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“Smiles Forever is a great place. They treat you very kindly. Everyone should go here for braces. Smile Big!” — Amberly T., Dacula

“My son started his initial treatment in 2005 with another practice. After two years of treatment and the depletion of all of our insurance money, we had nothing to show for it. His braces were taken off and his teeth began to move immediately! I knew we had to make a change and fast. Dr. Parsons and Dr. Gilbert had been PTA business partners at my son’s school and came highly recommended from various families in the community. We set up an initial consultation and I was pleasantly surprised. We are now a year and a half into treatment and we are THRILLED with his progress! The office staff has always been extremely professional and knowledgeable. I have and will continue to recommend these phenomenal doctors over and over!” — Nicole M., Auburn

“My kids aged 11 and eight love coming to your office. Everybody from the scheduling/business office to the doctors make them feel comfortable. As a parent, I like the fact that we have NEVER had to wait for our appointment; you encourage parents to sit in the treatment room, and the staff makes my kids feel like they are the only ones in the room. Even the little things like the disposable toothbrushes with the toothpaste already in them are the little extras that my kids enjoy. Keep up the good work.” — Scott M.

“Thank you for all the hard work. I just went to my dentist for a cleaning and he was floored by what a great job you did! Just wanted to say thanks!” — Kyle S.

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased we are with our experience at your office. Your entire staff is incredibly polite, friendly, and helpful. My daughter was a little worried about having her braces put on, but the atmosphere in your office has made her feel very comfortable. Thank you so much!” — Kim and Kelsea M., Buford

“I wanted to tell you both how impressed I am with your practice! My son had braces put on October 6th. On October 22, he complained about a wire cutting into his cheek. I emailed your office at about 9:30 p.m. and let them know what was going on. Somebody called at 8:15 the next morning and fit us right in. I went to your Dacula office and was surprised to find that the office was closed but you keep a staff member there for situations like this. We were in and out in five minutes.

“The inside of his cheek was all cut up and I had a cotton ball shoved in there. I half expected that he would have to deal with that all weekend. Instead, it was taken care of immediately by your courteous, professional office staff.

“Thank you for providing such great service. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs orthodontic care.” — Janet M., Dacula

“Just a short note to say thank you and let you know how impressed I am with the treatment I received from you and your staff.

“I suffered from TMJ disorder for a couple of years and had symptoms ranging from severe dizziness and headaches to pain and popping of my jaw joint. I consulted two other orthodontists who said the condition could not be treated. I was referred to Dr. Parsons by a patient and Dr. Parsons immediately proposed a solution to treat my problem. A few weeks after starting the treatment, all my symptoms disappeared. I am currently in the second phase of my treatment and look forward to a pain-free and comfortable future.

“The friendly and professional attitude and punctuality in your office also needs to be commended. Special thanks to Beth for her friendliness and efforts in making my splint as comfortable as possible!” — Elsa G.

“God gave me natural beauty that was slightly incomplete, but you used your special powers and made it complete for me, for which I am truly grateful. I really appreciate the great deal of effort put forth by your staff to transform me. I cannot put into words what I truly feel. All I can say is THANK YOU! I hope that all of your patients have the same wonderful experience as I did!” — Farrah F., Buford

“I want to thank the insurance coordinator for her dogged persistence in filing my claim. Her hard work got the insurance company to actually pay something on my braces. I must admit, I thought it was a waste of time, but she persevered. I really, really appreciate her efforts; she went the extra mile. Overall, I have been impressed with all of your staff.” — Debra C., Hoschton

“What can I say but wonderful! I have had experiences with other orthodontists and no one comes close to Dr. Parsons. It’s a very friendly, personal, and professional atmosphere.” — Rebecca M., Lawrenceville

“I would like to say that I am so happy with the service of Dr. Parsons and his staff. I have never had to wait for my daughter’s appointment. I always get to talk to someone if I have a question and they answer it very well. I also love how all the staff smile and greet us when I come in the door. It is very refreshing to be treated so well.” — Cindy H., Lawrenceville

“My daughter is 11 and she got her braces from Dr. Parsons, and I absolutely LOVE them! They will set up a new patient session and discuss all of your options and needs. They were very upfront about everything and answered all of my questions. I thought Dr. Parsons was very professional and respectful. They treated my daughter very well. At your second visit, they take all of the pictures and molds if needed of your child’s teeth so you can see the before and after. My family dentist’s children also use them for their braces.

“There were a few other places that were closer but I wasn’t pleased with the atmosphere. We are in the Lilburn area and it takes me about 20 minutes to get there. Very family and child friendly, polite staff that have been there for years, and it’s set up for the child to be a little independent with their charts, etc.” — M. Glover, Lilburn

“I became a patient of yours ... ONLY after considering braces for more than two years and after meeting with multiple orthodontists. Obviously, you were my choice. There were several reasons why.

“First, your staff has called me by name since my initial consultation. It is a nice, personal touch that makes me feel like they know me. Second, your follow-up process has been outstanding. All of the information that I received in the mail immediately following my consultation was informative and helpful in this process. Third, your staff clearly likes the working environment that you cultivate. That is obvious from the long-term employees that fill your office and by the comments they make when asked about working in your practice. That gives a strong perception of stability to your practice and a sense of comfort to me. Finally, there were the basics: location, convenient hours, follow-up calls, organization, promptness, coffee in the lobby, etc.

“In my job, I work with a lot of dental and medical practices. Your personal touch, your follow-up, your positive office environment, and your staff rank very highly among those that I have worked with. Nice job!” — Dana L., Duluth

“It truly is hard to find words to thank you for the many years of work you have put into my teeth. I was so thrilled a few weeks ago when I discovered my top and bottom teeth could actually touch for the first time in my life! You have all been so good to me. I appreciate your wonderful care and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thanks for the beautiful smile!” — Alicia W., Jefferson

“I would like to take a moment to tell you how highly I have recommended you to several people recently. I have been pleased with the following:

  • Professional attitude and appearance of all the staff
  • Efficiency and organization: from the time we come in to the time we leave, gives me the impression that you realize our time is as important as yours!
  • The friendly, courteous, helpful manner of all your staff is to be commended
  • I have also observed the way your assistants act and talk with their young patients. They treat the ‘little person’ with respect and as a person, not just the adult who is paying the bill.

“These are the items I mention to people when discussing an orthodontist. I’m sure you hear the complaints! But not everyone takes the time to let you know the good encounters at your office as well. So I MADE myself take the time to scratch a note of praise. Your office and staff are a direct reflection of you—and your ‘reflection’ looks great!” — Lori G., Lawrenceville

“Hello! I wanted to say that I like your office building. Also, I think that Dr. Parsons is nice (please tell him that). I would like you to know that talking to Dr. Parsons helped me not be so scared of getting braces. Thank you for sending me the card.” — Danielle F., Lawrenceville

“I send this card in appreciation to you and your staff for the fine results of all your efforts on behalf of our son. You took his braces off yesterday, and I could not believe the results. We were all pleased! Not only does he have a smile to be proud of, but also the headaches he used to have are long since disappeared. Once again, we thank you for a job well done.” — Charles F., Conyers

“I have enjoyed meeting everyone there and knowing all of you. Thank you for taking good care of me and my teeth. I’m sure I will see you all in the future. My eight-year-old son will be seeing all of you soon. Thanks again for all the good things you have done for me and my smile!” — Dina B., Snellville

“Every now and then, one has the good fortune to know a group of people like you and your staff. You surpassed your promise that I would end my treatment with a new smile, and I would be remiss to complete my treatment without letting you know how much I appreciate all your extra efforts and concern. In spite of my health complications from the onset, you continued to provide a consistent combination of professionalism coupled with true compassion. This speaks volumes, as does your personalized care. Needless to say, I am thrilled with my straight teeth, but your genuine regard for my well-being is as immeasurable as it is valuable to me. It has been my sincere pleasure to have been your patient.” — Denise C., Suwanee

“It’s caring people like you who makes a difference in the lives of all us children. You are all so awesome! Thanks for making me have such a bright, beautiful smile. I have gotten many compliments. Thanks for everything! It’s true: smiles do last forever!” — Monica B., Atlanta

“I have thought about writing this letter many times starting with our first meeting. Now here it is the end of my daughter’s treatment, and I simply cannot let this opportunity to compliment all of you slip by.

“Our first experience with Dr. Parsons’ Orthodontics was when my own dentist failed to send X-rays to your office before our first visit. My daughter, who was most excited at the prospect of getting braces, was upset to hear that we might have to postpone because someone goofed. ‘No problem,’ says Donna, ‘I’ll just run by and pick them up.’ Imagine that!!! In this day and age of ‘IT'S NOT MY JOB,’ she went well beyond the extra mile. I said it then, but I want to say it again: Thanks Donna, that was ‘way’ not your job, but you did it anyway.

“My next most favorable impression centered on the office efficiency. What an organized, on-the-ball group you all are. From appointment scheduling, to appointment reminders, to all the questions that were answered promptly and always with a smile you are the most positive ‘front line’ I’ve run into in a long time. Because I run my own business and am a bit of an organizational freak, I tend to notice these things and believe me, I am impressed.

“Then we get to Dr. Parsons and his technicians and the efficiency and friendliness just keep flowing. You have never given me any reason not to trust you completely. Her beautiful smile is the proof that that trust was well founded. Your care and concern has always smoothed over the rough times for the patient.

“I have told everyone I can how wonderful I think you all are. I will continue to do that at every opportunity. But the important thing is that I not neglect to tell you all. My daughter told me the other night how good she felt about herself because of her beautiful teeth. Isn’t it nice to know you can do that for someone? And isn’t it nice that you take such care to do it with such excellence. It doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.” — Kathy T., Lilburn

“It is with great regret that I can no longer continue with your office due to my move to Missouri. It was truly a pleasure to do business with you all. I have never in my life experienced a medical office that was so efficient and friendly! Dr. Parsons, you need to teach a seminar on how to run a doctor’s office! Unfortunately for me, now when I go to a regular office I’m highly irritated if I have to wait more than five minutes after I sign in!

“In all seriousness, thank you all so much for all that you were able to do for me. I am disappointed I can’t finish my treatment with your office, but I’m glad I was able to be one of your patients for the past seven months. Keep up the good work!” — Wendy H.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the concern you expressed last Monday when I was in your office with my son. He had not been able to eat anything but soup or soft ice cream for about five days. He started on the medicine you prescribed and was able to eat some actual food the next day for lunch. I felt that a very big ‘Thank you’ is in order, especially since we were at the pediatrician the Friday before and the only thing we got from that doctor was ‘magic mouthwash.’ Now I know even more so why your office is always full of patients. They know, as I have known, that you and your staff truly care about your patients! Thank you again and see you next month!” — Joy J., Lawrenceville

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