Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is held on April 22nd every year. It began in the United States in 1970 to help raise awareness of environmental issues. The very first international Earth Day celebration was held in 1990 and it has been celebrated in countries around the world ever since. People around the world take this day to learn about and discuss environmental issues and ways we can work together to save our earth for future generations. Earth Day is also a day to celebrate and appreciate nature.

Observing Earth Day with Your Family

Earth Day provides us all with a great opportunity to talk to our kids about the environment and things we can personally do to be more environmentally friendly. Earth Day 2020 looks a little different for all of us this year. While community activities are on hold, we can still use this opportunity to join in taking care of our planet with family. For us, that also means our SmilesForever Family! Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells, along with our team, are excited to find ways to celebrate Earth Day 2020 and help to protect our Earth. We do this daily at SmilesForever Orthodontics by using green products and by utilizing green building resources when our offices were built. Our entire team take part in recycling - EWWW - NOT BRACES - GROSS! We’re talking paper products and containers. We consolidate orders and have implemented digital charts and X-rays.

Today is the perfect occasion to plan some fun activities the whole family can enjoy and we’ve put together some activities to help get you started.

Five Fun Family Actives for Earth Day 2020
Plant a Tree

There’s a good reason that planting trees is commonly associated with Earth Day. With this simple act, you are increasing earth’s leafy canopy. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, "One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people." Trees provide us with many benefits. They also can help to reduce erosion by stabilizing the soil and have been found to help in reducing energy consumption by breaking winds and providing shade. Also, many trees provide shelter for birds and animals!

Head Out On A Nature Walk

Don your face masks and head out for a safe, neighborhood nature walk. While we practice social distance, we can observe nature’s abundant blossoming trees and flowers. How many different tree species are we able to identify? Which lawns are more drought resistant and need less water to maintain their healthy appearance?

Bird Watching is Nature Inspired

Observing birds through a window, in your own backyard, on a deck, or along a safe nature walk is a fun activity! Need a guide to birds found in the Southeast? We're loving 10 Highlight Birds Found in Georgia with information provided by Bird Watcher’s Digest. Explore their website and listen to bird calls and see if you can recognize any in your area!

Build a Bird Feeder

Are you inspired by the natural sounds of nature? Birdsong is such a welcome sign of spring and we can welcome them to our own backyards! Birdhouses and bird feeders don’t need to be fancy - birds want a safe, cozy place to nest and love seeds from the fancy to the commonly found sunflower seeds. Pay attention to the birds you’ve attracted and make a list. Keep it in a handy place to reference when looking forward to songs of nature again next year. Check out our Pinterest board for DIY bird feeder instructions and ideas!

Grow Your Own Food

Celebrate Earth Day by Planting Your Own Garden. Nothing tastes like fresh fruits and vegetables that you've grown yourself. Whether you grow a pot of tomatoes on the patio, expand your large vegetable garden, or plant an herb garden on the windowsill, you’ll be able to say, "I grew this, and it's so yummy!”

Home gardens offer so many benefits! If you are growing your own fruits or vegetable you can be assured that the produce was grown naturally, without pesticides. Plus, your produce can be picked at any time truly will be a garden-fresh meal! Planting a garden is also a great educational opportunity for children to see how plants grow. Also, gardening is an ongoing activity for them, as they can help plant, weed and harvest throughout the seasons.

Not up to the task of a full garden? Help your children grow beans and sprouts in a can or small pot. They grow really fast and kids love to add a little water each day and watch them sprout.

Every Day is Earth Day. When You Grow a Garden!

Let’s All Work Together

With the recent worldwide health challenge we have been experiencing, we have truly become a global community. Let’s continue to embrace that sense of community and strength as we work together to take care of our shared earth! Let’s get out there and make a difference in 2020. The hope and the possibilities are endless!

Best of Gwinnett
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