthodontic mouthguard. The mouthguard, while protecting the teeth and the insides of cheeks and lips from injury, should fit freely over the braces and appliances. With so much time spent at practice and during games and matches, our doctors like to stress the importance of choosing a mouthguard that will allow for the advancement of treatment and continued movement of teeth into their proper position.

Confused? Don’t get overwhelmed when trying to choose the best one for your child, we have orthodontic mouthguards for purchase in each of our four offices and we’re happy to help you choose the right mouthguard for your chosen sport!

Five Ways To Protect Your Child’s Face And Mouth This Spring

Our doctors and team have put together five simple ways to protect your child’s face and mouth this spring:

  1. Make sure you or your child wears a mouthguard for contact sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, boxing and lacrosse
  2. Remind him or her to wear a helmet
  3. Protective eyewear is equally as important
  4. Wearing a face shield to avoid scratched or bruised skin will help
  5. Make sure your child is alert, even as a spectator

We hope these tips are helpful. Drs. Gilbert and Wells will tell you protective gear is vital for anyone engaging in contact sports or activities. If you have any further questions about any of these tips, please contact us at any of our four Metro Atlanta locations in Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville.

SmilesForever Orthodontics wishes you a SAFE and fun spring season, now at home and when school and team sports resume!

It's National Pi Day!

March 14th, 2018

We're so excited it's National Pi Day! No - not THAT kind of pie - we're talking about pi or π!
What is Pi?

Written as 3.14, pi is a number representing the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. We calculate the circumference of a circle by multiplying its diameter by pi. Pi is thought to be a special number because it is an irrational number, meaning that it can't be expressed as a simple fraction. Mathematicians, scientists and other curious people have been fascinated by pi for hundreds of years trying to determine whether there is a pattern to its digits or whether they are completely random.

Well, to be a bit more exact, the number is 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510
58209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679... we can TRY to be MORE precise but pi literally goes on forever!

Why do we celebrate National Pi Day?

National Pi Day came about in 2009 to promote mathematics. Our SmilesForever Orthodontics staff loves Pi Day because many businesses celebrate with pie. Yes - THAT pie! Pizza, fruit, cream, pumpkin, sweet potato, yummy, braces-friendly PIE!

A Yummy Local "Pi" Deal

We found out at lunch that, today only, Bojangles restaurant is offering THREE of their yummy sweet potato pies for $3.14 in celebration of National Pi Day!

Five Fun Pi Facts
  1. Albert Einstein was born on pi day in 1879.
  2. Pi is the number of times that a circle's diameter will fit around a circle's circumference.
  3. The first 31 digits of pi contain NO zeroes.
  4. Without knowing the true value of pi, it's impossible to find the circumference of a circle.
  5. In the first 6,000,000,000 numbers of pi:
  • 0 occurs 599,963,005 times
  • 1 occurs 600,033,260 times
  • 2 occurs 599,999,169 times
  • 3 occurs 600,000,243 times
  • 4 occurs 599,957,439 times
  • 5 occurs 600,017,176 times
  • 6 occurs 600,016,588 times
  • 7 occurs 600,009,044 times
  • 8 occurs 599,987,038 times
  • 9 occurs 600,017,038 times
However you choose to celebrate - we wish you Happy National Pi Day from Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our SmilesForever Orthodontics Team!

2017 Best Orthodontic Practice!

February 12th, 2018


It is with great honor and our heartfelt gratitude we announce SmilesForever Orthodontics has been voted Best Orthodontic Practice by our valued patients and Gwinnett Magazine readers! Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our entire SmilesForever Orthodontics Team thank you for helping us win the coveted “Best of Gwinnett Blue Ribbon” for 2017! You have voted us Best Orthodontic Practice NINE years in a row!!!

We are sincerely humbled and honored to receive this award. Our doctors and many of our staff live, work and play in Gwinnet County where we enjoy actively participating in and supporting our community. Partnering with local schools, sporting and academic teams, and community festivals, bring to focus that this is truly our home.

Being voted Best Orthodontic Practice in the largest county in the state of Georgia is quite special to us. 36 years ago, SmilesForever Orthodontics opened our doors and became part of the Gwinnett community. Today, as we celebrate our 36th anniversary, we are proudly providing orthodontic excellence with four office locations. Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells, along with every one of our SmilesForever team are committed to helping create beautiful, confident smiles. We enthusiastically participate in extensive training and continuing education to treat our patients with the utmost skill, technology, care, and compassion. We simply love bringing smiles to Gwinnett!

Thank you to Gwinnett Magazine and to all who voted for SmilesForever Orthodontics in “Best of Gwinnett”, making this notable award possible. We appreciate your support and your votes of confidence. Your votes let us know that our dedication to providing our patients the quality care and treatment are appreciated. They let us know that the families, schools and businesses we are so proud to work alongside recognize and value our services. They let us know that we are always welcome at home!

We look forward to helping our community smile for many many years to come!

A Time To Give Thanks

November 22nd, 2017

Don't you love Thanksgiving and all that it brings to this time of year? We sure do! Our team celebrates the holiday with many different traditions. Football, camping, hiking, Black Friday shopping, feasting, reflecting and sharing the day with family.

One thing we ALL have in common is wanting to take a moment to reflect on the blessings of having such wonderful patients. From the blossoming confident smiles, kind words and referrals that you bring to us throughout the year, we are grateful. Thank you for your trust and confidence in our doctor's and staff. Our patients and your smiles are what fill our days with such joy! We are truly fortunate to smile with you each day!

From everyone here at SmilesForever Orthodontics, we are so very thankful to be given the opportunity to offer all of our patients and their families the highest level of orthodontic care we can provide. We assure you that we never take for granted the trust that you have placed in our hands.

Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our staff wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope it is filled with joy, love and abundant smiles!

Spooktacular News!

October 31st, 2017

Spooktacular News for our orthodontic patients! If you enjoy a treat or two on Halloween there are treats and candies that are safe to eat with braces. We even have a Pinterest board for our patients if you need some ideas here Ghoulishly Delicious Treats

At SmilesForever Orthoodntics we love Halloween!! Did you know that October is National Orthodontic Health Month? We don't think that's just a coincidence. Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells feel it's important to educate our patients and parents of the potential problems that might happen if patients celebrate Halloween without following our foods to avoid list.

Our orthodontists, along with The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) are recommending FIVE TIMELY TIPS to protect braces, and orthodontic appliances while also protecting teeth from decay.

  1. Say “Boo” to hard treats
  2. Avoid Sticky foods
  3. Brush up to avoid cavities
  4. Spooktacular News – you can eat soft chocolates, peanut butter cups, M&M's without nuts, Muskateer Bars, etc
  5. Make a commitment to avoid hard and chewy food all year round to increase your rate of success

Remember to make good choices for your braces and your teeth while in treatment. We wish you all a happy & safe Halloween!

Best of Gwinnett 2017 Voting Has Started!

July 17th, 2017

You can vote simply by clicking the button above!

We are sending out an enormous THANK YOU to all of our patients who have nominated SmilesForever Orthodontics for Best of Gwinnett 2017!

Your previous year's nominations and votes have placed us "Best" in the Best of Gwinnett County Orthodontic Practices category these past NINE years running! Our staff and orthodontists, Dr. Brad Gilbert, and Dr. Adam Wells take pride in the trust and confidence you continue to place in us to care for your families. Honestly, we don't take that lightly. Helping you to achieve beautiful, confident smiles is our utmost goal. That's why our SmilesForever doctors and staff continue to stay up-to-date on the latest and most beneficial orthodontic technologies each year.

It means the world to us that you have shown us just how much you truly appreciate our commitment to helping you achieve your BEST smiles, by nominating SmilesForever for BEST Orthodontic Practice in Gwinnett County, again this year!

We humbly ask you to cast your votes now for SmilesForever Orthodontics in the Orthodontic Practices category by clicking the button above and voting for us.

Local Fireworks and Celebrations

July 4th, 2017

Still not sure where to celebrate and watch a great fireworks show tonight? The Gwinnett Daily Post has posted their fantastic local area guide to 4th of July fireworks and celebrations. SmilesForever Orthodontics is happy to share it with you here.

• Fantastic Fourth Celebration: Stone Mountain Park will host its annual Independence Day celebration throughout the weekend with the park open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and the Lasershow and fireworks beginning at 9:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased by visiting www.stonemountainpark.com/Events/Fantastic-Fourth-Celebration.

• Berkeley Lake July 4 Parade: The city will hold its annual parade, with residents who want to join in with decorated cars being invited to show up at 11 a.m. at Berkeley Lake Elementary School. The parade is expected to kick off at about 11:30 a.m., with state Rep. Scott Hilton, R-Peachtree Corners, and Mayor Lois Salter leading the way in an El Camino. Food and family-friendly activities, including face painting, will follow the parade at Berkeley Lake Chapel.

• Concert and fireworks: Lanier Islands will host a DJ from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Sunset Cove Stage, with a fireworks show on the lake set for 10 p.m.

• Star Spangled Snellville: The city’s Independence Day celebration will last from 4 to 10 p.m. at the Towne Green, with a fireworks show beginning at 9:30 p.m.Activities will include inflatables, a water slide, train rides and bungee jumps. Food will be provided by several restaurants and vendors. Ms. Senior Georgia, Kriss Johnson, will lead the National Anthem, and the Button Gwinnett Chapter Militia will fire muskets. The Stephen Lee Band and the Contagious Band will perform as well.

• Braselton Festival, Parade and Fireworks: Downtown Braselton will host live music, children’s activities, a parade and fireworks from 5 to 10 p.m. The live music featuring the Fly Betty Band will last from 5 to 9 p.m. on the Braselton Town Green. The parade will begin at 6 p.m., on Ga. Highway 53 and head through downtown. Tickets for the kids activities area include $2 for one time on each inflatable and $5 for each climb on the rock wall. Wristbands that offer unlimited climbs cost $10 for the inflatables, $8 for the rock wall and $15 for both. The fireworks will be shot off at City Hall.

• Star Spangled Fourth: The Mall of Georgia’s 15th annual Fourth of July celebration will begin at 5 p.m., and include musical performances at The Village Amphitheatre, a kid’s play area, fireworks and a showing of “The LEGO Batman Movie.” The Woody’s will begin performing at 5 p.m., and A1A The Official Jimmy Buffet Tribute Show will begin performing at 7:30 p.m. The fireworks will begin at 9:35 p.m., and the movie will begin afterwards.

• Sparkle in the Park: Lilburn’s event will last from 5:30 to 10 p.m. at City Park, 76 Main St. Balloon artists, and free family photos will be on hand until 9:30 p.m., or as long as supplies last. Tickets for food trucks, vendors and bounce houses can also be purchased. The Breakfast club will begin performing at 7:30 p.m., and the fireworks will begin at 9:30 p.m. Shuttle buses will be available to take attendees to and from parking areas at City Hall, Lilburn Middle School and lots at the corners of Yong and Church Streets and Poplar Street and Killian Hill.

• Independence Day with the Gwinnett Braves: The Gwinnett Braves will give away American flag rally towels to the first 5,000 fans who show up at Coolray Field for the team’s game against Norfolk, which will begin at 7:05 p.m.. Patriotic-themed jerseys will also be auctioned and the proceeds will go to Operation One Voice. There will also be a fireworks show after the game.

Whether you've decided to stay close to home with family and friends or head to a venue to watch a display of fireworks, Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our staff wish you a happy and safe 4th of July!

Start Your Summer With A Brand New Smile

May 10th, 2017

Summer is just a few short weeks away, and while for many that signals a season of fun in the sun and endless beach days, many are finding that summer is the perfect time to start on the path towards a new smile. Orthodontic treatment carries a whole host of benefits and is easier than ever before, so for this blog, we wanted to talk about all the ways a new smile can impact your life.

The Magic of a Beautiful Smile

Orthodontic treatment offers a variety of oral health improvements. A healthier smile can:

  • Improve your bite and jaw functionality
  • Protect against wear and tear on the teeth
  • Help to prevent gum disease
  • Help to prevent bone loss
  • In addition, an improved smile provides a boost to the overall appearance of the face, mouth and smile.
Let Your Confidence Shine

That being said, orthodontics is about more than just the aesthetic or functional elements of a smile. So many of our SmilesForever Orthodontics patients tell us that they feel a renewed self-confidence after completing treatment. Orthodontic treatment can give a huge boost to confidence, self-esteem, and happiness that will radiate through every aspect of your life - at school, home and at work.

Summer is a GREAT Time to Start On Your New Smile

As summer schedules tend to be a bit lighter, you may find it a little easier to start your new smile journey. Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells, along with our entire team are very passionate about what we do and helping our patients achieve their best smile! Because we’re so enthusiastic about what we do, we know that some parents are concerned with their children missing a periodic class or two, or trying to schedule around school activities on those initial appointments. With four locations to help create beautiful, confident smiles, we’re very flexible in helping to accommodate your appointment needs. Starting the path to your new smile over summer also gives you a little time to adjust to wearing braces before the start of school in the Fall.

We're Excited to See You Smile

Are you ready to take the leap this summer and start towards a brand new, healthy, and beautiful smile? We're ready to take you there - contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation. We can't wait to hear from you!

April is National Facial Protection Month!

April 10th, 2017

National Facial Protection Month focuses on spreading awareness about the importance of protecting children and adults from oral and facial injuries. Many injuries that do occur during sporting activities could have been prevented had the proper protective gear been worn.

As we return to outdoor sports and other activities, it’s a great time to remind you about the importance of taking a few precautions to preserve your teeth and be protected from dental and facial injuries. Whether at a practice, at a game, or simply enjoying some fun in the neighborhood, it's important to play it safe.

To prevent dental and facial injuries, remember these four important tips:

  1. Wear mouth guards to help prevent injuries to the teeth, mouth and jaws when you’re practicing or playing team sports, or when skating or riding a bike.
  2. Wear a helmet. Helmets absorb the energy of an impact.
  3. Wear protective eye wear. Eyes are extremely vulnerable.
  4. Be alert even as a spectator. Alert spectators can avoid foul baseballs and flying hockey pucks. Watch your step when climbing bleachers.

A single traumatic injury to the teeth may never heal completely, and it can create a lifetime of expensive problems.  Mouth guards are one of the least expensive pieces of protective gear available, and they can prevent or minimize dental and jaw injuries.

Game, Set, Match — SmilesForever Orthodontics has great news for athletes! You can still play sports even while undergoing orthodontic treatment!

If you do play sports Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells recommend that you wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and your appliance. Not only do you want to protect your investment, you'll want to protect your mouth and teeth too! Whether wearing braces or an orthodontic appliance you will need to wear a special mouth guard that will allow your treatment to progress and not be held in place with a formed mouth guard.

In case of a sports emergency, be sure to immediately check your mouth and appliance for damage. If you notice any loose teeth or appliance damage, please contact our office right away. You can temporarily relieve the discomfort by applying wax or rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater.

April is the perfect time to get into the mouth guard habit.  Wear one at every practice and every game.

For more information about National Facial Protection Month visit ADA.org, and for questions regarding orthodontic mouth guards please contact our office.

Spring Clean Your Dental Health Routine

April 3rd, 2017

Budding trees, blooming flowers and warmer weather...the signs of spring all around us are hard to miss! Many of us see these first signs of spring and take to our yards and homes in a cleaning frenzy. What else could use a little sprucing up? Your smiles! So, before you grab your mops or garden rakes, Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells would like you take a moment to think about your braces and your dental health routine. They've asked us to share a few tips to "spring clean" your dental routine so that your smile is vibrant, healthy and ready for the new season!

Replace your toothbrush

The American Dental Association recommends you replace your toothbrush (or brush head, if you use an electric toothbrush) every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles become frayed or if you have been ill. While wearing orthodontic braces and appliances, you may notice your toothbrush bristles begin to fray more frequently. When was the last time you replaced YOUR toothbrush?

Since we're on the topic of toothbrushes, here are a few additional tips from the ADA to keep your family safe and healthy:

  • Never share your toothbrush.
  • Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly with tap water after use.
  • Store toothbrushes upright, if possible so they can air dry faster after use.
  • Children's and orthodontic patient's toothbrushes may need to be replaced more often than every three months. Replace once you observe the bristles have begun to fray.

Flossing refreshed!

Do you find it tough to floss every day? You may be more likely to stick to your flossing routine if you keep things fresh and easily accessible. Consider trying a new type of dental floss to make it more interesting:

  • Super Floss: Super Floss comes in waxed, un-waxed and minty varieties. The box of floss comes pre-cut in individual strands with one stiff end made especially to work around appliances. This makes it almost effortless to floss under arch wires with for our braces-wearing patients!
  • Dental tape: Dental tape is a thin "ribbon" of floss that slides easily between teeth. Did you know that Glide, comes individually packaged too? These pre-cut strands also have a "workable" end that can be used to ease under arch wires. So easy to use!
  • Though SmilesForever Orthodontics doesn't recommend using floss picks with braces and arch wires, we do recommend using floss threaders if you are having difficulty getting used to guiding under your wires to floss. If you need floss threaders, please ask us for them at your next adjustment.

Visit your regular dentist

As you begin to check things off your spring cleaning list, don't forget to make sure your dental visit is scheduled. The ADA recommends visiting your general dentist every six months. Dr. Wells and Dr. Gilbert strongly encourage our braces-wearing patients to keep to their regular checkup and cleaning schedules. They, along with our orthodontic clinicians, will go over oral hygiene routines if they notice any gum irritation or plaque buildup at your adjustment appointments. They'll be sure to point out any hard to reach areas in need of cleaning adjustments, and make sure you know the necessary steps to keeping your teeth and gums healthy while in orthodontic treatment. We want you to have only the healthiest of smiles!

Spiffing up your dental health routine is quick and easy!

Spring is often referred to as a time for new beginnings. If your dental health routine has suffered through the winter, now is the perfect time to get things back on track with new floss options, a fresh toothbrush and visiting your regular dentist for your cleaning and checkup. These quick and easy steps can help you enjoy a healthy smile throughout the season and be ready to greet the summer with your best smile!

It's President's Day!

February 20th, 2017

Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our team are happily seeing patient's today as many of our patient's have the day off from school and work. It's not a snow day with our 70 degree Gwinnett weather today - this day is set aside each year to honor our very first President of the United States. SmilesForever Orthodontics would like to wish you all a Happy President's Day!

Have you ever wondered how "President's Day" came about or why it became a Federal as well as a national holiday? Why do we always celebrate on the third Monday of February?

Presidents Day (also referred to as President's Day) has its roots in one of the oldest American holiday observances: George Washington’s Birthday.

In 1796, the final year of George Washington’s administration, Americans chose to honor their beloved president by celebrating his birthday in all thirteen states. They did not all mark the same day, however. In the year of 1731 when Washington was born, the colonies had used a Julian calendar. According to that calendar, Washington was born on February 11, 1731. Some two decades later, however, Britain and her colonies adopted the Gregorian calendar. This new calendar moved dates 11 days forward. Thus, under the Gregorian calendar, Washington’s birthday fell on February 22.

By the early 1800s, Washington’s Birthday had become a common observance, but an official date still had not been adopted. Some towns observed February 11, while others set aside February 22 to honor America’s Founding Father. Finally, in 1879, Congress declared Washington’s Birthday a federal holiday. The legislation that made Washington’s Birthday a national holiday also stipulated that it was to be observed on February 22, the anniversary of his birth according to the calendar now in use.

Washington’s Birthday continued to be observed on February 22 throughout much of the 20th century. Then, in 1968, Congress passed the Monday Holiday Act. This act moved certain federal holidays from fixed dates to the Monday following those dates in order to create more three-day weekends. Under the Monday Holiday Act, the official observance of Washington’s Birthday was moved to the third Monday of February. The change began with the 1971 calendar and continues to this day.

So how did Washington’s Birthday come to be known as Presidents Day?

Washington shared the month of February with another notable U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln. Following Lincoln’s 1865 assassination, many chose to observe Lincoln’s birthday — February 12th — as well as Washington’s. In the years to come, a number of states made Lincoln’s birthday a state holiday. Unlike Washington’s birthday, however, Lincoln’s birthday never became a federal holiday.

Urban legend claims that at the time the observance of Washington’s Birthday was moved to the third Monday of February, then-President Richard Nixon hoped to consolidate observances of both Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays into a single federal holiday. According to legend, Nixon issued a presidential proclamation dubbing the third Monday of February “Presidents Day” in honor of all U.S. Presidents.

In fact, Nixon issued an executive order on February 11, 1971, proclaiming the third Monday of February a holiday. That order, however, referred to the holiday as nothing other than Washington’s Birthday. Claims that Nixon had changed the holiday to the more generic Presidents Day apparently stemmed from an inaccurate newspaper account.

Nonetheless, in the final decades of the 20th century, an increasing number of people embraced the term “Presidents Day.” Some states have even adopted Presidents Day as a state holiday in lieu of Washington’s Birthday. Still, the federal holiday on the third Monday of February legally remains “Washington’s Birthday” to this day.

Article first appeared on www.mydentists.info

2016 Best of Gwinnett!

February 6th, 2017

SmilesForever Orthodontics has been chosen "Best" Orthodontic Practice!

As large as Gwinnett County has become, with so many options, you may wonder how you can trust that you are choosing the best businesses, service providers and health, medical and dental professionals for your families.

Each year, the readers of Gwinnett Magazine vote for their favorite businesses in a number of categories. The result of this voting is Gwinnett Magazine’s “Best of Gwinnett” awards. A list of the best places to dine, relax, work, play and get the qualified healthcare you are looking for. The 2016 votes were cast and tallied as thousands of voters logged online to share their thoughts.

The Results Are In

With your confidence and trust in us - we’ve been chosen “Best” 2016 Orthodontic Practice and have received the Best of Gwinnett award the past EIGHT years running! This is one of the awards we are most proud of! Why? Because our patients, have voted for us!

As we have for the past 30+ years, we remain committed to providing the highest quality of clinical care and personalized service. We truly enjoy getting to know each of our patients and your families. Along with beautiful, confident smiles, we love creating relationships that last multiple generations.

Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells along with our entire team THANK YOU for taking your valuable time to cast your votes, and most especially, for your continued confidence and trust in us!

Want Straight Teeth Without Wires?

January 24th, 2017

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Are you someone who wishes you could have straight teeth and a perfect smile without traditional braces? Do you worry about having to give up your favorite foods while straightening your teeth or adding time to your brushing routine? If you aren't satisfied with your smile because of crowding, spacing problems or tooth alignment, metal and clear braces aren't the only way to get straight, gorgeous teeth.

What Is  Invisalign® And How Does It Work?

Invisalign® is a treatment system that uses a series of clear, transparent aligner trays to gradually re-position problem teeth. Invisalign® aligners are worn on top of your natural teeth. Because the trays are transparent and not visible, they are a preferred choice for orthodontics among adults. SmilesForever Orthodontics offers both traditional braces and Invisalign®. When chosen, Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells use the Invisalign® treatment option to correct several types of orthodontic problems including  spacing between teeth, crowding, to correct bites and to re-position crooked teeth.

Approximately every two weeks, you will begin wearing a new set of aligners, advancing you to the next stage of your treatment. To monitor your progress, you will also have occasional checkups with your doctor, usually only every six weeks or so. You may remove your aligners when brushing and eating. For best results and a timely outcome, you should wear your aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, throughout your entire treatment. At each stage, you will be able to see how much closer you are to having the smile that reflects the real you.

What Benefits Does Invisalign® Offer To Adults Over Braces?

Most typical orthodontic problems are just as easily treated with Invisalign® as with traditional braces. If your orthodontist determines that more extreme problems exist, traditional braces may be a better option. Drs. Gilbert and Wells can help you choose the best treatment solution for your needs.

With Invisalign® you can achieve having straight teeth, without having to worry about brackets and arch wires. Invisalign®allows patients to have dental braces that are made of strong, clear acrylic known as aligners. They are similar to a mouth guard but are thinner and less noticeable. If you have children who have completed their orthodontic treatment at SmilesForever Orthodontics, Invisalign® aligners are very similar to the retainers that Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells prescribe at the end of orthodontic treatment.

If our orthodontists decide you are a candidate and that both treatment options will work equally well for you, consider the perks and benefits of choosing Invisalign® over traditional braces.

  • They can correct small underbites and overbites and help with spacing, crowding and alignment of crooked teeth.
  • They are removable which makes it easier for you to eat and drink everything that you love.
  • Also, since you will not have metal in your mouth you can brush and floss more easily.
  • They are transparent, making them virtually unnoticeable as your teeth are being straightened. The fact that they are so discreet makes them the preferred orthodontic treatment choice for many adults.
  • The perfect smile that you have always wanted!

Still unsure if Invisalign® is really as effective as traditional braces? Visit our webpage to see transforming before and after Invisalign smiles!

Are You Ready To Straighten Your Teeth And Transform Your Smile?

Our doctors at SmilesForever Orthodontics have created thousands of confidant, beautiful smiles over the past thirty years using Traditional Braces and Invisalign®. In our practice, a large number of adults prefer Invisalign® over traditional braces. It’s one of the reasons Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells have achieved being chosen as Preferred Invisalign® Providers. Call our convenient Duluth, Dacula, Flowery Branch or Loganville, GA offices or click here to make an appointment today for your FREE consultation to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign® treatment!


January 4th, 2017

Happy 2017! Can you believe the New Year is already upon us?

It's common for people to make New Year's Resolutions at this time of year as a way to make improvements going forward. The new year is a great time to become a "new you" by adding positive changes to your normal routine.


If you're like our staff at SmilesForever Orthodontics, you've already been busy writing up your lists of New Year's Resolutions aimed at improving your life, or the world around you. And like our staff, you may have started making yourself promises about organizing, healthy eating or exercising yourself to a new you, but have you considered improving your smile with orthodontic treatment? A new smile is an investment in the health of your teeth, gums and bones while aesthetically improving your best feature! Our orthodontists keep up with all advances in orthodontic treatment and technology, making orthodontic treatment more comfortable and progressing as quickly as your teeth will allow. With all of these advances, it's never been easier to achieve a new smile.


Orthodontic treatment is a solution for many dental problems including crooked teeth, crowding and spaces between teeth. Crooked teeth and a bad bite often lead to bone loss, jaw joint pain, headaches and extra wear on tooth enamel. Braces can help to reduce these these risks. Properly aligned teeth are much easier to brush and floss which decreases risks of developing gum disease and tooth decay. Braces aren't just for kids anymore - teeth can be moved at any age. A beautiful, confident smile not only boosts self-esteem it will last a lifetime!


Giving the gift of a new smile will quickly become the best gift you've ever given - to yourself or to a loved one! Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells offer many orthodontic treatment options including traditional metal braces and clear braces with "invisible" arch wires. Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells are also Preferred Invisalign® Providers to give you an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment. Straightening teeth with Invisalign® is a popular choice among our adult patients. Get ready to give the best gift of the New Year and call us today or click here to schedule your FREE consultation!

A Perfect Time To Thank Our Patients

November 22nd, 2016

This coming Thursday brings Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season. What a perfect time to say thank you. And we are so thankful for our wonderful patients! Each and every smile that walks through our doors has become special to us. Each of your smiles have found a warm place within our SmilesForever family.  

As you share and celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday with your families and friends, SmilesForever Orthodontics hopes that it will bring fond memories and finds many ways to make you smile!

Our staff along with Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells thank you for your confidence in sharing your smiles with us and for being part of our SmilesForever family. Through your celebrations and travels, remember our heartfelt wishes for your safe and happy holiday.

Braces-Friendly Cooking

November 8th, 2016

If you’ve had an adjustment appointment near our lunch hour - you KNOW our staff loves food! You’ll hear us deciding where we’ll eat lunch and who’s in the mood for which type of cuisine. One of our staff members is currently wearing braces and that takes some planning so that we can enjoy her company while she enjoys braces-friendly meal options.

Are you wondering why we’re talking about food? We've found an awesome cookbook for us to look at and we just couldn’t wait to share it with you!

The Braces Cookbook, written by Pamela Waterman and Brenda Waterman, has fantastic information on how to rework menus and address eating habits to help avoid breaking brackets.  It offers soft recipes and great tips for meeting the challenges of working around braces and appliances.

Pamela Waterman, author of The Braces Cookbook: Recipes You and Your Orthodontist Will Love says, “Comfort food takes on a whole new meaning when cooking for children with braces. Whether you have new brackets, elastics, headgear, or more, there are great foods you can eat; it just takes some thought.”

At SmilesForever Orthodontics, Drs. Brad Gilbert, Adam Wells and our staff know that kids can be picky eaters. If cooking for children without braces is difficult, preparing meals for children new to braces may seem a bit daunting. Inspired by The Braces Cookbook, we’ve put together some familiar and staff favorite braces-friendly meal tips to help keep your kids smiling!

  • Macaroni and cheese, the ultimate in comfort foods has soft pasta so it’s easy for children with braces to eat. The chances are great that your child already loves this homey classic dish. The warm, gooey cheese melts in the mouth and doesn’t get stuck in the braces. Mashed potatoes are yummy, creamy and warm comfort food too!
  • There are some great tips to cooking braces-friendly meals. The key to braces-friendly cooking is in substituting softer foods for the crunchy items often found in recipes. For example, lasagna or spaghetti would be a better choice than pizza and eating a burrito or quesadilla would be better than a crunchy taco.
  • If you have a hard time getting your child to eat vegetables, a veggie stir-fry is a healthy choice. Though they may try and tell you they can’t eat vegetables with braces - we’re on to that little trick! Cooked vegetables are nice and soft and are easy to eat as you’ll want to avoid preparing raw vegetables since they are too crunchy and hard.
  • Sloppy Joes make a great braces-friendly meal and the meat is a great source of protein. While biting into meat with a bone is never a good idea, our SmilesForever patients can still enjoy chicken and meat, just cut it into smaller pieces. Meatloaf also makes a tasty, soft beef dinner and you can always serve it with those yummy mashed potatoes!
  • For most children, the best part of dinner is the dessert! Hard, sticky and chewy treats should be avoided but thankfully there are so many braces-friendly treats to keep them smiling! Ice cream, yogurt, pudding, cake and cupcakes are just a few examples of yummy desserts they can enjoy.

Need more braces-friendly food ideas? Feel free to ask any member of our team.

October is #NationalOrthodonticHealthMonth

October 10th, 2016

Don't let it be spooky for your teeth and braces! Avoid those hard, crunchy, sticky and chewy treats. Always remember to brush and floss daily to keep that healthy, beautiful smile!

October typically means one thing for children, Halloween and candy. For Drs. Brad Gilbert and Adam Wells, October is a month for embracing a healthy, beautiful smile in honor of National Orthodontic Health Month!

The American Association of Orthodontist has offered five timely tips to protect braces, and other orthodontic appliances while protecting teeth from decay.

  1. Avoid sticky situations with your braces and aligners. Stay away from hard, sticky, crunchy or chewy candy and snacks. These include caramel, gummies, licorice, taffy, bubblegum (even the sugarless kind), jelly beans and soft drinks.
  2. Say “boo” to hard treats – including hard-shelled peanut candies, nuts or nut-filled candies, taco chips and popcorn (especially unpopped kernels). And whether in orthodontic treatment or not, we advise that no one should ever chew ice.
  3. Brush up! Sweets can cause cavities, which means brushing and flossing are more important than ever during the Halloween season. Orthodontic patients should be especially vigilant about brushing and flossing after consuming sugary or starchy foods.
  4. Spooktacular news: Not all Halloween candy is off-limits. Good alternatives include soft chocolates, peanut butter cups or other melt-in-your-mouth varieties. The American Association of Orthodontists even offers orthodontic-friendly recipes for Halloween on its website here.
  5. Make a commitment to oral health. Deciding to avoid hard and chewy sweets before the Halloween season increases your rate of success – and reduces the likelihood that you’ll break braces.

Our doctors and staff at SmilesForever Orthodontics wish all of our patients spooky fun and a safe Halloween!

October 5th, 2016 Is World Teachers' Day!

October 5th, 2016

Every day, Georgia teachers are making a difference educating and inspiring young people across our state. Drs. Brad Gilbert and Adam Wells would like to encourage our patients and parents to join us in recognizing our outstanding teachers. Let's all take a simple moment to let a teacher know what a great job their doing for our children's futures!

World Teachers' Day is an opportunity to acknowledge our teachers and say thanks for the significant contributions they make in our classrooms and communities.

Celebrated in more than 100 countries world-wide, World Teachers' Day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1994 to recognize the role of teachers in society.

Our SmilesForever Orthodontics staff has pledged to each let one teacher today know how appreciated their efforts are!

Back To School Tips

August 22nd, 2016

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Summer is coming to an end which means most of our young patients are already back to school. We at SmilesForever Orthodontics put together a few helpful tips to ease you back into the school routine.

Bring a Travel Kit
You’ll want to keep a travel toothbrush with you as it’s important to brush after meals. Keep floss and floss threaders in your kit to help remove any stubborn food items. Keep your travel kit handy in your backpack, purse or school locker.

Pack Braces-Friendly Meals
At lunchtime eat soft, healthy foods and remember to stay away from any food items that are hard, crunchy, sticky or chewy. Stick to water and avoid the sport drinks and soft drinks.

Keep Your Wax Handy!
You may want to keep extra wax in case your braces or appliances rub against areas in your mouth causing discomfort. If this happens to you, apply your dental wax to the parts of your braces that are irritating you.

Wear an Orthodontic Mouthguard
If you plan to play sports, it’s very important to wear an orthodontic mouthguard, which will prevent damage to your teeth and braces. Mouthguard’s aren't only recommended for contact sports like football, lacrosse and wrestling, but also any sport with the potential for contact such as volleyball, baseball and basketball.

Remember Elastics
Pick up enough elastics for both school and home! Rubber bands align your bite, so not wearing them could make your treatment time longer.

Bring Advil Along With Parental Consent to Your School Nurse
Though Drs. Brad Gilbert, Adam Wells and our clinical assistants treat all of our patients with the utmost care, the actual movement of teeth after an adjustment may cause discomfort. If you have just had a new wire placed, or been prescribed elastics to help align your teeth, you may experience a little discomfort for a day or two. Not all patients are sensitive to minor adjustments but if you are, we certainly don’t want you to be uncomfortable! By planning ahead and taking an unopened bottle of Advil or Tylenol to your school nurse along with parental consent, you’ll be a step ahead of any potential discomfort.

Don’t forget to smile!
Show off your beautiful smile to your friends and family an let your confidence shine through!

Best of Gwinnett 2016 Voting

July 21st, 2016

You can vote simply by clicking the button above!

Our doctors and staff at SmilesForever Orthodontics are excited to announce that it’s time again to vote for us in the Best of Gwinnett 2016! With your confidence and trust in us - we’ve won the Best of Gwinnett award the past 7 years running! We’re not really into popularity contests, and we’re not what you’d call “joiners” by nature. But this list is more than that – it’s a way for us to tell that you appreciate the results of your beautiful, confident smiles and that we are continuing to maintain your trust in us to care for your families and to make our patients happy. That means everything to us. So please cast your vote for SmilesForever Orthodontics in the Health category by clicking the button above and voting for us. We’re sending out a HUGE thank you to everyone who nominated us.

We appreciate each and every vote (and a special thank you to those of you voting every day)!

Follow Us On Social Media!

June 28th, 2016

Happy Tuesday afternoon! Did you know that SmilesForever Orthodontics is everywhere you are online? We love being connected with our patients and our community, so we want to keep you in the know of all the fun we have!

If you haven’t liked us on Facebook, click here. You can see what happens in our office. This summer, our patients are posting their pictures with their orthodontic postcards to enter our summer contest. They’re pretty darn cute!

Now is definitely the time to follow us on Instagram @ www.instagram.com/smilesforeverortho/ to follow along with more of our summer contest photo’s.

You can follow us on Twitter @ www.twitter.com/smilesforeverga and we’re also on Pinterest as www.pinterest.com/smilesforeverga/! You can find boards about braces friendly recipes, dental information, and boards to make you smile, among a few. We are constantly pinning!

To look for our summer contest photo’s on Facebook and Twitter, be sure to search for #smilesforeverortho!

We always love hearing from you, follow us and show us your smile!

What's With The Red Noses?

May 26th, 2016

They're cute, a little quirky and a LOT funny! Drs. Brad Gilbert and Adam Wells along with our entire SmilesForever Orthodontics staff, have come together to have fun and make a difference for children in support of Red Nose Day USA today!

Organized by Comic Relief Inc., Red Nose Day USA is a special day each year for Americans to come together to raise funds, through comedic fun and laughter, to help keep children safe, healthy and free from poverty. The adorable red noses can be purchased at Walgreens and the funds raised from the purchase price go to the Red Nose Day Fund.

Our doctors and staff are excited to participate in this national fundraising event by proudly wearing our red noses today. We know joy and laughter help our patient's smiles bloom with confidence just as pretty, straight teeth do!

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4th, 2016

      Picture courtesy of homeroommom.com

Drs. Brad Gilbert, Adam Wells and Ron Parsons along with our entire SmilesForever Orthodontics staff, send out a big, beautiful THANK YOU to all teachers. Not just this specific week of the year, but all year round. You are heroes to so many and we DO appreciate you.

It's said that teacher's inspire greatness in children and invite them to explore the world around them. They have such an important role in shaping our children. In teaching them curriculum sure, but also and keeping them focused and excited about learning. A teacher's impact can make such a difference and when they spark a child's imagination they instill an eagerness to explore and learn. We all have that one teacher we might remember fondly, or who has become our hero at one time or another. We asked one of our staff members if they had a teacher they still thought of and thought we'd share her response with you.

"Teacher Appreciation Week". Every year, just those three simple words, immediately bring a childhood hero to mind. Second grade...first day of school and all of my favorite school friends were in the "other" class. The nerves were fluttering and I sat down at my desk. The teacher walked in and I thought she looked nice but I wasn't really ready to like her. Again, no friends in my class. The day began like most with Mrs. Frogue asking us about our summer and what we had enjoyed most. When we had all shyly shared our most memorable summer highlights, it was time to find out what our new teacher had done over the summer.

Rather than tell us, she opened the door..and in walked a man in a kilt, playing bag pipes! This was MR. Frogue, our teacher's husband. We found out that wonderful day that Mr. Frogue had been raised in a castle in Scotland. They shared slides of his family castle along with two castles they had visited that summer.

This wasn't just a teacher. My new teacher lived in castles every summer! This was a lady of adventure. A lady who traveled to far away lands and was married to a man in a skirt! I had clearly hit the second grade jackpot getting this teacher.

That year was a magical year of learning for me. Mrs. Frogue had a way of bringing everything to life and celebrating even the smallest acheivements. Mrs. Frogue came to every student's birthday party and brought her husband along in his kilt. She went above and beyond for her enthusiastic second graders and we knew it.

Over the years I visited with Mrs. Frogue quite often. As her students grew, they returned to her for help with math, history, career paths and heartache. She later celebrated our marriages and babies alongside us. And brought her husband, though in later years he didn't wear his kilt. They continued their adventures and visits to castles each summer. Inspiring young minds to creatively explore.

Mrs. Frogue is now living in her forever castle with her husband by her side. I like to imagine he's wearing his kilt and walking into her classroom and she's sharing slides of their adventurous life. Year  after year I look forward to seeing those three special words, "Teacher Appreciation Week", and I celebrate my favorite second grade hero, Mrs. Frogue. I appreciate everything she inspired me to explore.

Thank you for letting me share her with you,

Jaime L.


March 16th, 2016

Have you always wondered WHY St. Patrick’s Day is held on the 17th of March? Drs. Brad Gilbert and Adam Wells have the answer along with other fun facts to share with you!

1.  WHY MARCH 17? March 17 is the anniversary date of Saint Patrick’s death. 

2.  WHO WAS ST. PATRICK?  His real name was Maewyn Succat. He changed his name to Patricius after becoming a priest and is most well known for his extensive missionary work in Ireland. During his thirty years of work there, it is thought that he converted over 135,000 people to Christianity, established 300 churches, and consecrated 350 bishops. He died on March 17, 461. 

3.  WHY ISN'T THERE ANY CORN IN THAT CORNED BEEF? Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional Saint Patrick’s Day meal. And no, it doesn’t have any grains of corn in the recipe! Instead, the name comes from the large grains of salt that were historically used to cure meats.  These large salt grains were also known as “corns.” 

4.  WHAT’S THAT CATCHY IRISH PHRASE? You can’t attend a Saint Patrick’s Day event without hearing a cry of “Erin go Bragh.” What’s the phrase mean? It’s a translation of the Irish Éirinn go Brách, which means “Ireland Forever.” 

5.  WHY DO WE ONLY SEE MALE LEPRECHAUNS? In traditional Irish folk tales, there aren’t any female leprechauns, only smartly dressed tiny guys wearing green. 

6.  WHY DO WE DECORATE WITH SHAMROCKS? Wondering how the shamrock become associated with Saint Patrick? According to Irish legend, when St. Patrick was first introducing Christianity to Ireland, he used the three leafed plant as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity.

 7.  HOW MANY U.S. RESIDENTS HAVE IRISH ANCESTORY? Over 37.5 MILLION! There are seven times more people in the U.S. with Irish ancestors than in the whole population of Ireland.

8.  90 % OF AMERICANS celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and 82.2% by wearing green. The color green represents the vast green fields of Ireland.

9. THE VERY FIRST ST. PATRICK’S DAY PARADE WAS NOT IN IRELAND. It was held in Boston in 1737 by Irish immigrants who were observing the holiday

10. HOW DO LEPRECHAUNS GET ALL THAT GOLD?Another little-known fact from Irish lore: Leprechauns earned that gold they’re guarding. According to legend, leprechauns spend their days making and mending shoes. It’s hard work, so you can’t blame them for being territorial about their pots of gold”.

For one day out of the year anyone can be Irish and join in the celebration - if you remember to wear GREEN! SmilesForever Orthodontics hope you’ve enjoyed these fun little St. Patrick’s Day facts. We sure have lots of patients choosing green ties for there braces this month!

The American Association of Orthodontics Recommends Treatment For Adults, When Appropriate, In Conjunction With Regular Dental Car

March 8th, 2016

Often times, we’ll visit the dentist or orthodontist and see the pictures focusing on possible orthodontic problems to watch for in growing children.

But what if your general dentist has just recommended that you, as an adult, see an orthodontist? And why is the correction of Orthodontic Problems in Adults Important?

Orthodontics -

• Can help prevent or improve periodontal problems

• Can help prevent or reduce further bone loss around teeth

• Improves ability of the dentist to restore missing teeth

• Improves aesthetics for a better smile and facial appearance

• Improves function of teeth

• Improves self-confidence and self-esteem

• Improves oral health

Here, the American Association of Orthodontics has put together some pictures to visually help us see possible problems to watch for in adults:

SmilesForever Orthodontics treats many adults. With options like ceramic braces and tooth colored arch wires, braces are lower profile than ever. We are also a Preferred Invisalign Provider for those candidates that choose a completely clear option.

Along with your regular dentist, our orthodontists, Drs. Brad Gilbert and Adam Wells are ready to help you achieve your BEST smile. A healthy, functional, GORGEOUS smile that will last a lifetime!


Inclement Weather

February 15th, 2016


[caption id="attachment_852" align="aligncenter" width="358"] Snow is just another reason for us to smile at                                 SmilesForever Orthodontics![/caption]

Our SmilesForever Orthodontics patients are our number one priority. We know how valuable your time is and how important your timely adjustments are to finishing your treatment "on time". Georgia weather has been a bit frosty of late and SmilesForever Orthodontics wants to remind our patients that we care about you and have a plan in place for inclement weather. Just in case Mother Nature throws us a snowball!

We all know the weather may be unpredictable.  Our doctors, Brad Gilbert and Adam Wells along with our staff want to assure you that we always make every effort to stay open to ensure that you are able to keep your regularly scheduled adjustment. Our ultimate goal is to keep you healthy and safe! Should inclement weather necessitate our office closing, you will find up to date information posted here https://www.facebook.com/SmilesForeverOrthodontics on our FaceBook page.

If SmilesForever Orthodontics closes due to unsafe weather conditions - don't let that turn your smile upside down! We'll call you as soon as the roads are clear and we are back in the office to happily help you reschedule any missed adjustment appointment!


Celebrating in Style!

December 21st, 2015

With a casino themed night, our staff at SmilesForever Orthodontics gathered for our annual staff Christmas Party this past Friday.

Always up for a good excuse to get together with our work family, we dressed up and brought along our spouses. Drs. Brad Gilbert and Adam Wells sure kicked off the start of our party in style...wearing tuxedos and handsome smiles!

Along with delicious food, fun games and great music, we all had a great time celebrating the start to the holiday season together. Of course, we ate far too much and now you know what our first New Year's resolutions will be! How are you celebrating the start to the holiday season? We'd really love to hear!

However you celebrate, wherever you gather, Drs. Brad Gilbert, Adam Wells and our entire SmilesForever Orthodontic staff wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season!

A New Year Often Means New Insurance Updates

December 16th, 2015

As the close of the 2015 year approaches, we ask that our patients be aware of any insurance or EFT changes that may need updating in the 2016 coming year.

At SmilesForever Orthodontics, our team of insurance specialists take pride in our abilities to file claims on our patients behalf. Ferreting out every possible savings for you is our goal! To make our efforts as seamless as possible for you, we simply ask that you please call or bring any updates or changes to our attention as soon as possible.

What better way to bring in the New Year than with SAVINGS!

A Season Of Thanksgiving

November 23rd, 2015

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is knocking at our door! Our entire staff at SmilesForever Orthodontics wanted to stop for a moment and extend our best wishes to you, our patients, referring doctors and families, for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We know you'll be sharing your smiles while pie baking, turkey roasting, parade watching, football cheering, movie going and so many more fun Thanksgiving traditions.

SmilesForever Orthodontics hopes that this Thanksgiving and holiday season brings fond memories. Our staff along with Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and Dr. Ron Parsons thank you for your confidence in us and for being part of our SmilesForever family. Through your celebrations, remember our heartfelt wishes for your safe and happy holiday.


Open Enrollment Time for Insurance

October 26th, 2015

Fall is "Open Enrollment" time for many Employer's in Georgia. With many companies offering a benefit for orthodontic expenses, it's a great time to plan for orthodontics. Most orthodontic benefits are the same whether you choose an orthodontist "in" or "out" of network. Orthodontic coverage is typically a lifetime benefit that will be paid regardless of network. SmilesForever Orthodontics is able to accept most valid forms of dental insurance, and will work closely with you obtaining your orthodontic benefits, and to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit available through your plan. Even if our practice is not on your insurance company's "List", it does not mean you cannot choose us to be your orthodontic provider. We are able to accept most valid forms of dental insurance, and will work closely with you in obtaining your benefits, and ensure you receive the maximum benefit available through your plan.

On our SmilesForever Orthodontics staff, our insurance specialists have the experience to ensure that you are taken care of. We even take care of the paperwork for you! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your insurance coverage, and also check into your benefit for you. Often our specialists are able to surprise our patients and parents by finding maximum benefits they are not aware of. Our insurance team have a lot of experience with planning and using your Flexible Spending accounts to cover orthodontics as well.


SmilesForever Orthodontics Halloween Treats!

October 20th, 2015

Halloween is just around the corner! At SmilesForever Orthodontics, Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells, Dr. Ron Parsons and their team, love getting ready for the holidays. As one of the most popular holidays of the year quickly approaches, we would love to share with you some great braces friendly recipes that your little ghouls and goblins are sure to enjoy!

Visit our Pinterest page and check out our "Ghoulishly Delicious Treats!" board for amazing Halloween recipes!

A fantastic guideline when choosing Halloween treats with braces, is to avoid treats that are hard, crunchy, sticky or chewy. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on foods which you will want to avoid with your braces and appliances. Our informed and helpful team members are always happy to assist you!

October is National Orthodontic Health Month!

October 12th, 2015

Here at SmilesForever Orthodontics, we are smiling because October is National Orthodontic Health Month! We love this time of the year because it gives us a chance to educate the Gwinnett, Hall, Fulton and Walton County, GA area's about the importance of seeing an orthodontist.

We know, it's a bit interesting that National Orthodontic Health Month falls into the same month as Halloween. Dr. Wells and Dr. Gilbert didn't plan it that way, but it sure is a great reminder to our braces and appliance wearing patients. They'll need to avoid the hard, crunchy, sticky and chewy treats. If you're looking for some Ghoulishly Delicious  braces-friendly recipes check out our Pinterest Board!

Orthodontics for Children

It's best for the orthodontist to see children by age 7 to advise if orthodontic treatment is required and when the best time for that patient to be treated is. The first permanent molars and incisors have usually come in by that time and crossbites, crowding, and other problems can be evaluated. When treatment is begun early, the orthodontist can guide the growth of the jaw and guide incoming permanent teeth. Early treatment can also regulate the width of the upper and lower dental arches, gain space for permanent teeth, often avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions, reduce likelihood of impacted permanent teeth, correct thumb-sucking, and eliminate abnormal swallowing or speech problems. In other words, early treatment can simplify later treatment.

Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile. One of every five patients in orthodontic treatment is over 21. Jaw surgery is more often required for adult orthodontic patients because their jaws are not growing. Adults also may have experienced some breakdown or loss of their teeth and bone that supports the teeth and may require periodontal treatment before, during, and/or after orthodontic treatment. Bone loss can also limit the amount and direction of tooth movement that is advisable.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We want to acknowledge that we share this month with Breast Cancer Awareness. Being aware of your overall health is extremely important and just as important as your dental health. We want to remind both men and women to take control of this disease by doing your best to be aware, educate those around you, and get checked out! Getting a head start on this fight saves lives!


Falling into the Festival Spirit!

August 24th, 2015

schools are back in session and as the leaves begin to turn, we at SmilesForever Orthodontics are looking forward to the crisp air and all the colors of autumn! Labor day is just two weeks away and the fall season will quickly follow. Cooler temperatures, pumpkins, costumes and festivities are sure to abound and we can't wait!

There's nothing quite like the family fun and food that can be found at fall festivals in the south. Remember to choose braces friendly food items! This coming fall our staff along with Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells are planning to attend some exciting area festivals and we're hoping you'll join us! We wanted to let you know early, which festivals to find us at so that you can plan to bring the kids and stop by our booth for great information on braces, fun give-aways and to spin our awesome prize wheel!

You'll see our booths in Hall County at the Reunion Country Club Fall Festival September 26th and at the Flowery Branch Fall Festival October 3rd. We'll also see you in Walton County at the Autumn Heritage Festival October 17th. Stop by and let us fall in love with your smiles!

A New School Year Is Right Around The Corner

August 5th, 2015

It’s hard to believe that school is starting soon! If your kids are on their way to school this year with braces and/or appliances, please remember to pack them with the necessities needed to ensure a braces-friendly day of school.  As always, we’ve prepared some tips!

1) Keep Up Your Cleaning Routine – The only way to ensure that teeth will remain healthy and beautiful is to follow a good cleaning routine. You should be brushing after each meal. This will remove any food on and around your braces and help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Wells and Dr. Parsons say that regular cleanings at your dentist office are important as well.

Make sure your child has:

* an extra toothbrush

* floss & floss threader

* toothpaste

* wax

* retainer or appliance case  

 2) Visit SmilesForever Orthodontics – If you have already begun treatment, make sure you stop into one of our Duluth, Dacula, Flowery Branch or Loganville, GA offices so we may check on your progress before the year begins. This is also a great time to do your back to school shopping. Your smile is your BEST accessory and your braces colors can be coordinated with your new wardrobe! As extra curricular activities start back up, along with the new school year, it's a good idea to plan your orthodontic appointments ahead. With our four locations, most appointments can be scheduled around your activities quite easily.

3) Learn More About Your Options – If you have not yet started treatment with SmilesForever Orthodontics, now is the time. Contact our office to schedule your first appointment. Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Wells or Dr. Parsons will discuss with you the different options available to you. These include both traditional metal braces and Invisalign systems. The SmilesForever Orthodontics team will then help you to formulate a treatment plan that fits your cosmetic goals, lifestyle, and budget.

The start of a new school year in Georgia is also the start of a new you. Brighten up your life by finally achieving a perfect smile, with help from SmilesForever Orthodontics. Contact us to learn more about your treatment options.

Not Just About Braces

July 21st, 2015

At SmilesForever Orthodontics, we aren't just concerned with straightening your teeth and giving you the confident, beautiful smile you've always wanted. We are also committed to improving the oral health and the well-being of all our patients. Our orthodontists, Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells, and Dr. Ron Parsons, along with our SmilesForever team, strive to serve our patients by educating them about their treatments, as well as making them feel as comfortable as possible during their initial consultations up until the day they complete their orthodontic treatment!

We want our patients to be comfortable taking care of their braces. The more capability our patients have taking care of their braces in between visits, the likelihood greatly increases that they will complete their treatment successfully. We want you to know that we are always here for you and your family. If you should ever have any questions about your orthodontic treatment, whether it's during your adjustment appointment or after hours, we welcome the opportunity to help.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call at our Duluth, Dacula, Flowery Branch or Loganville, GA offices or ask us any questions you may have on our Facebook page. We can't wait to hear from you!

Six Great Reasons to Visit Our Practice!

July 20th, 2015

We've heard all the reasons why folks put off scheduling an orthodontic consultation: vacations, child hasn't lost all their baby teeth yet, busy schedules, not quite ready to begin treatment, financial concerns, etc.

 1     2    3     4     5     6  . . .

Here are SIX reasons why you shouldn't delay another day to make an appointment for yourself or your child with SmilesForever Orthodontics.

1. Patients First - Our SmilesForever patients are our first priority. Our orthodontic team is always happy to see you and are here to make sure that you are comfortable during your visit and that we answer any concerns you might have. Whether visiting our office for a first time consultation, keeping a regularly scheduled appointment, dropping in for some extra elastics, to share your homecoming pictures or needing assistance with insurance, we care!
2. Scheduling - Summertime and school holiday's are the perfect time to begin orthodontic treatment, because your child doesn't have to miss school, especially for those longer appointments needed at the start of treatment. With four convenient locations, scheduling appointments around work, school and sports is really quite easy at SmilesForever. Though the school year is almost upon us, we have summer appointments still available and are able to help you schedule around the school calendar too!

[caption id="attachment_662" align="aligncenter" width="267"] What exciting thing did Hailey L. do this summer? She got braces! Congratulations Hailey, you look BEAUTIFUL![/caption]

3. Early Diagnosis - The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children receive an orthodontic consultation as early as age seven. Many times, early interceptive treatment at SmilesForever Orthodontics can dramatically improve the alignment of your child's jaws and teeth. Often, baby teeth need to be extracted in order to allow the permanent teeth to erupt, and timing is everything. During growth there is a window of opportunity when an orthodontic appliance can change the direction of jaw growth and dramatically improve your child's case. Once this time has passed, the correction becomes harder and may involve extraction of teeth.
4. Financial Concerns -  Our consultations are complimentary. We also offer several flexible payment plans which can be extended over your or your child's treatment time. That's something to smile about!
5. We’re Fun! - Our orthodontists and staff love to celebrate and have fun! At SmilesForever, we always have something exciting going on with contests, sports themed days, surprise visits from the Kona Ice Truck and our fun-loving mascot, Bucky!
6. A Lifetime of Award Winning Smiles -  SmilesForever Orthodontics has been voted Georgia's "Best of Gwinnett" for six years straight, with well over 35 years of unprecedented experience and results in creating beautiful smiles! Our orthodontists, Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and Dr. Ron Parsons take pride in helping our patients achieve confidence in knowing they are putting their very best smiles forward. Why wait when you can enjoy the many benefits of a beautiful and functional smile now? The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be showing everyone your gorgeous, forever smile!

Give us a call at any of our four convenient SmilesForever Orthodontics locations in Duluth, Dacula, Flowery Branch and Loganville, GA to book your initial consultation today!

Independence Day!

July 4th, 2015

Kona Ice is Coming to Dacula!

June 17th, 2015

We're counting down the days and as summer temperatures continue to rise, the Kona Ice Truck couldn't be coming to SmilesForever at a better time! Mark your calendars and get ready to show off your COOL smiles with SmilesForever Orthodontics and the Kona Ice Truck!

Come join us at our Dacula office on

June 25th from 12:00 - 2:00!

We're ready to show our appreciation for our AMAZING patients and beat the heat with this tasty treat!

Kona Ice Truck at SmilesForever!

May 28th, 2015

We are so excited to bring the Kona Ice Truck back to SmilesForever Orthodontics this summer! Such a "cool" way to show our appreciation for our AMAZING patients!

Mark your calendars and plan to beat the summer heat. Come out and  join us for a Kona Ice treat! 12:00 noon until 2:00 p.m.:

June 25th in Dacula

July 23rd in Flowery Branch

July 30th in Duluth

Share Your Smile and WIN!

May 20th, 2015

We're kicking summer off with TWO great opportunities to WIN BIG!


[caption id="attachment_577" align="aligncenter" width="233"] Share A Smile and Refer A Friend![/caption]

Go ahead - SHARE THAT GORGEOUS SMILE! Refer a friend to our office. For every new patient that simply comes in for their FREE consultation exam this summer, you'll get an entry in our newest SmilesForever Orthodontics contest! It really is that simple to try and win one of our two $250 Apple Gift Cards! The drawing for the first $250 Apple Gift Card will be held at the end of June and the second drawing when school starts.

Your smiles make us so proud and your referrals are our greatest compliment! Thank you for trusting us with your smiles and good luck in the contest!

Thank You for Making Our Open House Such A Success!

May 20th, 2015

[caption id="attachment_570" align="aligncenter" width="300"] ~ SmilesForever Orthodontics ~
Bringing SMILES & BRACES to Loganville![/caption]

A huge THANK YOU to all who were able to come out to our Open House on May 9th to help celebrate the opening of our Loganville office and help to make it such a success!

We had an amazing event at our SmilesForever Orthodontics Open House. It was exciting to see many familiar patients and to greet our awesome future patients, nearby neighbors and businesses of the Walton County community. Thank you for joining us in a fun-filled family day.

It was a great opportunity for all of us to enjoy the beautiful weather during the celebration with the ice cream truck, safari petting zoo, prize wheel, giveaways and FREE food donated by Chick-fil-A. We're anxious to draw names for the numerous raffle baskets. We'll be calling you soon if you've won a basket - we're as excited as you to find out who wins!

Encouraged from the positive feedback of the nearly 200 attendees, we are looking forward to providing even more fun events in the future.

Again, Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and Dr. Ron Parsons along with the entire Smiles Forever Orthodontics team would like to thank those of you who attended! For those who were not available May 9th, we hope to see you at one of our summer celebrations in the near future!


May 7th, 2015

Celebrating our newest SmilesForever Orthodontics location in Loganville, GA on May 1, 2015 with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

[caption id="attachment_532" align="aligncenter" width="300"] SmilesForever Orthodontics Grand Opening                              in Loganville, GA.[/caption]

Our orthodontists, Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells, along with our staff and patients from SmilesForever Orthodontics were delighted to welcome Walton County Council and Chamber members along with Mayor Dan Curry, to help us celebrate the Grand Opening of our Loganville office on May 1st.

We are so thrilled with the warm welcome we are receiving from Loganville, Monroe, Grayson and surrounding communities. Bringing over 25 years of quality orthodontics and care to Gwinnett and Hall counties, we are so excited to now help create beautiful, lasting smiles in Walton County!

What is a Palatal Expander?

March 19th, 2015

If Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our team at SmilesForever Orthodontics have recommended a palatal expander, you might be wondering what it is and how it will help you. A palatal expander is a small appliance fitted in your mouth to create a wider space in the upper jaw. It is often used when there is a problem with overcrowding of the teeth or when the upper and lower molars don’t fit together correctly. While it is most commonly used in children, some teens and adults may also need a palatal expander.

Reasons to get a palatal expander

There are several reasons palatal expander might be recommended to you for treatment:

  • When there is insufficient room for permanent teeth currently erupting
  • When there is insufficient space for permanent teeth still developing which might need extraction in the future without expansion of the upper jaw
  • When there is either a front or a back crossbite with a narrow upper arch

How long will you need the palatal expander?

On average, patients have the palatal expander for four to seven months, although this is based on the individual and the amount of correction needed. Several months are needed to allow the bone to form and move to the desired width. It is not removable during expansion and stabilization treatment and must remain in the mouth for the entire time.

Does it prevent the necessity for braces?

The palatal expander doesn’t necessarily remove the need for braces in the future, but it can in some cases. Some people only need braces because of overcrowding of the teeth or because of a crossbite, which a palatal expander can help correct during childhood, when teeth are just beginning to erupt. However, others may need braces if, once all their permanent teeth come in, they have grown in crookedly or with additional spaces between.

If you think your child could benefit from a palatal expander, or want to learn about your own orthodontic treatment options, please feel free to contact any of our Duluth, Dacula, Flowery Branch or Loganville, GA offices! You are always welcome to view our website and FaceBook pages to learn more about orthodontic treatment and our exciting office. 

Please visit us at www.smilesforever.com, and www.facebook.com/SmilesForeverOrthodontics 

SmilesForever Orthodontics on the Run at Dawn!

March 9th, 2015

This past Saturday, March 7th the energetic staff from SmilesForever Orthodontics met in the Old 4th Ward in Atlanta at 7 a.m. Why head into Atlanta so early on a Saturday? To participate in the Annual DDD Foundation’s Dental Dash at Dawn 5K Run/Walk.

The DDD Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit organization committed to offering accessible, comprehensive dental treatment to patients with developmental disabilities and we are proud to help them in raising funds and awareness.

This is SmilesForever’s 2nd year of participating. Some of us ran to challenge ourselves (and to keep up with our children!) and others chose to walk and enjoy visiting with friends we met through the 5K last year. It was a great day for a great cause - maybe we’ll see you there next year!

Loganville Open House

March 4th, 2015


The roof is on, the drywall is up and the paint is rolling on!

We are thrilled to announce SmilesForever Orthodontics will begin greeting patients at our newest location - 2101 Baker Carter Drive - Loganville, GA 30043 this May, 2015 and we wanted our patients to be the first to know!

Our newest location joins our SmilesForever Orthodontics practice in May and we're thrilled to host our first Open House on May 9th, 2015. We're so excited to help create beautiful smiles in our new Loganville, GA neighborhood and we'd love to see your smile at our Open House!

Please bring your friends and families out and join our celebration. We have a fun day planned with great prizes and giveaways, a safari animal zoo, tons of family fun and FREE food! We can't wait to see you there!


Watch Us Grow!

February 12th, 2015

2101 Baker Carter Drive ~ Loganville, GA ~ 30052

(770) 963-3963

We have been tickled pink, receiving calls from both new and established SmilesForever Orthodontics patients about our Loganville office! We're pleased to announce that the construction of our newest location in Loganville, GA is progressing right on schedule. The excitement is building - and we are looking forward to greeting smiles here this MAY 2015!

Call us today, and you can now schedule your upcoming appointments with Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells in our new Loganville location as well as our Duluth, Dacula and Flowery Branch, GA locations. Whether you are considering a beautiful new smile, or are already part of our SmilesForever Orthodontic family, we look forward to seeing your smiles soon!

We LOVE Healthy Smiles!

February 12th, 2015

Valentine’s Day almost here, and all that candy making its rounds this month, it’s once again time to remind all our patients to be extra careful when choosing those candies and treats!

All those sweet, sour and sticky candies may taste great, but these treats are known to damage teeth, as well as braces! Sour and fruity candy, such as Starburst, Gummies, and Skittles, are the worst for your teeth since these candies have a low pH value, which is known to ruin enamel. This can cause tooth decay and cavities!

Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells recommend softer treats, such as soft chocolate or peanut butter cups, or melt-in-your-mouth foods. Those who indulge should make sure they brush and floss between teeth, around brackets and at the gum line.

Wishing you a Sweet & Happy Valentine’s Day from SmilesForever Orthodontics!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

February 2nd, 2015

Each February, The American Dental Association sponsors National Children’s Dental Health Month.

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research informs us that tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children.

Why is this alarming? The fact is - tooth decay in children is almost entirely preventable! Practicing good oral hygiene such as brushing thoroughly with a fluoride toothpaste is an effective and safe preventative measure to protect teeth and help keep children from getting cavities. In addition to children brushing with fluoride toothpaste, dental sealants and community water fluoridation are two additional strategies that may help prevent tooth decay.

By educating children about good brushing habits and healthy food choices, we are helping eliminate dental anxieties as an adult and getting them started on the right path to a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Our doctors and team at SmilesForever Orthodontics are proactive in instructing our pediatric patients in  caring for their dental health! Whether in an appliance or on a recall (not-quite-ready-for-orthodontic-treatment) patient basis, we look for overall gingival and tooth health at each appointment. We take pride in our abilities to educate our patients and to help them produce healthy, happy smiles!

When should your child first see the dentist? The answer might be earlier than you think! The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that a child go to the dentist by age 1 or within six months after the first tooth erupts.

Why your child should visit an orthodontist by age seven?
Even though most people think of preteens and teens when thinking of orthodontics, there are many good reasons your child should visit SmilesForever Orthodontics for a complimentary orthodontic evaluation much sooner.

Early treatment may give Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells the chance to:

  • Guide jaw growth
  • Correct harmful oral habits
  • Improve the health and function of your child’s bite
  • Improve appearance
  • Lower the risk of trauma to protruded front teeth

Through an early orthodontic evaluation, you’ll be giving your child their best opportunity for a healthy, beautiful smile!

How Does Invisalign® Work?

January 30th, 2015


Consider Invisalign® to get the beautiful straight teeth you've always wanted — without braces. A consultation with Dr. Brad Gilbert or Dr. Adam Wells at SmilesForever Orthodontics can determine if Invisalign® is right for you.

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® uses a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you're wearing. So, you can smile more during treatment as well as after. Invisalign® is made with 3D computer imaging technology and has been proven effective. Our orthodontists at SmilesForever Orthodontics are certified to treat with Invisalign®.

Why would I want Invisalign®?

Not only are the aligners invisible, they are removable, so you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment. Plus, brushing and flossing are no problem. They are also comfortable, with no metal that may cause mouth abrasions during treatment. And straightening teeth with no metal or wires usually means you spend less time at the orthodontist's office having adjustments.

How does Invisalign® work?

You wear each set of aligners for about two weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush, and floss. As you replace each aligner with the next in the series, your teeth will move — week by week — until they have straightened to the final position your doctor has prescribed. You'll visit our practice about once every six weeks to ensure that your treatment is progressing as planned. You can read more about Invisalign® here.

How do I start?

Schedule a complimentary appointment with our SmilesForever orthodontists, at any of our Duluth, GA - Dacula, GA - Flowery Branch, GA or Loganville, GA locations. Call today and the start to a new you, with a brand new smile can be just around the corner!

Orthodontic Options for Adults

January 19th, 2015

It's never too late to perfect your smile -- just ask the increasing number of adults flocking to the orthodontist!


Thinking about getting braces? Experts like Dr. Parsons, Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells with SmilesForever Orthodontics say it's never too late! These days, adults are making up nearly half of all orthodontic patients hoping to finally perfect the smile they've been dreaming of.

Just hearing the word "braces" may take many of us back to thoughts of junior high or high school. Well you can breathe easy now as braces have evolved considerably in the last 10 - 15 years. The days of being a true "metal mouth" are a thing of the past as more lightweight and cosmetically friendly options are available. Despite the common assumption that braces are just for children, many adults are choosing to pursue orthodontics to correct their smiles.

Braces for Adults

Perhaps you never had braces as a child and you are embarrassed of your smile, or crooked teeth. You may have gone through orthodontics in younger years, but not worn your retainers, resulting in shifting teeth and your teeth. Whatever your personal history, wearing braces in adulthood is an excellent way to create the straight, beautiful smile you have always wanted and deserve.

Benefits of Treatment

There are many ways in which adults can benefit from braces, which include:

  • Aligning the teeth to create a more beautiful and aesthetic smile
  • Improving the ability to brush and to floss. This is especially helpful for overcrowded front teeth
  • Correcting relapses of previous orthodontics due to lack of long term retainer wear
  • Creating. More comfortable bite and ability to chew
  • Addressing missing teeth
  • To reduce excessive wear on the teeth due to grinding or a poor bite
  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Jaw surgery which corrects discrepancies between the upper and lower jaws

What Are Your Options?

With the numerous recent advances in orthodontic medicine, there are many options available for adults who need braces. The brackets are MUCH smaller and more comfortable.

The basic, traditional option are metal braces, and often the least expensive choice.

For the professional or the adult who prefers not to have a "mouth full of metal", clear ceramic braces may be the preferred choice for adults.

Another option for adults who need braces is a clear aligned treatment, such as Invisalign. This system works in a different way from the traditional metal or clear ceramic braces with the process of applying and wearing a series of clear, retainer-like aligned.

Whatever your motivation to straighten your teeth, changing your smile is one of the most rewarding, positive steps you'll make to change your life!

New Year, New Smiles

January 14th, 2015

Nothing is better than welcoming in a New Year with familiar smiles and new - now that's something to smile about! Our doctors and staff at SmilesForever Orthodontics are ringing in the New Year with huge smiles and would like to wish our patients and their families a happy and healthy New Year!

Our SmilesForever Orthodontics New Year's resolution is to help our patients to achieve their best possible smiles. Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Wells and Dr. Parsons along with our staff are thrilled to celebrate your smiles with you! Whether our patients have just completed their treatment and are ready for retainers or just beginning their journey with braces, we know you'll love your smiles forever!

A few of our staff members are sharing their personal New Year's resolutions ~

  • Stacey and her husband are planning to have a weekly date night.
  • Darci's resolution is to increase her organization at home.
  • Jessi and her husband are planning to tackle some home improvement projects and if they can create some spare time - to travel more!
  • Sei-Ondra is going to endure each day of this year with grace!
  • Kelsey is busy planning her wedding this year and is excited to concentrate on making church a lifetime priority and not just a yearly resolution.
  • Elise has committed to work toward saving money this year.
  • Carissa's resolution is to lead and live a healthier lifestyle and to motivate her husband to do the same!

We've been enjoying hearing our patient's resolutions as well! Everything from reading more, doing homework on time, helping with chores, to not picking on siblings "as much" and to wearing their rubber bands as instructed!

Whatever resolutions you've decided upon, remember to share your new smile while achieving them in 2015!

Season's Greetings from SmilesForever!

December 29th, 2014

Happy Holidays from Smiles Forever Orthodontics!

December 22nd, 2014



The Smiles Forever Orthodontics team wishes you the happiest of holidays!

Smiles Forever Orthodontics in Loganville!

December 18th, 2014

Our doctors and staff at Smiles Forever Orthodontics are thrilled to announce that we have broken ground on our new office in Loganville, GA!

We’re excited to be bringing beautiful smiles to our Walton County patients this Spring 2015.

We will be posting pictures and blogs for you to share in the excitement as our office grows from the ground up!  If you live toward the newest Smiles Forever Orthodontics office in Loganville, GA, join us in watching our smiles grow at 3690 Georgia Highway 81. We’re located one block south of Highway 78 on Highway 81 at Baker-Carter Road.

Saturday Appointments

December 12th, 2014

Is Smiles Forever Orthodontics open on Saturdays?"


 Our doctors and staff appreciate how busy the typical Monday through Friday week can get. Work, school and sports all play an important in our lives. Often times, trying to schedule around these events can take quite a juggling act.

In order to accommodate our Smiles Forever patients, we are happy to help you schedule Saturday orthodontic appointments. We knew that would make you smile!

Give us a call at any of our Dacula, GA, Duluth, GA, or Flowery Branch, GA, locations to schedule your next Saturday appointment, when it’s most convenient for your busy week.

Dacula - (678) 318-3180

Duluth - (770) 963-3963

Flowery Branch - (678) 960-2600

Thankful Thoughts from a Few Of Our Smiles Forever Orthodontics Staff and Patients

November 26th, 2014


Our patients and staff have been discussing what they are thankful for in our Dacula office today. We wanted to share some of their thoughts with you!


Ansley: “That I only had to get one separator (placed) today.”

Jake: “My teeth (haven’t moved) since my retainer broke two days ago."

Michael: “Our new puppy."

Hannah: “Getting to come here for my braces.” (A staff favorite)



Dr. Gilbert - “All my patients that are doing such a great job wearing their retainers!”

Darci: “I’m thankful for my work family, as well as my two awesome sons! I’m also thankful for getting to take part in bringing self confidence to our patients as their smiles are transformed!”

Elise: "I’m thankful to get up every day and come to a job that I absolutely love!”

Brooke: “I’m thankful for this awesome group of girls (and Cody) that I get to work with every day, my amazing husband and two boys, and for my wonderful family that lives close by.”'

Liza: “For my wonderful co-workers. My work environment is a joy every day. We have the BEST patients! As always, my amazing family and my health.”

Cody: “I’m thankful for all of the love I receive from my fellow co-workers. Also, the amounts of motherly advice they feel free to impart daily.”

Brittany: "I’m thankful for my new husband, my family, good health, and our sweet doggies!”

Cretia: “My wonderful family!”

Beth: “I’m so thankful for being able to be a part of this great work family for the past 25 years! Also, having the opportunity to mentor Elise in the lab. I’m thankfully blessed with the best children and grandchildren!”


A Season of Thanksgiving

November 25th, 2014


Fall season brings feelings of warmth and gives us so much to be thankful for. Many of our new patients have just begun to fall in love with their smiles, while our recent graduates have fallen head over heals!

Congratulations to Hannah and Grace on getting your braces off! We can see why they love their smiles, we've fallen in love with them too!

Our doctors and staff at Smiles Forever Orthodontics appreciate our patients and their families. We are thankful for your continued confidence in entrusting us with helping to create your beautiful smiles. It is truly the biggest compliment you can give us!

Dr. Parson, Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells, along with our entire staff at Smiles Forever would like to wish you all a heartfelt and wonderful Thanksgiving season!

Dr. Brad Gilbert & Dr. Adam Wells in the "Hot Seat"

November 20th, 2014

Our Smiles Forever orthodontic patients in Duluth, Dacula and Flowery Branch frequently ask us for fun information about their two favorite orthodontists. Though you can check out their posted bio's on our website at www.smilesforever.com, we put both of our orthodontists in the hot seat to answer a few fun questions to share with you!

Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells get along so well, we really shouldn't be surprised at how similar some of their answers were!

In answer to our questions, we learned that they have both straightened their teeth. Dr. Gilbert straightened with Invisalign ® (Yes, while in practice at Smiles Forever!), and Dr. Wells perfected his smile while in dental school with traditional braces.

Their favorite part of being orthodontists is the day the braces come off and being able to see the transformation of our patient's smiles. That new smile bringing such excitement and confidence is very rewarding to both of them.

Not too surprising is that the one thing that frightens each of them are the potential of crooked teeth from not wearing retainers. We pressed that answer a bit further and discovered that they are both very diligent in wearing their retainers!

If either of them were to be an animal, they both would have chosen to be eagles. Dr. Gilbert would like to be able to fly. Dr. Wells thought it would be great to be able to travel and to see everything from above.

When asked if they could travel anywhere in the world, they both responded with Italy, and Dr. Gilbert would love to see the Roman Ruins.

A few more fun pieces of information that we learned is that Dr. Gilbert's favorite color is white. Hmmm...he must be picturing pearly white teeth! He chose to pursue the field of orthodontics while in his third year of dental school. Georgia is Dr. Gilbert's home state and you can almost always find him on a golf course in his spare time.

Dr. Wells and his family have recently moved to our lovely state of Georgia. They have been having so much fun exploring and experiencing and he has already found a few restaurants to frequent. Two that have made it toward the top of the list for Dr. Wells are Luciano's and JCT Kitchen. Having moved to Georgia from sunny, Southern California, he has been enjoying our close proximity to the mountains, the abundance of lakes and the friendliness of the people!

If any of you know of any terrific golf courses for Dr. Gilbert or fun restaurants for Dr. Wells to try in our Smiles Forever neighborhoods of Duluth, Dacula and Flowery Branch, be sure to let them know!

Avoiding Delays in Treatment

November 14th, 2014

Am I going to get my braces off on time?  This is a very common question among orthodontic patients.

Our Smiles Forever patients often ask us what they can do in between their adjustment visits to help them avoid delays in their treatment. Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Wells and our staff thought we would provide some tips on how you can stay on track in regards to   your treatment plan.

The first important step in avoiding delays in your treatment is to keep your adjustment appointments. Each orthodontic visit has been carefully planned to move your teeth in a specific way within a certain time frame. Missing an appointment can often add weeks or months to your treatment time.

Next, we want you to let us know right away if you experience any problems with your braces or appliances. A broken wire, loose bracket or appliance can delay your progress, so we ask that you please give us a call right away to report any issues rather than waiting until your next visit.

Always make sure to wear your rubber bands as prescribed by Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells.  Most, if not all, of our patients will need to wear elastics or rubber bands at some point during their treatment. By not wearing the rubber bands or elastics or in not wearing them enough, treatment time can be slowed down significantly. If prescribed for you, rubber bands are critical in helping to align your bite and are an important part of your treatment.

Lastly, we want you to maintain good oral hygiene, just as you did before your orthodontic treatment began. In addition to flossing regularly, we encourage you to brush your teeth several times a day. Not brushing and keeping the gums healthy will elevate your risk of developing cavities and tooth decay, which will ultimately result in delaying or prolonging treatment time. Continue to schedule your six month cleanings with your general dentist. We are always happy to help by removing the arch wires for your cleanings if required by the hygienist.

Our doctors and Smiles Forever orthodontic staff are just as excited as our patients to see your gorgeous smiles when the braces are removed and want to help you avoid any delays in your orthodontic treatment.

If you have any questions about your general orthodontic treatment or any of these tips, please give us a call at our convenient Duluth, Dacula or Flowery Branch, GA offices or ask us during your next adjustment visit. We look forward to seeing your smile soon!


Safe Treats to Eat With Braces

November 7th, 2014

So you just got braces and are wondering what treats are safe to eat as your friends are gobbling up candy?

Whether attending a fall festival or knocking on doors for a treat, our Smiles Forever doctors and staff don’t want you to feel left out!

Orthodontists frequently remind their appliance and braces wearing patients to avoid sticky, chewy, hard and crunchy food items. Smiles Forever is proud of our patients diligence in avoiding brace breaking temptations.

During the nation’s largest candy consuming season, Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells would like to remind our Smiles Forever orthodontic patients that there are many fun, tasty treat alternatives.

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Junior Mints, York Peppermint Patties, Candy Corn, and Circus Peanuts are just a few of the “safe for braces” candies you might find in your trick or treat bags or at your fall/winter festivals this year.

Brother or sister not yet in braces and biting into an amazing looking caramel apple? Consider a softer apple and caramel approach by following the simple five minute recipe below.


  • 1 Apple
  • 1/4 Cup Caramel Sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons water
  • 1 teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon Sugar (may use Stevia or alternate sugar substitute)


Peel and cut an apple into chunks. Heat caramel sauce in microwave until it thins in consistency and can be easily pored (usually about one and a half to two minutes). Remove caramel sauce from microwave and set aside. Place apple chunks into a microwave safe bowl and add two Tablespoons of water and stir. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Microwave apples on high for one and half minutes. Add caramel sauce. Return to microwave and cook on high for an additional one and a half minutes.

The apples are now soft enough for your braces with a tiny bit of a crunch and the caramel sauce is thin enough that it’s no longer sticky. Get ready to enjoy your warm, delicious apple caramel treat!

Your sweet smiles are our favorite treat! On behalf of Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Wells and our entire staff, we at Smiles Forever wish all our patients Happy Holidays!

Interview with Dr. Wells

October 31st, 2014

Interview with Dr. Wells:
  1. What is your favorite color? Blue
  2. Have you ever had braces? Yes, I had them while I was in dental school.
  3. When did you know you wanted to be an orthodontist?  My senior year of college.
  4. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? Italy
  5. What do you love about Georgia? The proximity to the mountains, abundance of lakes, and the friendliness of the people.
  6. What is your favorite part about your job? Seeing the transformation of our patients' smiles and the excitement and confidence it brings.
  7. What is one thing that frightens you? Someone NOT wearing his/her retainers!
  8. If you had to be an animal, what would you be? Hmm - I think an eagle so I could travel and see all of the sights from above.
  9. What is your favorite local spot or restaurant? Luciano's and JCT Kitchen/Westside Provisions
  10. Do you have pets? If so, what are their names? Yes, I have a Siamese cat named Norman

Interview with Dr. Gilbert

October 31st, 2014

Interview with Dr. Gilbert:
  1. What is your favorite color? White because it goes with everything.
  2. Have you ever had braces? Yes, I had Invisalign.
  3. When did you know you wanted to be an orthodontist?  My third year of dental school
  4. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? Italy, to see the Roman ruins
  5. What do you love about Georgia? It is my home state!
  6. What is your favorite part about your job? Taking braces off and seeing a new smile.
  7. What is one thing that frightens you? Crooked teeth
  8. If you had to be an animal, what would you be? An eagle - to FLY!
  9. What is your favorite local spot or restaurant? Any golf course.
  10. Do you have pets? If so, what are their names? No, no pets.

Saturday Team Spirit Smiles!

October 24th, 2014

Saturday Team Spirit!

To help kick off our new Team Spirit Smiles Contest, our Smiles Forever staff dressed in their favorite team shirts to work on patients this past Saturday! Everyone had so much fun seeing the great team gear our patients wore to their appointments.

 We encourage all of our Saturday appointment patients to join in and wear their favorite team shirts or hats and snap a picture to post for the contest while you’re here.

All Smiles Forever patients are welcome to enter the contest through our Facebook page or our Instagram page To Learn more about our Team Spirit Smiles Contest, check out our Smiles Forever Orthodontics Facebook page, and don’t forget to “Like” us there!

Team Spirit Smiles

October 24th, 2014

Braces With Smiles Forever... Now Thats A Smile To Cheer About!

As a Smiles Forever patient, you can always find exciting news and our newest contests at our Smiles Forever FaceBook Page! Entering the contests is super easy and if you have any more questions, we are always happy to help you at any of our Duluth, Dacula or Flowery Branch, GA locations!

Want to win a night at the movies with three of your friends PLUS a $20 concession gift card for treats?

Here is how to enter our Team Spirit Smiles Contest:

  1. Take a picture of you, your family, or your friends supporting your favorite sports team in your fan gear. Make sure to show off your smile!
  2. Post the picture to our Facebook page and tag #SmilesForeverSpirit to enter.
  3. Post the picture to Instagram for an extra entry and tag @SmilesForeverOrtho.

Good luck to you and your teams!

October is National Orthodontic Health Month!

October 24th, 2014

When Should You Schedule Your First Orthodontic Consultation?

Dentists recommend a first orthodontic check up at 7 years of age. At Smiles Forever, we encourage your initial consultation at no charge. Our orthodontists, Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells, listen to and evaluate any orthodontic concerns at this first appointment. Using their vast knowledge and numerous years of experience, they will immediately let you know if you or your child might benefit from orthodontic treatment.

Often times early orthodontic treatment can correct overcrowding and bite problems while the bones are still in the development stages. As always, at Smiles Forever, our patient’s health and well being is our first and primary concern. If your child is not yet ready for orthodontic treatment, they will be placed on a recall for future evaluation and Dr. Wells and Dr. Gilbert will keep an eye on them to determine the proper time for them to wear braces or an appliance if they should become needed.

At each of our orthodontic offices located in Duluth, Dacula and Flowery Branch, GA., we use cutting edge technology to progress treatment and make the process of getting and wearing braces more comfortable for our patients. Whether an adult or child in treatment at Smiles Forever we want you to enjoy the process of making your smile the best it can be. You deserve it!

To learn more about our Smiles Forever orthodontic practice, our doctors, staff and even our appliances simply go to www.smilesforever.com.

Two of our recent Smiles Forever patients ready for treatment! Aren’t they adorable?


October 24th, 2014


Smiles Forever Orthodontics would like to welcome you to our blog!

Feel free to contact us at any time with questions – we are here to help you have a future full of smiles!

You can also visit or call us at any of our three convenient locations in the Atlanta area:

Dacula Office
3635 Braselton Hwy.
Suite A
Dacula, GA 30019
(678) 318-3180

Duluth Office
2148 Duluth Hwy.
Suite 101
Duluth, GA 30097
(770) 963-3963

Flowery Branch Office
6050 Spout Springs Road
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
(678) 960-2600

Loganville Office
Coming in 2015!

Teacher of the Year Contest

February 21st, 2012

Another Contest? You bet! SmilesForever is running another contest, and one of our favorites so far! We are running a Teacher of the Year Contest, where both student and teacher are winners!

To participate, simply write a brief essay on what makes your teacher special. Please make sure to include specific details about how that teacher has influenced you and/or how they have played an active role in your school or the community.

Contest Rules: One entry per student. Typed and not to exceed 500 words. Entries must be submitted to the office by April 15, 2012 and be signed by a parent or guardian. Eligible grades 1-12.


  • The student who writes the winning essay will win a $50.00 iTunes gift card
  • The winning teacher will win an embroidered Teacher of the Year bag filled with goodies and a $100.00 American Express gift card
  • Both student and teacher will be recognized by SmilesForever

KEEP THOSE ENTRIES COMING! We have been thrilled to read the entries brought in so far and are enjoying learning how your special teachers have touched your lives! Bring your essays in to one of our three SmilesForever locations by April 15, 2012. Entry forms are available at all front desk locations, simply attach your essay to the form and you are officially entered in the Teacher of the Year Contest!

We look forward to reading your essay entry soon!

Our Flowery Branch Office is Officially Open!

November 17th, 2011

Welcome to our newest SmilesForever Orthodontic office location!

6050 Spout Springs Road

Flowery Branch, GA 30542


Yes, you've read correctly - our newest orthodontic practice location is now open! We welcome all of our patients to visit us in Flowery Branch. We'd love to see your smiles and show you around our new office, so if you find yourselves in the neighborhood please stop in and say hello!

Our Flowery Branch Office is Now Open

November 15th, 2011

We were absolutely thrilled to see all of your lovely smiles at our Grand Opening on November 5th! We met so many new neighbors in our Flowery Branch location and were excited, as always, to see so many familiar smiles from our patients, friends and neighbors!

The Safari Petting Zoo was a huge success with the adults and children alike. The children loved checking out the animals teeth and were quite curious to inquire whether the animals were getting braces too! So very cute! (And for those who may still be wondering - no they were just happy to share their smiles with us, but are a little too big to fit in our clinic chairs!)

The weather was a bit chilly but those celebrating with us were able to warm up with wonderful food, drinks, hot buttery popcorn and warm coffee!

We were happy to notice that the children weren't the only ones enjoying the activities at our Grand Opening Celebration! We caught a few adults getting their faces painted, interacting with the animals and relaxing with old and new friends.

Here are a few pictures taken at our celebration for you to enjoy!

Fun For Everyone!

[gallery orderby="rand"]

Grand Opening

November 2nd, 2011

Grand Opening Coming!

November 5th, 2011

Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m

Please come and join us for our Flowery Branch Grand Opening! We are so excited to meet our new neighborhood community. To share in our celebration we would like to invite all of our patients and neighbors and to come out for a fun-filled family day!


Bring your smiles and and come celebrate with us!

6050 Spout Springs Road - Flowery Branch, GA 30542

A Harvest of Smiles

October 18th, 2011

SmilesForever is proud to have sponsored the 2nd Annual Harvest Balloon Festival at Sterling On The Lake. Fundraising proceeds benefited The National Military Family Association and The Challenged Child and Friends charities!

Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Parsons with our SmilesForever Mascot!

We were excited to see so many familiar faces and to meet so very many new SmilesForever friends!  The weather was perfect for a fall festival and parents and children alike appeared to enjoy the wind, fun, games and prizes.  The food was yummy, and the smiles filling the festival were spectacular!

Everyone loved meeting our new SmilesForever Mascot and were thrilled to enter the contest to help us choose our Mascot's name!

Our staff had so much fun with everyone who stopped by our booth to say hello and play games!

Our SmilesForever staff sends a BIG thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the Harvest Balloon Festival with us this past weekend at Sterling On The Lake!


October 13th, 2011

SmilesForever Orthodontics is delighted to announce the Grand Opening of our Flowery Branch office on Saturday, November 5th, 2011 with a FAMILY FUN DAY!

To celebrate the opening of our Flowery Branch office, we invite our SmilesForever Orthodontic family of patients, community neighbors and friends to our

~Grand Opening and Family Fun Day~

Our Grand Opening festivities will include, Prizes and Giveaways, Grand Opening Coupons, A Safari Petting Zoo, Face Painting, and 1 LUCKY WINNER will win FREE BRACES!

Please plan to come join us from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and share your smiles. We look forward to celebrating with you!

SmilesForever Orthodontics

6050 Spout Springs Road, Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Harvest Balloon Festival

October 9th, 2011

SmilesForever is thrilled to help sponsor the annual Harvest Balloon Festival at Sterling On The Lake!

Please come out and join us on Saturday, October 15th, 2011 for a fun-filled family and community day!

Festival activities include -

Balloon Rides
Festival Food
Pumpkin Carving
Bake Sale
Kiddie Games and Face Painting

Be sure to come visit our SmilesForever booth from 1:30 to 7:30 P.M. for prizes, giveaways, fun and games! We look forward to seeing your smiles!

Sterling On The Lake

7005 Lake Sterling Blvd., Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Am I too old to get braces?

April 28th, 2011

This is a common question many orthodontic offices hear.  At Smiles Forever Orthodontics we are thrilled to answer this question for our perspective patients, because the answer is, "No, you are never too old to come in for an evaluation!"

Adult braces are more popular than ever. Many patients believe they may have missed their opportunity to get braces yet with the many options available for the adult patient today, the choices are exciting! Orthodontists can easily help patients of any age to correct dental problems.

Common Adult Concerns

Jaw joint problems


Teeth that appear crooked

Bite abnormalities

Why Are These Areas of Concern?

You may be at a higher risk of gum disease, cavities, headaches and chewing as well as speech problems without proper treatment.  

Options Available

Fortunately, many teeth-straightening options are available today. Some patients hesitate at the thought of braces because they want to avoid the look of metal. The good news is that some of these options are almost invisible!

Traditional metal braces. This treatment involves attaching metal brackets and  arch wires to your teeth. Moving your teeth into proper position will take periodic adjusting in order to apply pressure to your teeth to achieve alignment.

Ceramic braces. Often called "invisible" braces, these are a popular choice among many adults. Along with tooth-colored, coated arch wires, these are a very low-profile, innovative preference. These braces are attached to your teeth and  also will take periodic adjusting to help move your teeth into proper alignment.

Clear acrylic aligners. These are a series of removable aligners that are custom- fitted to the individual patient. This type of treatment is preferable for many adults. Nearly invisible, they are easily removed during eating and easy to clean. Traditionally each set of aligners in the series is worn for a period of two weeks progressing in such manner with the following sets as recommended by your orthodontist. The teeth are increasingly moved until the teeth reach their final prescribed alignment.

Call Smiles Forever Orthodontics today to schedule your free evaluation. We are thrilled at the opportunity to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile!  After your consultation you will be advised as to the choices available to you to correct your concerns as well as the recommended treatment by one of our two highly experienced orthodontists, Dr. Parsons and Dr. Gilbert. We look forward to meeting you!

Taking Your Smile On Vacation

April 22nd, 2011

Spring and Summer vacations are quickly approaching! Is your smile ready for vacation?

As you plan for your trip don't forget to ready your smile. Whether you are still in the appliance and braces stages of treatment or already into the retention phase of your beautiful smile, we'd like to share a few tips to making your time away from home a bit more comfortable.

During the active phase of treatment (with appliances and braces) scheduling a visit to Smiles Forever Orthodontics to have your arch wires clipped and ties changed is a great way to ensure that you are off to a comfortable start!  While you stop in for your visit don't forget to ask for a pack of wax to take along with you! You'll need to remember to pack your orthodontic toothbrush or travel toothbrush and some floss as well. Fresh-n-Go toothbrushes (a toothbrush and toothpaste in one) are always available for purchase at our front desk should you be into a lighter mode of travel and at only $2.50 a super deal! Make sure you take plenty of elastics with you if you are asked to wear them during treatment. 

While on vacation should the unexpected happen, and a bracket come off, please make yourself comfortable so that you can enjoy the rest of your time away. Fingernail clippers are always a handy way to clip any sharp wires if an end bracket becomes loose.

During your Retention Phase of treatment you are already enjoying the benefits of a beautiful smile! While traveling remember to take along your retainers and retainer cases to keep your smile looking gorgeous and your retainers safe while away. Including your name and a mobile number or e-mail address on your retainer case is always a good idea just in case that retainer tries to stay on vacation when you are ready to head back home! Brightening your teeth with professional strength Crest Whitening Strips (available for purchase at the front desk) are a fabulous way to ensure those compliments on your smile keep coming!

We hope you enjoy your worry-free smile and a fabulous vacation!

What ARE These Strange Arch Wires in My Mouth?

April 20th, 2011

You were told at your last orthodontic visit that we use "progressive" arch wires as they were being placed in your mouth! The assistant working with you may have sounded pretty enthusiastic, yet you are left wondering, why the excitement?

Haven't you seen those commercials with the eyeglasses you can basically bend and wad up, then they spring back to their original shape? What is the material they are made of? It's called NiTi or Nickel Titanium Alloy. It's kind of a weird metal alloy that likes to retain it's shape even after deformation.

If you have a straight wire, make it "crooked" or otherwise deform or bend it to the shape of your not so straight teeth, then the wire wants to be straight again, so it slowly moves back to it's original position bringing the teeth along for the ride. That is slow constant pressure over time. That's what moves teeth.

There is even a variant that is soft when cold. It's limp like wet spaghetti when cold. It is then easily placed on the teeth. As the material warms up in the mouth, it wants to be in it's original position. Weird Science!

Stainless steel wires (ordinary wires) are used a lot in orthodontics. The more you deflect the SS wire, the more force the wire applies to the tooth. A NiTi wire does the same thing, but the force is lower and more constant over longer deflection distances for the same size wire. This is usually more physiologic. You can bend it further without it being too "stiff". It really hurts if you put too much force on a tooth. 

What these NiTi arch wires mean when used during your treatment at Smiles Forever Orthodontics is that we are using gentle, yet continual pressure to move your teeth into alignment. As your mouth warms and cools with natural body temperature as well as the foods and drinks that you consume, the arch wires are being put to work. This process is progressing your treatment on a daily basis and that is truly something to be enthusiastic about!


February is National Children’s Dental Health Month!

February 4th, 2011

One in four parents says their child has had an injury during an organized sport resulting in a trip to the emergency room, according to the American Association of Orthodontists, or AAO. That why our team thought February—also known as National Children’s Dental Health Month—would be great time to remind our patients to be mindful of their braces and teeth while playing sports. Here are a few tips to stay safe on the field this spring, courtesy of the AAO:

1. Wear mouth guards for contact sports such as baseball, softball, soccer and lacrosse.
2. Wear a helmet
3. Wear protective eyewear
4. Wear a face shield to avoid scratched or bruised skin
5. Be alert, even as a spectator

We hope that helps. Protective gear is vital for anyone engaging in tooth or mouth-threatening activities. If you have any further questions about any of these tips, please contact us at Smiles Forever Orthodontics. Stay safe and have fun!

Thanks to Invisalign®, mom and dad can have a perfect smile, too!

January 27th, 2011

Hey parents! Focusing on your kids' teeth and oral health so much that you're neglecting your own? If you've been thinking wistfully about having your own set of perfect teeth, our staff at Smiles Forever Orthodontics can help! We are specially trained to offer an adult-friendly option for straightening teeth called Invisalign.

This course of treatment consists of a set of clear aligners that are molded to fit your teeth using a proprietary technology. You wear them all day and night, except for meals, brushing, and flossing – when you can easily slip them out to make eating and cleaning a snap!

Because they're clear, your teeth will be steadily straightening – and no one will know it but you!

Please give us a call to set up a consultation, so we can discuss the specifics of your treatment.

The Smiles Forever “Share Your Smile” Contest

January 19th, 2011

Smiles Forever Orthodontics, serving Dacula, Duluth and surrounding areas, invites all of our patients to share their smile for a chance to win an Xbox 360 with Kinect!

There are three easy ways to earn entries in the drawing:

-Place a review on: Google, Yelp or Insider pages - 1 entry for each
-Create a video testimonial and send to email@smilesforever.com for us to post- 2 entries
-Refer a friend to the office - 2 entries

There is no limit to the number of entries you can earn, but we will only be accepting entries from now until the end of March, so don’t delay! Feel free to call the office if you have any questions.

Good Luck,

From your friends at Smiles Forever Orthodontics

Connect with the Braces Brigade!

January 12th, 2011

At Smiles Forever Orthodontics, our patients want to get as much out of their treatment as possible. That includes asking a lot of questions and making sure they take care of both their appliances and oral health.

Would you like to learn more about what to expect during orthodontic treatment, from someone with firsthand experience? Well, our friends at the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recently developed the Braces Brigade blog, where past, present, as well as future orthodontic patients from coast to coast document their (or their child’s) orthodontic journeys. The blog will serve as a source of guidance for others as the patients undergo orthodontic care.

Our team encourages you to visit the Braces Brigade blog to read these great and informative blogs—who knows, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two! As always, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about the Braces Brigade or your own orthodontic treatment!

Smiles Forever Chosen for the Best of Gwinett 2010!

January 7th, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Smiles Forever Orthodontics has been named Best of Gwinnett 2010 for the Orthodontist category. Every year the Gwinnett Magazine holds an online poll where community members vote on their favorite businesses. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, and helping us be chosen as the Best of Gwinnett once again!

Happy New Year!

December 29th, 2010

The year is almost over, and as we reflect on the year that was, we’d like to ask all our patients:
what was memorable about 2010 for you, and what are you looking forward to in 2011? Do you
have a New Year’s resolution, or any exciting plans for the coming year?

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, from Dr. Parsons, Dr. Gilbert and the rest of the team
at Smiles Forever Orthodontics in Duluth GA!

Season’s Greetings from Smiles Forever!

December 21st, 2010

In this season given to tidings of comfort and joy, and as the team at Smiles Forever Orthodontics in Duluth & Dacula, GA reflects on the year that was, we’d like to ask you, our wonderful patients: What do you love
about the holidays this year? Being with your loved ones? A clean slate for 2011? Opening
presents by the fireplace? All the delicious food? Also, what gift are you most looking forward to
getting this year?

We’d love if you shared with us all the things you love about the holidays. Stay warm,
and don’t forget to stick to braces-friendly treats!

At Smiles Forever, what puts you at ease?

December 17th, 2010

Drs. Parsons & Gilbert and team understand not everyone enjoys visiting their orthodontist. But we strive to bring you the best and most comforting experience at each visit. We’d like to know: What is it about our Dacula and Duluth offices that makes you comfortable or puts you at ease? Is it something about our pleasant office environment? Our friendly staff or doctors?

Let us know by posting here or by giving us a call!

Ask Dr. Gilbert: What can Invisalign® do for my oral health?

December 10th, 2010

When considering treatment options, patients often ask us how Invisalign treatment is so different than traditional braces. Well, there are more reasons to smile about Invisalign than you may know. Invisalign is a series of removable aligners that are nearly invisible, and besides straightening your teeth, can improve your oral health. Here’s how:

Healthy gums: Straight teeth allow a close fit for gums. This lessens the gum stress that is caused by crowded or widely spaced teeth, tus also reducing red and swollen gums.

Easy cleaning: Invisalign is removable, therefore brushing and flossing is easier and you are able to maintain a healthy mouth. These habits are vital to avoiding tooth decay, plaque and even gum disease.

Improved speech and chewing: Properly-aligned teeth don’t have the discomfort or compound speech impediments that can be caused by crowded teeth or a deteriorating jawbone.

If you have any questions about Invisalign, just ask Dr. Gilbert the next time you’re in for an appointment. Or, you may post your question on our Facebook page! You can also read this article for more information on Invisalign and your oral health.

Cold and Flu Season is Here - Replace Your Toothbrush!

December 4th, 2010

Fall is upon us, and with it comes the dreaded cold and flu season. After recovering from your cold, our team will tell you one of the most important steps you can take to avoid becoming reinfected is replacing your toothbrush!

Germs are known to linger on the bristles, and you risk prolonging your sickness by continuing to use the same toothbrush. Be smart - keep a spare, just in case! To protect your toothbrush from bacteria all year long, consider the following tips:

• Wash your hands before and after brushing

• Allow the brush to air dry after each use, harmful bacteria dies after being exposed to oxygen

• Store the toothbrush in an upright position to allow water to drain and dry faster

• Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. Worn bristles are less effective in properly cleaning your teeth, and can actually be damaging to teeth if used too long!

We hope these tips help! Feel free to call us at SmilesForever Orthodontics if you have any questions or ask us on Facebook.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22nd, 2010

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we at Smiles Forever are thankful for all our wonderful patients and friends that make our each day extraordinary!

Since the holiday season is about to begin, what are you thankful for?

Share a response in the comments section, or head over to our Facebook Fan Page to join the conversation!

Happy Thanksgiving!

With Smiles Forever Orthodontics, 24/7 access to your account

November 17th, 2010

At Smiles Forever, we embrace new technology, whether it is through the innovative treatments that we offer, our high-tech web site and social networks, or our modern offices conveniently located in Duluth & Dacula, GA.

Did you know that patients at our office have access to their account 24 hours a day, seven days a week—all through our website? You can look up your appointments and all of your account details at your convenience, from the comfort of your own home! And, because we know folks sometimes forget, you can even receive appointment reminders through email or text messages!

You, too, can sign up for this convenient service on our website by clicking on the "Patient Login" button at the top of our homepage. Please give us a call if you have any questions about getting started!

What do you enjoy most about fall?

November 12th, 2010

It’s fall here for us at Smiles Forever, and now that Halloween is passed, we bet you and your families have begun to make plans for Thanksgiving.

Today we wanted to ask you, our wonderful patients, "How are you spending your time this fall?" Our team would love to hear about your favorite places for eating, shopping, and entertainment within the community. We are interested in learning about what makes your community “yours.”

Feel free to post your responses on our Facebook page, or give us a call!

Fall Update from the Smiles Forever Team

November 3rd, 2010

We hope you all had a great Halloween celebration this year. Now that Fall is in full-swing, we wanted to share a few pieces of fun news that the doctors and our team have been up to lately.

Recently, we were named Best of Gwinnett 2010 for the Orthodontist category again this year by votes through Gwinnett Magazine. The official list will eventually be posted on the Gwinnett Magazine website. We are honored to be chosen for this award!

This fall, our team has participated in two different festivals at elementary schools we sponsor through the PTA. We brought giveaways, patient education, and Halloween fun to the students of Parsons Elementary & Mulberry Elementary.

Finally, we recently provided a Dental Health educational program for a local preschool as a joint effort with a pediatric dentist. The program was full of teachings on health eating, the importance of brushing, flossing, and braces. The fun even included a special visit from the tooth fairy!

We love to get involved with the local communities we serve, and these are just a few examples of how we give back to Dacula, Duluth, and surrounding areas.

A few Halloween safety tips

October 29th, 2010

Trick-or-treat! In the spirit of October’s sweet and spooky holiday, Halloween, the Smiles Forever Team would like to remind all of our patients to be safe while celebrating with friends and family. The American Association of Orthodontists, or AAO, has provided trick-or-treaters with some tips for a ghoulishly good time.

A few Halloween safety guidelines:
• Young children should always be accompanied by an adult
• Carry a flashlight
• Wear a light-colored or reflective costume
• Choose face paint over masks for young ghosts and goblins
• Have an adult inspect all treats before the children dig in

Many treats can cause havoc for trick-or-treaters who are going through orthodontic treatment. If you happen to damage your braces, please give our staff a call immediately. Typically, small problems can be solved over the phone.

We wish you all a happy, safe, and spooky Halloween!

A Patient Describes Her Experience at Smiles Forever

October 18th, 2010

Shannon had her braces for two years, and recently got them off. As you can see in the video, her end result looks great, and she couldn't be happier! Most of all, she is excited to be able to have a great smile to show off- she likes to laugh a lot! If you've been considering orthodontic treatment, check out this video of Shannon's story- we create many great smiles for patients like Shannon- call our Duluth or Dacula, GA offices to set up your complimentary consultation!

Welcome to Our Blog!

October 4th, 2010

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Smiles Forever blog. Please check back often for weekly updates on fun and exciting events happening at our office, important and interesting information about orthodontics and the dental industry, and the latest news about our practice.

Feel free to leave a comment or question for our doctors and staff – we hope this will be a valuable resource for our patients, their families, and friends!

Best of Gwinnett
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