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Summer Is The Perfect Time For Braces

May 26th, 2020

What a crazy end to the 2020 school year & beginning of summer y'all! Summer typically signals the start to a season of fun in the sun and endless beach days. We're sure you want to take advantage of this season of sunshine in the healthiest way. Why not take this time to make your smile the healthiest it can be too? Our patients are finding that summer 2020 is the perfect time to start on the path toward their new forever smiles. Orthodontic treatment carries a whole host of benefits and is easier than ever before, so for this blog, we wanted to talk about all the ways a new smile can impact your life.

The Magic of a Beautiful Smile

Orthodontic treatment offers a variety of oral health improvements. A healthier smile can:

  • Improve your bite and jaw functionality
  • Protect against wear and tear on the teeth
  • Help to prevent gum disease
  • Help to prevent bone loss
  • In addition, an improved smile provides a boost to the overall appearance of the face, mouth and smile.
Let Your Confidence Shine

That being said, orthodontics is about more than just the aesthetic or functional elements of a smile. So many of our SmilesForever Orthodontics patients tell us that they feel a renewed self-confidence after completing treatment. Orthodontic treatment can give a huge boost to confidence, self-esteem, and happiness that will radiate through every aspect of your life - at school, home and at work.

Summer is a GREAT Time to Start On Your New Smile

As summer schedules tend to be a bit lighter, you may find it a little easier to start your new smile journey. Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells, along with our entire team are very passionate about what we do and helping our patients achieve their best smile! Because we’re so enthusiastic about what we do, we know that some parents are concerned with their children missing a periodic class or two, or trying to schedule around school activities on those initial appointments. With four locations to help create beautiful, confident smiles, we’re very flexible in helping to accommodate your appointment needs. Schools are anticipating reopening this Fall and starting the path to your new smile over summer also gives you a little time to adjust to wearing braces before the start of the new school year.

We're Excited to See You Smile

Are you ready to take the leap this summer and start towards a brand new, healthy, and beautiful smile? We're ready to take you there - contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation. We can't wait to hear from you!


Celebrating Earth Day

April 22nd, 2020

Earth Day is held on April 22nd every year. It began in the United States in 1970 to help raise awareness of environmental issues. The very first international Earth Day celebration was held in 1990 and it has been celebrated in countries around the world ever since. People around the world take this day to learn about and discuss environmental issues and ways we can work together to save our earth for future generations. Earth Day is also a day to celebrate and appreciate nature.

Observing Earth Day with Your Family

Earth Day provides us all with a great opportunity to talk to our kids about the environment and things we can personally do to be more environmentally friendly. Earth Day 2020 looks a little different for all of us this year. While community activities are on hold, we can still use this opportunity to join in taking care of our planet with family. For us, that also means our SmilesForever Family! Dr. Brad Gilbert and Dr. Adam Wells, along with our team, are excited to find ways to celebrate Earth Day 2020 and help to protect our Earth. We do this daily at SmilesForever Orthodontics by using green products and by utilizing green building resources when our offices were built. Our entire team take part in recycling - EWWW - NOT BRACES - GROSS! We’re talking paper products and containers. We consolidate orders and have implemented digital charts and X-rays.

Today is the perfect occasion to plan some fun activities the whole family can enjoy and we’ve put together some activities to help get you started.

Five Fun Family Actives for Earth Day 2020
Plant a Tree

There’s a good reason that planting trees is commonly associated with Earth Day. With this simple act, you are increasing earth’s leafy canopy. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, "One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen. This is enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people." Trees provide us with many benefits. They also can help to reduce erosion by stabilizing the soil and have been found to help in reducing energy consumption by breaking winds and providing shade. Also, many trees provide shelter for birds and animals!

Head Out On A Nature Walk

Don your face masks and head out for a safe, neighborhood nature walk. While we practice social distance, we can observe nature’s abundant blossoming trees and flowers. How many different tree species are we able to identify? Which lawns are more drought resistant and need less water to maintain their healthy appearance?

Bird Watching is Nature Inspired

Observing birds through a window, in your own backyard, on a deck, or along a safe nature walk is a fun activity! Need a guide to birds found in the Southeast? We're loving 10 Highlight Birds Found in Georgia with information provided by Bird Watcher’s Digest. Explore their website and listen to bird calls and see if you can recognize any in your area!

Build a Bird Feeder

Are you inspired by the natural sounds of nature? Birdsong is such a welcome sign of spring and we can welcome them to our own backyards! Birdhouses and bird feeders don’t need to be fancy - birds want a safe, cozy place to nest and love seeds from the fancy to the commonly found sunflower seeds. Pay attention to the birds you’ve attracted and make a list. Keep it in a handy place to reference when looking forward to songs of nature again next year. Check out our Pinterest board for DIY bird feeder instructions and ideas!

Grow Your Own Food

Celebrate Earth Day by Planting Your Own Garden. Nothing tastes like fresh fruits and vegetables that you've grown yourself. Whether you grow a pot of tomatoes on the patio, expand your large vegetable garden, or plant an herb garden on the windowsill, you’ll be able to say, "I grew this, and it's so yummy!”

Home gardens offer so many benefits! If you are growing your own fruits or vegetable you can be assured that the produce was grown naturally, without pesticides. Plus, your produce can be picked at any time truly will be a garden-fresh meal! Planting a garden is also a great educational opportunity for children to see how plants grow. Also, gardening is an ongoing activity for them, as they can help plant, weed and harvest throughout the seasons.

Not up to the task of a full garden? Help your children grow beans and sprouts in a can or small pot. They grow really fast and kids love to add a little water each day and watch them sprout.

Every Day is Earth Day. When You Grow a Garden!

Let’s All Work Together

With the recent worldwide health challenge we have been experiencing, we have truly become a global community. Let’s continue to embrace that sense of community and strength as we work together to take care of our shared earth! Let’s get out there and make a difference in 2020. The hope and the possibilities are endless!

National Facial Protection Month

April 15th, 2020

April, also known as National Facial Protection Month, is upon us, and for Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our team at SmilesForever Orthodontics, that means that it’s once again time to remind our patients to protect their pearly whites and shining faces.

We may not get back to organized sports for a little while yet, but even most at-home sports require appropriate protection. Backyard soccer, gymnastics or volleyball? Driveway basketball game or pitching practice? While choosing the proper gear for your child’s sport, we’d like to remind our patient’s about the importance of adding a mouthguard to your practice and game day uniforms and outdoor fun!

Did you know that according to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation, adults, high school athletes and children have more than 5,000,000 teeth knocked out in sporting events each year? That’s an awful lot of visits from the Tooth Fairy! Our SmilesForever team would like to encourage our patients to wear a properly fitted mouthguard and other forms of facial protection while engaging in any sporting activity. By taking this simple precaution, children and adults alike will greatly reduce their chances of traumatic facial injuries.

Are mouthguards cool?

Pro athletes are required to wear facial protection, including mouthguards!

Patrick Corbin, a pitcher formerly of the Arizona Diamondbacks and now with the Washington Nationals team, has partnered with the American Association of Orthodontists to help bring awareness to the importance of wearing a mouthguard. In a recent interview with the AAO, Patrick was quoted,

“Wearing a mouth guard on the field is just as important as any other protective gear,” says Corbin. “In baseball, a line drive can come at you when you least expect it, and it’s crucial to be protected at all times.”

The Best Type of Mouthguard? The One That’s Worn!

There are many different types of mouthguards available today. Boil to fit, with straps, without straps, blocks, dual, custom shaped, and the most important for our braces wearing patients - an orthodontic mouthguard!

Why An Orthodontic Mouthguard?

It’s important that while in orthodontic treatment that our patients wear an orthodontic mouthguard. The mouthguard, while protecting the teeth and the insides of cheeks and lips from injury, should fit freely over the braces and appliances. With so much time spent at practice and during games and matches, our doctors like to stress the importance of choosing a mouthguard that will allow for the advancement of treatment and continued movement of teeth into their proper position.

Confused? Don’t get overwhelmed when trying to choose the best one for your child, we have orthodontic mouthguards for purchase in each of our four offices and we’re happy to help you choose the right mouthguard for your chosen sport!

Five Ways To Protect Your Child’s Face And Mouth This Spring

Our doctors and team have put together five simple ways to protect your child’s face and mouth this spring:

  1. Make sure you or your child wears a mouthguard for contact sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, boxing and lacrosse
  2. Remind him or her to wear a helmet
  3. Protective eyewear is equally as important
  4. Wearing a face shield to avoid scratched or bruised skin will help
  5. Make sure your child is alert, even as a spectator

We hope these tips are helpful. Drs. Gilbert and Wells will tell you protective gear is vital for anyone engaging in contact sports or activities. If you have any further questions about any of these tips, please contact us at any of our four Metro Atlanta locations in Dacula, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Loganville.

SmilesForever Orthodontics wishes you a SAFE and fun spring season, now at home and when school and team sports resume!

Alternate Spring Break Staycation Ideas

March 30th, 2020

While this is not a typical year, spring break is already upon us and many families have had to look toward alternate spring vacation plans. If you’re among those now planning a staycation, consider these alternative ideas from Dr. Brad Gilbert, Dr. Adam Wells and our SmilesForever staff to keep the family entertained safely.

Visiting Grammy and Granddad (Electronically, of course!)

Staying connected is so important when families can’t be together and a staycation allows ample time for sharing exciting news! Visiting with Grammy and Granddad over spring break is something both children and grandparents really look forward to. While traveling outside the home isn’t advised right now, video chats and phone calls certainly are!

  • Consider setting up an evening chat time throughout your staycation and the kids can share the fun they’ve been having or the adventures they’ll take next!
  • Have favorite recipes the family shares? Each family can cook the same meal and share pictures of their masterpiece!
Let’s Go Camping
  • Pitch a tent in the backyard and bring a sense of adventure. Make it as real as possible with traditional camping food like hot dogs or hamburgers and let’s not forget the s’mores! This is a great time to connect, tell stories and stargaze.
  • If rain is on the horizon, pitch your tent in the living room! Turn out the lights and tell stories around your fireplace or make a campfire out of flashlights or lanterns. Can you say finger puppet shadows? They're the BEST!
Science Camp

  • Original plans for a learning vacation can still be super fun at home! Simple outdoor scavenger hunts for a list of items to learn about are stimulating. On the list? Feathers, a maple leaf, butterfly, clouds, fruit…the list can be endless and offer a great learning opportunity on each item found!
  • Pinterest has loads of recipes for so many science projects like making bath bombs and gooey or glittery slime. A great FREE resource for at-home learning, including STEM crafts and everyday science experiments can be found online at Kiwico.com
Host a Family Film Festival
  • Popcorn and pillow time! Family vote for 2 movies will make it a double feature. This is a super fun way to cozy up with the whole family!
  • Feel up to a Film-fest challenge? Pair off and shoot some short videos and gather round to watch. You can even dress up & host your own Family Grammy’s!
Take a Culinary Vacation
  • Plan a day exploring the cuisine of another culture. Choose a recipe online and the whole family can work together to create a tasty meal.
  • Take your culinary adventure even further! Pick a few different countries and enjoy cuisines from around the world each night of your staycation!
Artists’ Retreat
  • Inspire creativity, gather craft items and art supplies and let your imagination run wild! Set up stations to keep organized while attempting different projects and a final station to display your finished works of art!
  • Google Arts & Culture offers online exhibits and virtual tours to some of the most well known museums and galleries around the world.
  • Pack a delicious lunch or dinner and head out to the backyard for a sun drenched meal!
  • Raining or avoiding those pesky picnic ants? Don’t miss out on a family favorite-throw an old sheet or shower curtain down on the family room floor and picnic indoors!
  • What family member DOESN’T love to be pampered? Robes required! Set up stations for nails and hair. Mix up a replenishing face mask. This can be relaxing but we’re betting this turns into tons of silly fun for the whole family, especially with Dad manning the “nail salon”!
  • Don’t forget the pets! Your furry friends have been cooped up too and are longing for a shampoo and puppy or kitty massage!

All of us at SmilesForever Orthodontics are looking forward to hearing about your awesome and adventurous staycations! We know you'll find loads to keep you busy and we wish each of you a relaxing, fun spring break. Stay well and we'll see you soon!

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