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A Time To Give Thanks

November 22nd, 2017

Don't you love Thanksgiving and all that it brings to this time of year? We sure do! Our team celebrates the holiday with many different traditions. Football, camping, hiking, Black Friday shopping, feasting, reflecting and sharing the day with family.

One thing we ALL have in common is wanting to take a moment to reflect on the blessings of having such wonderful patients. From the blossoming confident smiles, kind words and referrals that you bring to us throughout the year, we are grateful. Thank you for your trust and confidence in our doctor's and staff. Our patients and your smiles are what fill our days with such joy! We are truly fortunate to smile with you each day!

From everyone here at SmilesForever Orthodontics, we are so very thankful to be given the opportunity to offer all of our patients and their families the highest level of orthodontic care we can provide. We assure you that we never take for granted the trust that you have placed in our hands.

Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our staff wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope it is filled with joy, love and abundant smiles!

Spooktacular News!

October 31st, 2017

Spooktacular News for our orthodontic patients! If you enjoy a treat or two on Halloween there are treats and candies that are safe to eat with braces. We even have a Pinterest board for our patients if you need some ideas here Ghoulishly Delicious Treats

At SmilesForever Orthoodntics we love Halloween!! Did you know that October is National Orthodontic Health Month? We don't think that's just a coincidence. Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells feel it's important to educate our patients and parents of the potential problems that might happen if patients celebrate Halloween without following our foods to avoid list.

Our orthodontists, along with The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) are recommending FIVE TIMELY TIPS to protect braces, and orthodontic appliances while also protecting teeth from decay.

  1. Say “Boo” to hard treats
  2. Avoid Sticky foods
  3. Brush up to avoid cavities
  4. Spooktacular News – you can eat soft chocolates, peanut butter cups, M&M's without nuts, Muskateer Bars, etc
  5. Make a commitment to avoid hard and chewy food all year round to increase your rate of success

Remember to make good choices for your braces and your teeth while in treatment. We wish you all a happy & safe Halloween!

October is National Orthodontic Health Month

October 2nd, 2017

When October comes around most people typically think about Halloween, trick or treating, Fall festivals and pumpkins. Did you know that October also National Orthodontic Health Month?

The goal of National Orthodontic Health Month is to create awareness about orthodontics as it is such an essential part of your overall dental and physical health.

A lot of people think of bulky metal braces when they think of Orthodontics, but today’s braces are typically smaller and more comfortable to wear than braces of even ten years ago. At SmilesForever Orthodontics, we have many more options available including clear ceramic braces with tooth colored arch wires and clear removable braces (Invisalign).

The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to create a healthy bite — straight teeth that properly meet opposing teeth in the opposite jaw. A good bite makes it easier for you to bite, chew and speak.

Also, when your teeth are not evenly spaced and straight there will be hard-to-reach areas that aren't receiving proper cleaning treatment. As a result, plaque and tartar can build up unnoticed. Over time, improper cleaning can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and even possible tooth loss. Healthy bites equal strong, beautiful and confident smiles!

Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells understand that orthodontics does take a commitment from both patients and their parents, but having braces doesn’t have to be a burden physically or financially.

Braces and even Invisalign are affordable. SmilesForever Orthodontics accepts most insurance plans & we offer interest free payment plans, offering no down payment to help you get started.

Now is the perfect time to celebrate orthodontics in your family. You can easily do this in a few ways:

  • Come in to see Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Wells for your complimentary consultation!
  • Avoid the treats that can play tricks on your braces and don’t scare our orthodontists! For Halloween give out healthier treats. Sugar free candy is still yummy and a fantastic alternative. Handing out braces-friendly candy means following Dr. Gilbert’s and Dr. Wells’ rule of nothing hard, crunchy, sticky or chewy!
  • Carve a braces-wearing pumpkin!
  • Make a silly scarecrow wearing braces.

If you have questions about orthodontics you are welcome to come into our office for a complimentary consultation. Simply call us or click here to request an appointment. We will be more than happy to discuss how we can assist you and your family with your orthodontic needs. Also, we have found that October is a great month to get started on a new beautiful and confident smile before the busy holiday season is upon us!

Best of Gwinnett 2017 Voting Has Started!

July 17th, 2017

You can vote simply by clicking the button above!

We are sending out an enormous THANK YOU to all of our patients who have nominated SmilesForever Orthodontics for Best of Gwinnett 2017!

Your previous year's nominations and votes have placed us "Best" in the Best of Gwinnett County Orthodontic Practices category these past NINE years running! Our staff and orthodontists, Dr. Brad Gilbert, and Dr. Adam Wells take pride in the trust and confidence you continue to place in us to care for your families. Honestly, we don't take that lightly. Helping you to achieve beautiful, confident smiles is our utmost goal. That's why our SmilesForever doctors and staff continue to stay up-to-date on the latest and most beneficial orthodontic technologies each year.

It means the world to us that you have shown us just how much you truly appreciate our commitment to helping you achieve your BEST smiles, by nominating SmilesForever for BEST Orthodontic Practice in Gwinnett County, again this year!

We humbly ask you to cast your votes now for SmilesForever Orthodontics in the Orthodontic Practices category by clicking the button above and voting for us.

Best of Gwinnett